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  1. SquawkModeCharlie

    P3Dv4.4 Bug?

    Not too sure when this happened but when I try click on Engine 2 Condition Lever it doesn't move, it moves the number 2 trottle lever instead. So I can't do a manualy sartup or shut down and have to resort to control + e to start. I have done a full reinstall, didn't work. I'm on 4.4 and I suspect it may be the issue but not sure. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. SquawkModeCharlie

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    Same goes for me, if anyone can figure out how to jerryrig the Milviz WX radar in it'd be appreciated greatly!.
  3. SquawkModeCharlie

    F1 GTN 650/750 & Helicopters

    No problem, just putting it out there to see if anyone in the community had the same issue.
  4. SquawkModeCharlie

    F1 GTN 650/750 & Helicopters

    Hi all, I know I should prob post on the F1 forum but asking here anyways. Anybody have any experience with installing the F1 GTN in any helicopters and have P3Dv4 crash after a period of time?. No matter what helicopter I install either the 650 or 750 into after a certain time P3D will just hang and CTD. Event viewer gives random DLL errors like atc.dll etc etc. ive tried in the Alebo Robinson, Cera AS366, Icarus AW139....all crash after a certain amount of time. really want to buy the Milviz Huey but not if it's going to crash with the GTN. Any advise?. Thanks, John.
  5. SquawkModeCharlie

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    2 out of the blue, love it!. Really do appreciate these Marius.
  6. SquawkModeCharlie

    GSX v2 Released--Animated Pax and SODE jetways everywhere

    Fantastic, appreciate the response!.
  7. SquawkModeCharlie

    GSX V2 Announced- SODE Jetways and Animated Passengers

    @virtuali Can I ask for those of us who fly small turboprops(under 50 seats) into small regional airports, what happens with the passengers if I park outside a small terminal building?. Do they get on a bus or can we direct them to the entrance door on the scenery?. Thanks
  8. SquawkModeCharlie

    Aerosoft/SimWings Dublin Airport

    That my point... The developers of the Aerosoft published dublin haven't even updated to P3D4, so just imagine how long it would take to update a new scenery once real world construction is complete. Not withstand the fact that P3Dv5/6/7 could be out in 3 years making scenery developed now having to be done all over again. Don't get me wrong I'd still like a P3D4 Dublin only I'm bias to Cork 😁.
  9. SquawkModeCharlie

    Aerosoft/SimWings Dublin Airport

    Could be Cork or Shannon too, hoping on Cork, Dublin, whilst being the main airport in the the Republic is going through some big changes(new runway, taxiways, tower, apron layout, parking stands..) and If I was a scenery designer I wouldn't touch it until the real life construction finished. People would only be screaming for them to update in line with real world construction every bit of the way. Shannon and Cork could be easy enough and be used to gauge what interest there would be for Irish airports in the flightsim community. I'd still be happy with a P3Dv4 Dublin though..
  10. SquawkModeCharlie

    Addtional shorts repaints

    Jeansy, is there any chance of you having a crack at the Aer Arann Express livery please?. https://c1.staticflickr.com/6/5581/15033831911_f6cde28a91_b.jpg Thanks a million!. John.
  11. SquawkModeCharlie

    Addtional shorts repaints

    Jeansy, looks fantastic as always!.
  12. SquawkModeCharlie

    enable realistic startup in P3D v4

    Great find!, the over torque and the other startup issues were getting really annoying!.
  13. SquawkModeCharlie

    What SCENERY are you still waiting for (P3dv4.3)?

    Republic of Ireland... ANY airport, the Republic(outside of EGAA/EGAC) has to be the must undeveloped country in Europe when it comes to P3Dv4. 3 majors and a host of regionals yet our small little slice of the FS world goes unwanted by developers. Shame.
  14. SquawkModeCharlie

    Shorts 360 released!

    Yeah, I eluded to this in my post, the latch is near the same colour as the pedestal which make it pretty hidden. i also couldn't find any reference to this reverse lock latch in the checklist.
  15. SquawkModeCharlie

    Shorts 360 released!

    1.1 def needed, the pax and seatbelt signs don't chime when selected on, UNLESS they dont in real life. Massive elevator deflection down when when the autopilot is on, giving a nice surprise when you disconnect the AP. The reverse lock in a pain in the a&@!, the color of it blends with the pedestal haha. Anyways....I love the shed, a nice slow and steady aircraft.