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  1. I think once TOGA is engaged you need to use the TOGA control again to cancel. But I could be wrong -- it's a long time since I programmed my cockpit! Instead of using a Lua script you can just set the offset to zero using an Offset Dword Set assignment, parameter 0, for offset 080C (TOGA) or 0810 (ARM). Pete
  2. Lorby-Si’s invaluable AddonOrganizer includes a facility to export your addon airport list in a KML file which can be imported into Google Earth or Google Maps. It then not only shows them on the map but gives ICAO IDs and the path to where each resides on your system! Pete
  3. Well, we've had another Alpha release very recently. My system is still downloading it. Maybe there's good news. Though of course as I'm bound by the NDA I probably can't say. Maybe I can hint. Pete
  4. Well, I hope that's correct, but it isn't there yet. If the launched product is going to live up to all the hype in those publicity releases it's going to be a different program to the one us developers and alpha testers are allowed to run at present. Pete
  5. Yes, but with no multi-screen facilities, how will you get your outside scenery views? That's what would stop me. I've reduced from three projectors to two recently (to offset performance problem moving to 4K) and use two widened scenery windows for my 200 degree view, but i don't see any way using it with MSFS until they do multiscreen support. Pete
  6. It's no effort if you remember to do it at the beginning. and the benefit is simply that the Traffic Slider in P3D works again afterwards. Some folks prefer that. And it can benefit performance, if you remember that any limiter (other than that for UTLive which injects traffic) can only work by removing aircraft once they's been added into the simulation. Pete
  7. No, once you've set the range 1-99% or whatever you want, any new updates or downloads are built with the random setting in those limits. The problem of re-building being discussed is that the whole lot have been downloaded and built already with the 1-1% default limits set. Pete
  8. For P3Dv4 sceneries in P3Dv5, all I do is use them where they are already. If you look back I think you already have been given a description of how to use AddOnOrganizer to install sceneries, using either the modern AddOn.xml method or the original Scenery.CFG method. Just ask AddOnOriganizer to add new scenery, fill in your own details like name and description, and select the folder with the LFPG scenery folder in it. That program makes it all too easy! Pete
  9. I'm always cautious about deleting things till i get a replacement working. But you should be okay. If you do have the disk space, however, why not just rename the folder and delete it when the new stuff is all done? Pete
  10. Everything is in one folder, along with the Add-On.XML file instructing P3D to load it all. I would just rename that folder (rather than delete, at least till you get the new one all set), then you should be good to get it all re-generated. Of course if you are loading all possible flights you'll need about 41Gb space to do it this way. Otherwise, trust it will work and delete the folder instead. Or copy is off to a USB memory stick perhaps. Pete
  11. My short throw 4K projectors won't go more than 30Hz in any case, so it certainly isn't "pre-medieval", but right up to date! Having two windows in P3D so that I can get a 200 degree view wrapped around my cockpit rather limits the frame rates you can get out of P3D in any case. I don't notice any problem with 30Hz, or even 25Hz (which I was using until recently). On the other hand, I do notice stutters which can be very annoying. P3Dv5 is performing superbly. With P3Dv4 I couldn't even fly in the London area with True Earth GB. Now, with TE GB and added airports from Aerosoft (EGLL) and UK2000, it manages at least 25 fps, and mostly 30, even with fairly high settings -- including 120+ AI in the area of EGLL. Pete
  12. Just set the minimum to 1% and the maximum to 99% then re-download all your airlines so they all get rebuilt. That will give you the most variation on every point of the P3D slider. Complete control. I think 1 - 99% should be the default setting, the same as several folks here. Pete
  13. You cannot be running the FSUIPC4 Installer. There's no WideFS entry field in the same Window as the FSUIPC4 entries. They are separate windows and you only get both if you selected "both" in an earlier window. I'm pretty sure it is only in the new FSUIPC6 Installer where all the entries can be made on the one screen. Pete
