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  1. The P2A KORD is very dated and does not reflect current conditions (which it is not expected too). However, there is a lot of manual work to get this adjusted via taxi maintenance. Question here is, have any of you done this or have a good APT.DAT file that I can get? The Nimbus KORD custom payware airport has his taxi lines in the DSF file (not the APT.DAT file). Would you my know of a way to 'export' it out of DSF into APT? I have tried the export button in WED but the file it generates is essentially empty. Thanks
  2. Hi, Prior to the last update I used to be able to open the arrival airport INFO - GATES and highlight/select a gate then close the dialog box. When I arrived and requested TAXI TO THE GATE, P2ATC would send me to that gate. Now it seems to default to the first gate in the list. You can see this close and then reopen the dialog box. What I do now is I select the gate but never close the dialog box. Is this behavior been adjusted and is now just part of the update? Random voice setting is fantastic, I recall requesting this a few times in the past, thank you. What about a toggle for setting the random vectors to end in 10's (or even 5's) - "... heading 340 degrees" vs "heading 342 degrees". I know you have worked this in the past but I am unclear as to why it was not implemented (or did not work). To be honest, I have never received a heading vector IRL to the nearest degree. And finally, periodically (since last update) I get altimeter settings in cruise when above 18k when switched between controllers, have others had this issue? Thanks
  3. Just a quick question, Stock out of the box xplane 11 airport KPVD. flew here with pilot2ATC and it worked great. Got the to airport, selected "Info" and saw that the realworld cargo ramps was called 'Park15'. There are a series of this type at the airport. I requested to taxi to 'park15' and got no response. Requested '15' and got issued instructions to the small gate. Can it only be a number? or a single letter with a number? Question: what is the logic used for P2A to recognize a gate/ramp? Thanks
  4. the following is exactly what you need:>A good 737-800 with authentic gauge operation from startup to>shut down.PMDG Product 737 series>Also a good 757none avaiable at this time>Realistic sounds to replace the default.what sounds exactly? aircraft? environment?>A Good Turbo Prop as acurate as possible to the real thing>with good sound.Dreemfleet ATR
  5. great, count me in as I have abandoned FSX
  6. Now that gentlemen is what is called a REVIEW!!!I have read many of them here and this one hits not only all the major points but is clear, very well organized and in depth. I cant tell you how many reveiws of photoscenery I have seen, yet I always have the same question -'what's it look like at the edge??' plus many others. Again, this one has all of them.Congratulations, an excellent jobp.s. I dont have FSX but I cant believe that Lake Mead (the larges man made lake in the world) can not be seen. That must be a glitch in the reviews default install.
  7. interestingwhat are the units for the x y axis? (minutes? hours? tons?)also, after years of using the 747 I am still unsure as to what the max CI you can place in the PGDM FMC. different max numbers are located at different locations in the manualthanks for posting though
  8. you have on your front page an article speaking of Pro Flight Emulator with the suggestion of visiting this forum. However there is no link nor is there a Pro Flight Emulator forum (at least I could not find it)did I miss it? I assume this is a payware product
  9. good to hearI got a copy at FanCon and it is still sitting here in the case unwraped.Just never felt like installing it - may give it ago now.
  10. 1. go to hoover control and download the Bell 412 that they produced2. place your realism slider setting (FS pulldown menu) to the far left3. make sure you have some type of throttle hardware, toggle the throttle function in the settings menu to 'reverse' - this will act as the helios collectivehave fun
  11. thanks sent an email to you via the avsim forum hope you get it (no attachment though)
  12. I just downloaded a file for offshore helio oil rigs. The scenery file contains the rigs and a FSN file to locate them. I dont own FSNavigator....anyone know of a way to get this file to be read by FS9?this file is from ODG USAEZ Gulf of Mexico demo
  13. true it is sad...What I find more intersting is that you, Ernie - a developer of a compeating product, expresses a disapointment also. My respect for you just went up a few notches (pretty high to begin with), well done Ernie.happy holidays.
  14. yep, that is the tutorial that I mentioned in my original post.however, that only deals with use of external power. I have followed that to the best of my ablility for non-external power starting, but when I get to where I press the start button - nothing happens.are you able to start without the use of external power?if so I would love to start a dialog with you on exactly what steps you take to acheive this
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