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  1. Donegal(EIDL) is incorrect also compared to its real life counterpart; Runway 21 in MSFS2020 has no PAPI's, in real life it does; Because the instriment approch to runway 21 is a Localiser only approach, no PAPI's is a hindrence. Offical IAA chart showing the runway 21 PAPI's position to the left of runway 21. In MSFS2020, no PAPI's to the left of runway 21(night time shot to islustrate); It's also missing the apron extension to include stands 3W/E Bing maps(MSFS2020 is the same); Google maps showing the upto date reality of the airport; I know the 'handcrafted' aspect can be the terminal and such but they're 2 big things to be missing.
  2. I've 4.4, so that probably it Christian!. Once again thanks you for this vehicle, hope more are on the horizon! 😎. Thanks,
  3. I might hear some but if I initiate a sound but clicking an action(like the wipers) a play sound error comes up.
  4. Hi guys, @Christian Bahr First off, love this vehicle, I really appreciate the models you guys do(i've had the avatars for ages). I'm getting audio error eveytime I load up the Chevy; Some audio files failed to load, I get the same error even in the C:\Program Files\Bahrometrix folder using the auto install. Any help will be appreciated. Cheers!
  5. I've purchased this as I've the Flight1 GTN but P3D crashed after a while at different times, works fine without the GTN installed. This happening to anyone else?
  6. Seriously, pleople need to get real; I've been simming since the mid to late 90's and I'd love to have a new Microsoft Flight Simulator which keeps the status quo of buying a product, having it on my harddrive and making it look pretty by buying add ons for it like we do now. Is it going to happen?. Rockstar sold GTA V at launch for around $50-$60, makes around 1Billion in the the first few days, then Rockstar turn on Grand Theft Auto online and their microtransaction shark cards have earned them nearly triple/quadtruble what they've made selling the base Grand Theft Auto game, they develop all the DLC inhouse. My kid plays Roblox a free game which I pay a monthly subcription so he can have 'added features', as of 2 months Roblox hits milestone of 90M monthly active users but they embrace their community to mod and both side get a very nice chunk of the action My point is there are plenty of sucessful business models to draw apon, only which one are Microsoft going to take? One off purchase to Microsoft with an SDK for developers to create addons but all is done under a Microsoft market place with them taking a share?. One off purchase to Microsoft but no SDK and all content is created in house and sold as DLC?. Free to play, pay to enjoy with some sort of microtransaction system?. Only time will tell.
  7. Who moved my cheese? Buy it here Jokes aside, anyone check any Nostradamus quatrains for insight?.
  8. It is worth it to me because as you can tell from the shot I wanted an ATR(Sorry VirtualCol I'm not that desperate), yes it's simplistic in it complexity but still fun to fly. it is also another plane that justifies my F1 GTN purchase!.
  9. They gave me three Aer Lingus Commuter legacy turboprops and one Aer Lingus Regional(Stobart Air) so I can't complain😁. Even though Aer Lingus operated all four aircraft, Carenado never released any in an Aer lingus livery, so thanks to the community @Flieger-Marius and @jankees for painting them (ATR repaint from inibuilds).
  10. I believe the VNAV Calculation is based on current speed, so if you put 5000ft @ waypoint A @ -1500fpm it give you a timer on when to descend. It's constantly updates requiring it to be open and monitored if you want a precise descent. i use it only as a reference, I'm not sure a Boeing style 'TOD' can be displayed on the route map.
  11. So its NOT a repaint issue?, wow I'm actually shocked as I thought it was a repaint issue as I'd just upgraded it to 1.1.
  12. Some additional repaints available from Max Dyby over at inibuilds. https://www.inibuilds.com/carenado-liveries
  13. Ryanair has had a interesting fleet in the early years. ATR was just one of them😃. Lufthansa #1, IAG group is third, Wikipedia for the reference.
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