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  1. Also check out these other support issues for users who had the same issue (VRI Port failed to open) - the issue is that either the com port does not exist, or some other software already has the port open and windows is blocking further access: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/67615-fsuipc-vrinsight-mod-problem/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/66306-vrinsight-isnt-connecting-thouroghly/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/64790-com-3-not-opening/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/64262-vrinsight-mcp-pro-support/ John
  2. For help with FSUIPC, please use the FSUIPC support forum: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ I do not provide support via any other channel. For issues with Linda, you should use the Linda support channel here on AVSIM: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/429-linda-support/ - sorry, see you have already cross-posted there.... John / FSUIPC
  3. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, MakeRunwys has also been updated and released, ready for the P3Dv6 release. For any issues with any of the products I supply/support with P3Dv6, once released, please use the FSUIPC support forum: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ Regards, John / FSUIPC
  4. Just came across this thread and thought I should respond to the various issues mentioned. First, in no way should the installer change or remove any settings. All settings are stored in the FSUIPC7.ini file and this is never touched, either by the installer or the uninstaller. If you have lost your settings, then it is usually due to installing in a different location/folder. If you do this, you can just copy the FSUIPC7.ini (and FSUIPC7.key file, if using a registered version) to the new installation location, together with any other files you may use (e.g. *.lua, *.mcro, *.dll). When re-installing, the previous installation location should be detected and used (from the registry), and it should be a simple matter of just clicking through (Next, etc). Note you can also skip registration when re-installing. If you have any issue when re-installing, please report here, and please attach your InstallFSUIPC7.log and UninstallFSUIPC7.log files. There is a problem with using hot-keys in the current release, 7.3.19, that affects PF3 and other add-ons that register hot-keys with FSUIPC. This will be fixed in the next release, and a beta is available with this fix here. As Ray has mentioned, FSUIPC saves (and loads) flights by just calling the Simconnect flight save/load functions. However, the SimConnect_FlightSave function is still documented as: NOTE: The current status of this function is NO ERROR, NO RESPONSE. which is Asobo's way of saying that the function is still not fully working. However, it does seem to work ok for many aircraft/situations, but not all. Some folks seem to have more success using this feature than others. Note also that the "sim pause" when a flight is being saved is still an issue, especially when using complex aircraft such as those by PMDG. I have implemented a toggle function so that the flight-save functionality can be temporarily disabled, which you usually want to do on take-off and landing/approach. You can easily send repeat commands, or however many different commands you like, on either a button or key press and/or release. If you want to try FSUIPC7 (for MSFS), an extended trial license is always available here. John / FSUIPC
  5. Be aware that PF3 hot-keys are not working correctly with the current released version of FSUIPC7, which is 7.3.19. This will be fixed in the next release, and a beta is currently available in this thread: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/97499-installed-latest-version-of-fsuipc-and-only-2-key-press-functions-i-use-wont-work/?do=findComment&comment=586492 John
  6. Did you re-install FSUIPC6? Note that it no longer needs be installed into a "Modules" folder any more - it can be installed anywhere - see the installation notes here If LiNDA does not start, check your FSUIPC6.log file as it should be started by FSUIPC, as far as I am aware, from an ipcReady.lua file, and maybe also from the [Programs] section of your FSUIPC6.ini file (not sure about this though as I don't use LINDA). But for LINDA issues, you should use the LINDA support forum:: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/429-linda-support/. It could be that the GUIDs of your devices have changed and you will need to update for this. John
  7. FSUIPC7 can handle these types of variables using calculator code scripts or presets (and comes with the MobiFlight preset list). lvars and hvars also have other more direct methods of access (macros, offsets, lua). k vars are sim events and can be assigned to directly. A vars are simvars and FSUIPC7 provides facilities to read and write to all such variables. You never need LINDA. LINDA provides an interface to the FSUIPC Lua scripting engine. You can use this directly, however many non-programmers like to use LINDA as it is pre-packages with many scripts for various hardware and controllers. Just to clarify a few points on this now quite old post! John
  8. If you are running the sim as an administrator/with admin rights, all SimConnect clients must also be ran with admin rights otherwise they wiil not connect. Right-click the exe files, select Properties and then Compatibility and check Run this program as an administrator for your add-ons (chaseplane, vPilot). But really you shouldn't run with admin privileges unless absolutely necessary... John
  9. This is not quite correct... You have the option of using just one FSUIPC6 installation for both P3Dv4 and P3Dv5, or you can have two separate and distinct installations. The installer handles both scenarios - please see the provided Installing and Registering FSUIPC document - here is the relevant section: There is really no need to do this - this is all handled by the installer if used properly. 👍 John
  10. There are a couple of user contributed lua scripts for controlling the Bravo LEDs with FSUIPC. These were written for use with MSFS/FSUIPC7, but as they use offsets they should also work with P3D. Unless a used offset isn't available with P3D/FSUIPC5/6, but these should be standard offsets and the same in both FSs. See https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92685-control-bravo-leds-based-on-offset-changes/ https://forum.simflight.com/topic/91539-lua-scripts-for-honeycomb-bravo-leds/ I am not sure what your throttle issue is, but if you need assistance setting that up with FSUIPC, please use the support forum: For FSUIPC4/5/6: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/ For FSUIPC7: https://forum.simflight.com/forum/183-fsuipc7-msfs/ John
  11. It must have not only been installed, but also configured (badlly) for use. You just need to configure/assign (and calibrate - or not, as the case may be) correctly for the PMDG. Just installing FSUIPC will have no affect on the flaps - they need to be assigned. But if you are not using it, why was it installed in the first place?
  12. As there are axis flaps controls provided, you can use them on an axis rather than just using flaps inc and dec. STOL aircraft, for example, use a linear axis for controlling flaps (although maybe not implemented in the FS - it depends...). Other aircraft can use an axis, usually (but not always) with detents for fixed flap positions. P.S. Sorry for the late reply!
  13. If you are using FSUIPC and have the flaps assigned to an axis, this can be caused either by 1. Having assigned as 'Send to FS as normal axis' and also calibrating in FSUIPC. 2. Having assigned as 'Direct to FSUIPC calibration' and NOT calibrating in FSUIPC. So, if using FSUIPC, try either with 'Direct to FSUIPC calibration' and calibrating in FSUIPC, or use 'Send to FS as normal axis' and do not calibrate (i.e. remove/delete any current flaps calibration). John
  14. Take a look at this StreamDeck plugin in the FSUIPC User Contributions sub-forum: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92110-introducing-pilots-deck-a-streamdeck-plugin/ John
  15. You shouldn't need to change the default key presses in P3D to achieve this. Just assigning your button to the control Toggle Airport Name Display should do this, or assigning this control to a key press. John
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