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  1. No metar or wx info extraction for distant points is available in the game. Asobo has indicated that this will unlikely change.
  2. I did post there, but you have to understand that those posts are reviewed and only then are allowed to be displayed. They are filtered for clarity and content. So, when I posted here, that actual QA post (that you linked above) was simply not available to me at that time. Thanks for your thoughts though.
  3. good point actually, does seem simple also so does a simple FPS counter and Sim Rate indicator, both of which seemed to cause confusion with in the last video interview with the development team, I mean had to have used FSX at least at one time, right?... right?
  4. How this post makes it thru the infamous 'word not allowed' filter is amazing, yet the word c r * p has no chance.
  5. We do and we have. The responses here are just general discussion amongst ourselves, just a social thing.
  6. I track development of these type of addons and I am not aware of any that are out of beta or public testing. Do you have a link to a specific product that is the full final release? Thanks
  7. and of course my ongoing classic... Hangar Heights I still recall the uproar with a very specific apartment building type in only a selected region of the world being to tall and taking the simming world by storm. The was called out specifically on the MS Video QA and was immediately fixed in the next update. Yet these 60' or more tall hangars occurring at almost every small to regional airport are just ridiculous. They are often the tallest structure not only at the airport, but the entire surrounding town. Seen from miles away. This is very minor setting that that they have to change to get this things down to about 10' to 15' high... Yet here we are almost a year later. Truly baffles me that this item does not get more traction considering the a prior similar fix and minor programing impact. Ok, I am off the soapbox now until next time.
  8. Yes, this is normal. In fact I have never had this aircraft load in any other state (any version/build) other than cold/dark
  9. should note this is only true the MS install, it does not apply to the Steam install
  10. this is correct, I have utilized this on every flight over the last few months, no issues.
  11. easily fixed, as a 'turnaround' was referenced in a later post on this thread, simply assign a key to you avionics master, and then select that off, it wont effect the cockpit switching.
  12. so much to love about this airplane, I am talking the real life one. I don't know why this ducted fan design never went further. This thing should be doing at least twice it's 70 mph speed.
  13. I have a simple question Matt, Lateral navigation via the 'fms' and autopilot - non-sensical turns and/or turns to a prior waypoint while doing an approach We no this is an Asobo issue Questions: has this been (being) addressed by WT? has this been (being) addressed by FBW? has this been (being) addressed by ASOBO? Just trying to figure out if there is anything out there that has this nailed down yet. I know VNAV wont happen until next year.
  14. yep, this is on ongoing issue from day 1 with Asobo and I dont belive it will fully addressed until update 6, so think November this year (maybe).
  15. wait, the could be issue I am having. I understood that this link thing was not required with MSFS?
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