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  1. coolbeans

    FreeMeshX Coverage Map

    hi =) i just want North America,Central america and caribbean wich ones do i delete in order to not have south america??? i went to the folder but its complex can you please help me?
  2. coolbeans

    COLOMBIA bugs

    thanx for the reply guys one question... if i want to disable south america mesh but just keep central america which files i need to disable? i notice there are North and South files in the south and central america folder just the ones that says south??
  3. coolbeans

    COLOMBIA bugs

    Hi I want to thank you guys for this amazing work! i been using fsgenesis for a few years and after installing your freemeshX i notice the difference in the areas i fly in FSX a commercial pilot so i know my mountains very well and ever since i install freemesh i notice a few bugs in my country COLOMBIA. i dont know how to upload the pics in here but i can give you the airports where i notice spikes around the mountains wich in real life they are NOT there... SKPE SKAR SKGO SKVV SKCL- THE AIRPORT just sinks underground i use orbx vector and even try the Vector configuration tool to fix elevation problems but no luck... also notice that after installing freemeshX at MADEIRA (LPMA) there are some spikes in the airport... without freemesh i had no issues with all of this airports... any feedback will be appreciated once again keep up the great work guys