  14. The [Traffic Limiter] data is a section in your FSUIPC6 settings file, "FSUIPC6.INI", which is next to FSUIPC6 itself in the folder you chose when you installed it. If you've already forgotten where, then in the Logging tab in the FSUIPC Options you will find a button you can select to open the correct folder for you. Pete
  15. The latter. But then you have to get clearance, as I said. FSUIPC is dynamic, reacting to the situation as it is. Pete
  16. There's an option. But it doesn't load the plan till you ask for and receive clearance. My P2A installation isn't on this PC else i'd have a look for the option. But it is there somewhere. Why not ask Dave on the P2A website if you can't find it? Pete
  17. I get quite a good spread. Currently I use these values: [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=100 TargetFrameRate=25 PlannedAirportsPreference=10 AirportPreference=20 GroundPreference=64 NearerPreference=64 But I change them as I experiment with other settings in the graphics. I'm currently also using True Earth GB, so I'm just pleased it's even flyable in London -- it wasn't in P3D4! Note that as I like to see a well populated airport I have both Airport preferences set quite low for deletions. The planned airport one does depend on you loading your plan into P3D of course. In my case this is done for me by the ATC program I use (Pilot2ATC). If you are using something like AIG traffic with most or all of the airlines added then there should be enough to populate EGLL quite well. The numbers of BA flights alone would fill half of it. Pete
  18. I reduce the probability of deletions for my planned airports -- i.e departure and arrival airports -- so that I'm guaranteed arrivals and departures at both. I don't really like too many aircraft being removed near me as the whole point for me is for it to be as busy around me as I'd expect at the real airport. But again that probability, for deleted nearer, can be adjusted. I tried to provide all of the ways of adjusting the actual AI you get that I could imagine would be useful, but i admit it does therefore result in a system which needs a bit of experimentation to arrive at what might suit you. i still adjust it now and then. Pete
  19. Okay, though it's missing the quote altogether now. But thanks! Pete
  20. Just strange that in your post his was a quote already, so if i quoted your post I would expect to see the quote inside a quote. I've tried editing it to make it right but the quote box and its title seem un-editable. I can only edit the content. 😞 Pete
  21. Sorry. I didn't use it deliberately! In fact that's weird. Something automatic. I just used the quote facility to quote the words I saw relevant to my answer. I hadn't even realised you'd answered before me! (Shouldn't the automatic quote labelling have used the name on the bit i quoted?)
  22. @hsvgrange, Not true. If you set a target frame rate in FSUIPC then the limit you provide is a LOWER limit. If the frame rate drops below your selected frame rate significantly (for more than a split second), the traffic numbers are reduced whilst above your limit. The number is not reduced the whole amount in one go, but by decrements proportional to the difference. The result is that the numbers of AI find their 'level' commensurate with your target. Pete
  23. I just checked on Chrome. It's a menu item: Settings -- Clear browsing data -- Cached images & files. Hmm. I know nothing about that. Is there anything helpful on FSPS's site? Pete
  24. Because the filename isn't any different, you are probably getting the same one from the cache on your PC or, more usually, in your Internet server. I think F5 in the browser clears that, but I'm not sure these days (Windows has changed a lot of these things). Pete
  25. With every AIG airline schedule plus all the recently added corporate flights, I get over 400 AI in the London area. It varies a lot according to time of day of course, with a lot more morning and eve than midday. This is with UK2000 airports throughout, which i think have a lot more parking spaces than the defaults. Of course I do limit this. I set FSUIPC's limiter with a target FPS of 25 and a lower limit of 100. Whrn I first start off at EGLL, say, or even over in Southend (EGMC), there are a lot (over 400) of AI, but this drops gradually to ensure I get the desired fps, usually settling around 150-170. Since this settling happens whilst I'm preparing the cockpit, programming the FMS and so on, it isn't a bother. The performance over London is also quite dramatically influenced by the weather. Bad weather with complex clouds and rain drag it down for me as much as the AI. So then the FSUIPC limiter will tend to bring the number of AI to my lower limit of 100. This is with Orbx True Earth GB, and Active Sky weather, but not the "enhanced atmospherics" (EA) which I don't like much. Pete
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