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  1. It sounds like you are using the AIG utility which injects the traffic with a proper routing. This cannot work properly with the FSUIPC traffic limiter, because almost as soon as FSUIPC deletes one, the injector re-injects it. I did ask the developer to either avoid re-injecting deleted aircraft, or at least wait a while till it does. I don't know whether any such thing was implemented -- I stopped using it and only use the ready-made AI plans (i.e the complete set of BGLs). The limiter works well then. Pete
  2. No, it isn't. I use the file on a separate PC to display on a small monitor inside my cockpit. I use a Lua plug-in running under WideClient. It works fine. I'm using the latest P2A, Beta 5o. Pete
  3. Inside the WideFS.zip package there's another ZIP called "TextMenu display Lua package". Check the section in the PDF in there for Text File display facilities. Note that this was aimed at P3D. With MSFS the SimConnect text facilities won't work. Pete
  4. With Pilot2ATC you can assign a button or keypress (I use a quick press on my PTT button on the yoke) to operate "say it", which will handle all the responses you need. You really only need to say a few easy phrases yourself (like the "ready to copy", as you say, to get initial clearance). I never need to use the P2A window itself. I display the Conversation Text file on a small in-cockpit screen using a facility designed for this in WideClient and a Lua plug-in. My Pilot2ATC runs on a separate WideFS client PC which is connected to my headset and overhead speakers. I use a Lua plug-in ("triple-use") to have three functions on the yoke's PTT button: Short single press = Say It (acknowledge in general) Press and hold = PTT Short double press = Say again? These are assigned to keypresses via WideFS's "KeySend" facility. Pete
  5. See my reply in the FSUIPC support forum. Pete
  6. Hi Dave, I like high AI levels, and often get a Go-Around instruction from P2A. But when I can see that the culprit AI aircraft will be clear of the runway before I touch-down, I ignore the instruction and land anyway. So, could you delay the "GA" check & instruction until we're much closer to the touch-down? Perhaps an adjustable delay would work for users to make it suit their aircraft's typical landing Vref speed? Pete
  7. MakeRwys certainly works fine with third party ("Community") addon airports -- providing they are not encrypted. There's no way to extract data from encrypted files. However, none of the add-on airports I've installed (admittedly, not many) areencryptrf, and the data extracted is fine. MakeRwys uses the list in the MSFS file "content.xml". MakeRwys generates a list too, showing what it processed -- see the scenerylist.txt file in its folder. The log file "runways.txt" tells you exactly what it is doing, so check that too. Pete
  8. UTLive injects its traffic. But it does have a frame rate based limiter unlike the current AITC program for injected AIGFP-based operations. Pete
  9. I believe the problem is due to Traffic Controller re-injecting aircraft as soon as FSUIPC's limiter deletes them, except that it re-injects them back at their starting position. I think you'll need to see if you can control the numbers better with AITC. I use AIG, but I have stuck to the BGL files -- I'm not using the new AITC format simply because of the impossibility of controlling the numbers. Really AITC needs to have a frame rate based limiter facilities built in, like UTLive does. Pete
  10. It didn't appear to work whilst I was on a STAR for EIDW 28L. Maybe it would work for the main route, but that isn't so often a need. It's when the STAR is rather circuitous, presumably that way for easier traffic control. I was running late so needed to expedite the approach. Pete
  11. Isn't it possible to ask P2A to allow parts of a flight plan to be bypassed by "direct to" a later waypoint? Or perhaps it is only possible for enroute waypoints, not those on a SID or STAR? I realise it would be possible by changing the flight plan directly in P2A itself, but that's no good when you are in the cockpit and have no access to the P2A screen, as in my case. Previous ATC programs I've used have certainly responded to such requests, but I have so far had no luck with P2A in this area. Pete
  12. Well, I got it fixed -- by uninstalling EVERY ORBX product (except the individual airports), and re-installing again and re-syncong. Something must have got corrupted somewhere which was common to all the True Earth layers, but whatever it was didn't get fixed by "verify files" alone, as I tried that at the beginning. Thanks for the ideas. Something had to work! 😉 Pete
  13. Yes. I've not had any problems before. I've just been looking further, and the texture-filled seas include the Channel and the North Sea! i.e. all around GB. I've not found a solution yet other than uninstalling TE-GB altogether. 😞 I suppose I ought to check TE Netherlands too ... ...Yes, it's the same: textures in the North Sea over there, too. It must be something fundamental controlled by or used by all of the True Earth layers. Should I uninstall/reinstall all of the Orbx Global and LC layers as well as the True Earth parts? Pete
  14. I've done this, and uninstalled/reinstalled the Orbx Base, checked the insertion point, and run the sync option. All to no avail. It seems to be down to True Earth GB-Central. If I uninstall that (via Central), the Mersey estuary and Irish Sea are back to being water. Reinstall GB-C and it's all textures, trees, etc. I don't understand. I've been using True Earth since I found it didn't cripple the P3D5 performance as it did with P3D4. But this is a relatively new problem. I do have UTX but it's been disabled (all layers) since I started using Orbx fully. So, I'm still looking for a solution. 😞 Pete
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