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  1. MidFlight77

    Ending support for older simulator versions?

    I say 'let it run'...as long as it has TooWings ;-)
  2. MidFlight77

    Happy Canada Day

    It's my uncle Bill's birthday today too. Proud to be his nephew!
  3. MidFlight77

    Monument Valley flight - lovely!

    Apparently that scenery is free download content ,,,assuming you've already bought Aerofly FS2 of course ;-) http://store.steampowered.com/app/611210/Aerofly_FS_2__USA_Utah/ And then there's Switzerland, probably payware.. Have fun.
  4. MidFlight77

    Grand Theft Prepar3d v4 ... ?

    PS I found a torch. It will be great when P3D is up to this level, but we're getting there
  5. MidFlight77

    Monument Valley flight - lovely!

    Cheers Y. BTW> I think this video is even better, haunting even
  6. MidFlight77

    Grand Theft Prepar3d v4 ... ?

    Very nice. GTA is still the king of lighting, ambience and textures though
  7. Aerofly FS 2: First Look Monument Valley
  8. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    This might help fill in some of the gaps to the puzzle It now looks as if Stephen B. is blaming the flight-sim community for the failure of the Nexgen sim, while his second-in-command is blaming some "specific but critical greedy people". Here's a comment on the recent Facebook announcement that NGIS reluctantly posted, after several suggestions from myself- 24 June at 09:20 - Next Generation iNTERACTiVE Software (said): "We looked long and hard at funding possibilities, but in the end we still lacked support in the development area...especially in the 3D engine. We were all set and ready to proceed until greed took a hold of some specific but critical people. The other problem with something like kickstarter is that we never wanted to take money out of the community. We reached out for help and support with development specifically to avoid taking financial assets from them and to include them in the process". - Michael Chapman - Vice President NGiS https://www.facebook.com/pg/NextGenerationInteractiveSoftware/posts/ (Michael's comment, and others, is just below his main announcement.) And below is the recent email that Stephen kindly sent me to explain his thoughts on the matter. I dont think Stephen will mind me posting this email, as he's obviously aware of my feelings to inform the community to help piece together how the much touted Nexgen project folded. It also gives Stephen an opportunity I reckon, to voice his thoughts at this obviously delicate time for him and the team. 6/24/17 at 10:35 PM Rob I'm sorry you're disappointed in my performance, but you don't know me nor do you have a clue as to what went on and the heart break after hours of negotiating and building a concept... and then learning that one of our team members was leaking our stuff to both DTG and LM. Towards the end, when X-Plane 11 was released and P3D v4 actually came out, the entire community abandoned us for these newer releases. But Rob, not one word from you or anybody else in the community cheering us on and standing with us. Our hype (as you call it) was centered around a community and if the community had backed us, nothing was impossible. Do I care what they are saying over on AVSIM, not really, because we did everything we could and when it was obvious that nobody cared, it wasn't worth the concessions being demanded by Diamond Visionics to keep pushing forward, we could have, but there was no support. Since we started NGiS as a community driven project and the community dumped on us from the beginning... I'm not at all ashamed of the effort that we put forth. Who knows... maybe what we were trying to do lite a fire under the big boys and the results are X-Plane 11, P3D v4, and FSW... I'm amazed how closely DTG resembles our business plan. Again, you don't know me, so you don't have a clue as to my humbleness, or sobriety towards my efforts. What I am is disappointed, that a once powerful community who supported one another has gone the way of the rest of the world. - Stephen Borick ----------------------------cut------------ Kudos to Stephen for baring his soul here. But I do find it odd that he is now blaming us, the flight sim community ("the entire community abandoned us for these newer releases") when it was NGIS themselves who battened down the hatches and abandoned the community as it were, by hardly communicating at all with even their own supporters on the NGIS website and Facebook page. Their previous update being over a year ago! and meanwhile his second in command blames 'certain greedy people' on the project. Rob BTW. Interesting comment here from one of the FSDeveloper guys "Seriously, when I look at their manifest called "Golden Opportunity" I already knew it is going to be a failure. The guy having no funds was offering virtual 100K FTE positions as a promise. He was not offering even a single share in the project. All the risks were on the developers having no "ownership" on the work done. Not even a 0.0000001%, nothing. I do know how this golden opportunity to work for virtual funds having no ownership could attract anyone..." -WC
  9. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    I wasn't so much talking about time spent browsing forums, but also the time that was wasted in planning and debating and drawing up endless wish-lists etc etc, time which could have been spent on other projects/sims IMO instead of the failed Nexgen. Water under the bridge now.
  10. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    The obvious answer in my opinion is that the flight sim community was harmed by NGIS's flight of fancy project because it sucked two years worth of time, focus and attention from the community. Time that we wont get back. Imagine if all those hours, months and years of endless debate and planning and dreaming about the Nexgen sim had gone instead into focussing on existing and up-and-coming flight sims, how much further on we'd be at this moment.
  11. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    Exactly. And I feel your pain for being a part of it these past few years.. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/will-this-sim-ever-fly.437453/ But as the Nexgen website used to say: "With Time Comes Change".
  12. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

  13. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things". -Winston Churchill
  14. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    Get over it. Nexgen failed. Finished, kaput! "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things". -Winston Churchill
  15. MidFlight77

    NexGen Sim - dead in the water

    Damn those pesky naysayers! If only they had shut up and not criticised and questioned Stephen's ability to produce 'the best flight simulator on the market'. The reality of course, as Luke and others pointed out in the past, is that Stephen brought that criticism on himself, and he fanned the flames by being both argumentative and soft skinned - a flammable combination. Stephen used to be a fire-fighter in the past apparently. He certainly stoked the flames on numerous flight forums rather than douse them.... https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?296396-What-NGiS-really-is/page8&highlight=ngis