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  1. It must have not only been installed, but also configured (badlly) for use. You just need to configure/assign (and calibrate - or not, as the case may be) correctly for the PMDG. Just installing FSUIPC will have no affect on the flaps - they need to be assigned. But if you are not using it, why was it installed in the first place?
  2. As there are axis flaps controls provided, you can use them on an axis rather than just using flaps inc and dec. STOL aircraft, for example, use a linear axis for controlling flaps (although maybe not implemented in the FS - it depends...). Other aircraft can use an axis, usually (but not always) with detents for fixed flap positions. P.S. Sorry for the late reply!
  3. If you are using FSUIPC and have the flaps assigned to an axis, this can be caused either by 1. Having assigned as 'Send to FS as normal axis' and also calibrating in FSUIPC. 2. Having assigned as 'Direct to FSUIPC calibration' and NOT calibrating in FSUIPC. So, if using FSUIPC, try either with 'Direct to FSUIPC calibration' and calibrating in FSUIPC, or use 'Send to FS as normal axis' and do not calibrate (i.e. remove/delete any current flaps calibration). John
  4. Take a look at this StreamDeck plugin in the FSUIPC User Contributions sub-forum: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92110-introducing-pilots-deck-a-streamdeck-plugin/ John
  5. You shouldn't need to change the default key presses in P3D to achieve this. Just assigning your button to the control Toggle Airport Name Display should do this, or assigning this control to a key press. John
  6. There is also a User Contribution from the Pilot Deck author (Fragtality) in the FSUIPC User Contributions forum https://forum.simflight.com/topic/92110-introducing-pilots-deck-a-streamdeck-plugin/ John
  7. C and D are different devices - take a look at your FSUIPC7,ini to see what device those letters are mapped to. It is not possible for a device to change letters (or a button to change numbers), so something else must be going on. If you want me to look at this, please post in the FSUIPC7 support forum, and attach your FSUIPC7.ini and FSUIPC7.log files. John
  8. Yes. Spaces are valid in lua file names, so that will try to start a lua called 'RAAS 1.lua'. To pass a parameter, I think you need a comma to separate the lua file name from the parameter, so try [AUTO] 1=Lua RAAS,1 Or if that is the default, as you say, just omit it. John
  9. Is your script called 'RAAS 1.lua'? It is probably the space in the filename that is the issue. Try renaming to 'RAAS.lua' and use that name. Alternatively, you can try putting the script name in quotes (although I am not 100% sure that will work...). Best to avoid spaces in lua file names. John
  10. The DynamicFriction.lua is only supported in FSUIPC4 (for FSX, FSX--SE and P3Dv3). This was implemented via a hack, and the facilities to do this are no longer available in FSUIPC5/6/7 (or P3Dv4, P3Dv5 or MSFS).. Please see the following discussion: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/83542-p3dv4-ground-friction I haven't checked the P3D SDK facilities in this area for a while now. I will look into this again when time permits. John
  11. Then try uninstalling the saitek drivers and use the windows default drivers. We always recommend not to use the saitek drivers (or additional software) if using FSUIPC. These have always caused issues. John
  12. Could you explain what these additional steps are please?
  13. That doesn't work for me. However, sending a Toggle Fuel Valve Eng1 control/event brings it in and out of feather.
  14. There is a very old (but still present) simconnect issue that relates to the number of simconnect connections used. When the configured number is exceeded, no further connections are available and any 3rd party add-on that tries to re-connect will have issues. You can verify that this is actually the cause by activating logging for SimConnect and you will see an I/O error when the connection limit is reached. There is no way around this error, but it can be delayed (usually sufficiently) by increasing the MaxClients available in your SimConnect.xml file from the default value of 64 to 128 (or maybe 256 - not sure what the maximum allowed value is off-hand). However, from your symptoms, it doesn't sound like this is your issue - if you are using FSUIPC for your assignments, you would loose all control if it lost its SimConnect connections. One thing you can also try/test, if using FSUIPC, is change the following parameters in your [General] section of your FSUIPC6.ini file: TrafficStallTime=1 NormalStallTime=1 to TrafficStallTime=-1 NormalStallTime=-1 i.e. make them negative. This will instruct FSUIPC6 to only log a message when data stalls, rather than re-connect. You can also try different numbers (eg 2 or 3), which is the number of seconds without seeing data before a message is logged (when negative) or a reconnection request issued (when positive). John
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