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  1. You can just leave the entry field for WideFS blank - it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Or you could enable the logging of events and axis controls in FSUIPC to see whats happening.
  3. Not quite correct @Ray, as a Target Frame Rate has been set in this case. Traffic will only be deleted to maintain the 30FPS frame rate, so can go higher. Then the Target frame rate is set, the 25 is the lower limit, so FSUIPC will not delete any traffic below 25 to maintain the target FPS.
  4. I'm just sorting out the key generation mechanism with SimMarket, Should be available to purchase by tomorrow. Pete hit the nail on the head really - I do not want to move to a subscription model but also have to generate some income or I cannot continue to support and develop FSUIPC. I did consider a donation model for this release but I'm afraid it just wasn't possible. I really don't think I need to justify the upgrade price any further (although I'm willing to discuss with anyone over a pint!). If you are not happy with the upgrade price, then don't purchase! FSUIPC5 will continue to be supported. And thanks to all those for their support and kind words. Regards to all.
  5. No problems having both installed. For FSUIPC, for example, the new installer will allow you to have one FSUIPC installation for both sims, sharing the settings/config, or you can install twice to have separate copies for each sim. I've also manually installed some other add-ons to be shared between v4 and v5, and have not encountered any issues so far. John
  6. Deleting the DLL.XML will prevent FSUIPC from loading. As Pete says, could you post over on the FSUIPC support forum (https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/). When you post, could you attach your FSUIPC4 .log and .ini files (both located in your Modules folder). Also check the Windows Event Viewer to see if there is an error relating to the P3D crash, and if so also please paste that. Are you using any 3rd party programs that use FSUIPC? John
  7. It could be a corrupt weather file. Try adding NoWeatherAtAll=Yes to the [General] section of your FSUIPC4.ini file. If that works, you have a corrupt weather (*.wx) file, or more usually the wxstationlist.bin file - try deleting that from your APP Data Roaming P3D folder if it is there. It will be regenerated the next time you run P3D. John
  8. Both had travelling plans coming up, both look to be cancelled! John
  9. Only includes a couple of minor updates (as did 5.153), but we always recommend updating to the latest release. We only support the latest release of each FSUIPC version on the forums, so you need to update if you require support. You can check the history document, included in each release, that will detail the changes. John
  10. If assigning in FSUIPC, its better to disable controllers completely in P3D. You could try activating logging (in the FSUIPC logging tab) of Axis controls and also Button and key operations which may give some insight into whats happening. If you need further assistance, better to post over on the FSUIPC support forum (https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/), and include your .log (with the above logging flags enabled), .ini and .Joyscan.csv files (all from your Modules folder). Cheers, John
  11. Hi Gordone, you will get a quicker response, as Al/ark says, if you post over on the FSUIPC support forums. We do monitor avsim but not as regularly as our own forums. As I previously said, it is not possible for button numbers to change. It possible for Joy ids to change, which is what the 'joyletters' facility, mentioned by Al, is there to help with. And you have still not posted any data. We cannot help if you do not post at least your ini file. As you say you have 'reset' and have to reassign, you should probably go ahead and do this. If you experience your problem again, you can then post your ini and log file over on our support forums and we can take a look. John
  12. This is not possible! As Twenty6 suggested, can you post over on the FSUIPC support forum if you think this is FSUIPC related. Please attach your ini file, both "before" and "after" version would be nice, together with a log file from "before" and "after" if available. John
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