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  1. That's okay, and good. The gear (or full flaps) will be lowered before then, and the AI Freezer.lua plug-in freezes the taxi-out traffic then. There should be time for any Take-Off traffic to vacate the runway. By coincidence, John has just managed to get the AI Traffic status registered correctly by FSUIPC7, for MSFS. That data is needed for the plug-in to work correctly. Pete
  2. If you are running P2A with FSX or P3D you might find the AI Freezer lua plug-in supplied with FSUIPC useful. It freezes all AI traffic in "taxi out" status when you are on finals, and releases them when you've landed. Helps avoid go arounds due to runway encroachment but should let traffic already in "take-off" mode take off and clear the runway in time. Dave, is the distance from the runway when you do the go-around check adjustable? Or is it related to events on the aircraft, like gear down? Pete
  3. I use this facility with a Lua plug-in for FSUIPC (actually WideClient) to display the live scrolling conversation text, colour coded, on a small screen in my cockpit. The Lua plug-in for this is supplied in the Lua examples pack with FSUIPC ("AllTexts.lua" - instructions in file). A parameter has to be added to WideClient.INI (or FSUIPC INI) to ask it to monitor the conversation file and send it to the display plug-in. Pete
  4. You need to re-calibrate after setting REV. Please use the FSUIPC support forum for any further help. Pete
  5. Thanks. Email sent with a question about that. Pete
  6. Oh, that's useful, thanks! I've just downloaded VirginAtlantic Winter 2019-2020. that should be kay. It is version 3. Pete
  7. Ouch. I hadn't noticed Virgin was despoiled! Please could you send me an older one too? I've religiously been keeping up to date, not really noticing reductions for Summer 2020. I thought those schedules would have been published before the restrictions fell in April. Thanks Ray, Pete
  8. Well, you found it then. As described: "traffic density toggle control, which turns the AI traffic off (density = 0) if it is on, but if it is already off it turns it on, using the density value provided in the parameter or 100% if that is omitted or set zero." Pete
  9. My guess is that BG provides the Buildings and FL is a "flatten" (like an exclude but different?). And I think the added files in the World scenery folder are usually related to altitude or mesh adjustments. Pete
  10. For my views I assign buttons in FSUIPC to the keystrokes I assigned to those views in MSFS. For my custom views, yes, I stick to the default Ctrl+Alt+ num (0-9). All works fine. Pete
  11. Or maybe just take the joystick centering spring out? 🙂 Pete
  12. Yes, I have the UK add-on.. I think I also have an add-on adding loads of small airfields like farm strips. i wonder if that's interfering? I'll check. Thanks. Pete
  13. It would be far better if questions on how FSUIPC might affect performance were posted on the correct forum. However I do really need to correct some misunderstandings about what could be happening. Most of what FSUIPC is doing, most of the time, is passively receiving data from SimConnect. Most of what is might do actively is in separate threads, not the main threads used by the sim as far as possible. These activities include device polling, depending of course on your assignments, and obtains data on AI aircraft newly added. Activity in the main thread which may just possibly impinge upon performance is mainly that in responding to client application requests. So the only fair comparison regarding FSUIPC and no FSUIPC would be with no other programs running which use FSUIPC. (I notice, for example Radar Contact mentioned, quite a heavy user of FSUIPC that I remember, especially if you have any AI traffic). Pete
  14. I think those three lines are ALTERNATIVE values for the same parameter. ie reporting level 1 2 or 3. Only the first is probably recognised. At least this is the way most CFG and INI files work, certainly FSUIPC ones using standard Windows APIs. Pete
  15. Aha! That may well explain it! I never thought of that! Thanks. I've only been using the map to select the airport. I'll need to zoom right in! 😉 Meanwhile i managed to slew to an appropriate spot, selected cold & dark, and saved the flight. To make sure all was well I shut down MSFS and restarted it, then loaded the flight I'd saved, only for MSFS CTD as soon at it had finished loading it! 😞 Enough for today. Back to P3D for a bit of sanity! 😉 Pete
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