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  1. does this work with Fenix? I will probably have to install and try it I guess.
  2. ^^^^^ This though I was excited when this sim was pending release as it promoted these items specifically, I have come to realize for full enjoyment I have had to payware: aircraft navigation data ATC airports
  3. I watched a video released by the developer just a few days ago which I believe he refers to this as a 'beta'. I could be wrong. I am also intrigued by this type of product but ultimately probably wont get it due to the fact that you cant really control the 'flows', they are hard scripted behind the scenes. I generally follow Mike Rey's reference guides for the A320 and they do differ from this product. You may have wait a bit for a final release, then it should work well for you.
  4. Not sure I understand this statement, if you indeed turned off all of the above - you are essentially not using the app, thus you of course would have no problems with. Did you mean turned 'on'?
  5. over on their Discord channel, there are many folks using it, and some not. Here is what I understand others have said; may have a memory leak on long flight (excess of a few hours) thus a performance hit in the sim may have issues using the 'lift' function of the pushback app, some turn it off may have issues using the 'voice' function of the pushback app, some turn it off may have issues using the 'pre planning' function of the pushback app, some turn it off In following this closely, folks have used various combinations of the above for their installs. For me personally, I have not been affected in any way using this plane and pushback app together to their full extent. None of the items above have been confirmed by any official sources. Fenix only places the warning screen up because user have stated they have been impacted by it. Fenix themselves have not been able to reproduce it and are not intending to put a lot of resources in analyzing it (rightly so). The app developer I understand is undergoing some personal real life issues that has limited his work on this. This is what I know to date.
  6. very cool, thank you for posting. I was struck by the difference with the runway textures, the MSFS ones seem quite 'flat' now that you see them. Thanks
  7. Excellent, really well done to the team. I continue to look forward to the EFB providing take off data with specific flex temps, something I think they are working on. Good job.
  8. yeah I understand, what I was referring to was the updated recent AIG Traffic Companion - a real game changer for me. Give you great automatic control over the AIG aircraft. I use it for several things, but mainly to remove aircraft when; they are on the runway and I am on short final they try to enter the runway when I am on short final the aircraft are beyond a certain radius that I would never interact with (50 miles from me, removes about 20-30 aircraft, can literally watch my FPS increase) aircraft that just sit and spin on the taxiway (for more than a user selectable time) plus much more Kind of surprised I don't see this mentioned much, no downside at all. No framerate hit at all and can actually increase your FPS (setting dependent) see this vid: AI Companion more info here (you should have an account if you have AIG): Download and info I hope this helps and good luck.
  9. If you are using AIG, this is easily corrected via TC, been a real good thing for me.
  10. May or may not match the sim, getting info from the sim itself is the bane of this program, spanning airport data, parking, wx, etc. it is simply closed to us.
  11. If what you have is a low end rig ??... I basically have potato, twig and a rock.
  12. Maybe you folks here can help me on this one. We all see the world as MSFS streams 'bing' imagery into the sim. However, I recently flew over an area that shows building that have been gone for 10 years, no big deal as I know this can be the case. Once I closed the sim, I wanted to explore bit more that area and I opened Google Maps, sure enough this shows a much more current condition - ok, no surprise. I also was curious about some the building facades so I opened Bing Maps to get the 3d view. I expected to see what I see in MSFS, strangely enough, both Bing and Google were very much in sync and quite current. So, at this point I go into my third map package, which is the MS Map app, and it was in this one that I see the 10 year old stuff that I saw in the sim. I am aware that there may be a lag between Bing and MSFS processing, but in this case I believe that the area that I am looking at has been Bing updated a least twice in 9 years. Question: MSFS does not appear to be using Bing imagery everywhere? and for those that have the MS MAP app installed, where does that imagery come from? PS: area in question is Kaiser Hospital at 2500 Merced St, San Leandro, CA 94577 (I worked on this project for about 4 years) Thanks
  13. Came across this and thought I would share it.
  14. Don't know about this program (dont have it) but in the real world in the US and other areas operated under FAA regulations: "Maintain the last altitude assigned by ATC until the aircraft is established on a published segment of a transition route, or approach procedure segment, or other published route, for which a lower altitude is published on the chart. If already on an established route, or approach or arrival segment, you may descend to whatever minimum altitude is listed for that route or segment." See section 5-4-6 of this LINK In other words, once on the approach as per the publication (usually the FAF), you are to follow the lateral and vertical requirement (unless directed otherwise)
  15. Cant wait until this thing comes out of early access beta into version 1. I am assuming they are waiting for the upcoming helo stuff from MSFS, which is coming in November. It is getting close. 🙂
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