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  1. I just did a fresh install from Windows 10 all the way up to P3d 4.3. Ready for FreeMesh Global. Quick question, with a totally stock P3d 4.3 installation, will I see some improvement in the scenery from FreeMesh Global? What might I look for? Thanks RMM
  2. @Cactus521 John, I am curious about this...." I applied one tweak that makes my photoreal textures sharper in the distance, but that was to my P3DV4 cfg file." Please provide the details. BTW - Shout out to SteveW -- with big thanks for his terrific care and guidance in helping me along. SteveW was recently helping me with my aged, i7-6700k / 16GB / 980Ti system. Performance is now quite fine. We were also sorting out why my stock P3D had noticeably poor scenery. I now consider the scenery (no addons) to be acceptable but barely. Maybe your tweak won't apply, but I am curious. thanks RMM
  3. The wait for the new 9900k is just a few weeks. Same for the 1180/2080 GPU. Absolutely worth the short delay. Otherwise your new rig is outdated by Thanksgiving and underpowered. You will be glad you waited. I have a 6th gen cpu. Definitely excited about 9th gen. New GPU is just a bonus.
  4. Try Tiny Tracker and Viewer. I have not had a chance to use and don’t know if this will track all your desired data points. Looks like it does what Cloud Ahoy does without a subscription but less features. Have a look at both. http://www.aero.sors.fr/GE.html
  5. Rmmm

    how long is too long ???

    Matthew.. The developer of FlyInside is promising a new sim this year. http://flyinside-flightsim.com/ Check out the video and very affordable price point at release. Compatibility is a key design goal. RMM
  6. Rmmm

    v4.3 Mesh All over The Place

    Newbie here... How to “force a migration in FT X.?? Can you explain the procedure? Where to go in FTX. Thanks
  7. Hello Stephen... Much appreciated. I am looking to another yoke at a higher price point. Don’t want to hijack this thread though. Best regards RMM
  8. Hello Stephen... Wrote you a PM in reference to the above. Would really like to have a summary of your setup. But I am especially interested in your yoke preference. What gear do you fly with, esp the yoke or stick. thanks RMM
  9. BTW.. Just thought to also mention that I have switched from RawInput to DirectInput on advice from FS Force. FSForce could not see the Trim Wheel for some reason. I don't recall what input I was using in P3D v3.4. But I don't remember switching from Raw to Direct. thanks RMM
  10. Hello.. Just setting up a new installation of P3D v4.1. I do not use FSUIPC. I use FSForce for my Iris Dynamics Yoke. Also have the Saitek Throttle Quadrant and Saitek Cessna Trim Wheel. All devices are working as intended and mapping has been double checked to prevent any conflicts or duplicates. PROBLEM - When I select the Saitek Throttle Quadrant and press the CALIBRATION button, I do not get the proper P3D calibration screen. Instead, the old internal Windows dialogue box opens up for Game Controllers and wants me to calibrate via Windows. This problem popped up today. I swear that I already calibrated the Throttle Quadrant yesterday inside P3D and all went normally. Why the link to Windows Game Controllers now? Please advise. RMM
  11. Apologies for bumping on an old thread. But I am looking for owners who are willing to discuss profiles via FS-Force that drive the IrisDynamics Yoke. For the sake of history, Iris ultimately shipped out units to 100% of the original Kickstarter backers. Most got units of the second generation design. They offer the yoke on Aircraft Spruce now. Regarding customer service, I recently had a problem flashing updated firmware to the yoke and got super fast responses. Solved the problem quickly in time for a weekend of practice in the A2A C172 Trainer. This is the aircraft that I fly to support real world PPL training. Any assistance on FS-Force profiles by Iris owners, especially the A2A Cessna, would be greatly appreciated. RMM - Guam
  12. Rmmm

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    Human nature aside, the inside story being recorded here is important. Note that SB now has more grandiose claims..."Who knows... maybe what we were trying to do lite [sic] a fire under the big boys and the results are X-Plane 11, P3D v4, and FSW... I'm amazed how closely DTG resembles our business plan." Rarely does such hubris come along in life. Simply amazing. No one raising alarm and challenging Stephen Borick with tough questions was responsible for the failure of NGIS. Placing blame on others is just more of the same poor management practice that led to this result. Maybe some day SB will understand that the result rests solely with him. Waiting for someone to please now help Mr. Borick through the five stages of grief? Anyone willing to volunteer 5 hours a week for this worthwhile, groundbreaking effort? RMM
  13. Rmmm

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    I greatly appreciate the manner and depth of discourse shown in this latest exchange. I don't think anyone derives happiness from seeing any project related to flight simulation fail. In my view, the history of NGIS as a project and Mr. Borick's management of this effort needs to be on record. I personally applaud this community for its willingness to speak out and challenge and ask tough questions. Even if the discourse gets choppy, the end result of open and free exchange serves us all well. RMM
  14. Hello Bluestar.. Right. Sounds like the ticket ! FSX settings somehow got scrambled. So likely the check box for Auto Rudder as well. Never used Auto Rudder before, so have never seen this behaviour. thanks RMM
  15. Working with FSX on a second hand system with lots of Saitek instruments. Once all the drivers were reinstalled all the instruments came online fine. In flight, though, the Slip Skid Ball in the Virtual Cockpit does not move. All other guages look normal. The physical Saitek flight instrument showed the same behaviour. The turn indicator tips normally both in VC and on the Saitek instrument. Any idea why? How to fix? thanks RMM