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  1. Jonathan93102

    Anyone else stuck on "Authenticating..." for charts?

    Hello all, Also having this issue too, I have Edge as my default browser but IE11 is on the PC after clicking on TERMINAL CHARTS the Authenticating tab comes up and nothing happens then when I close it EFB states FAULT in yellow. Thanks, Jonathan Daley
  2. Jonathan93102

    Sao Tome (FPST)

    Hello all, I’ve recently watched a JustPlanes World Air Routes video on the EuroAtlantic 767 of a flight between Lisbon & Sao Tome. It was absolutely fantastic. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an good Sao Tome (FPST) scenery available anywhere? There is one mentioned on but the link doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Many thanks, Jonathan
  3. Jonathan93102

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    Hello, Just to update you all on the situation after the fresh install the problem persists. Far too long to load up with absolutely nothing installed. Tends to get stuck around 17% then I wait 10 minutes and kill it. Uninstalling again and going back to V4.1 as I still have a copy of that on my PC. I can’t understand what has done this, this time last week it was running like a dream. I should note that it loads up very fast to the scenario page but after that it’s all downhill. Many thanks, Jonathan.
  4. Jonathan93102

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    Hello Elaine, Many thanks for getting back to me. I tried the step 2 and 3 that you mentioned tonight and it did improve loading times, however I still felt they were too long for my system. I have decided therefore to uninstall and reinstall V4.3 following your excellent tutorial this time as I could possibly have omitted one of the five files you mentioned to delete. I think I only did four as I didn’t realise they were hidden in so many places. This time after I put each add on back into the Sim I’m going to test it by loading up a scenario to double check. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I finished work this morning but then had no electricity all day so I’m just getting started now. Thanks for your time, Jonathan.
  5. Jonathan93102

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    Hi Ekim, Thanks for the reply, yes that is the case. I have given up with it for now. I’ve been asking for help for days on the Prepar3D forum and clearly stated I had done all the debugging steps in my original post that they recommend only to be asked today whether I’d done the debugging steps. I appreciate they probably have to ask but I did state it in my original post ha-ha, so presently I am no further forward. I have all the files for V4.1 on my PC but not for V4.2. Can you roll back from V4.3 to V4.1 bearing in mind I have done a full install of V4.3? I am convinced the problem is V4.3 because I’ve read numerous posts by people experiencing similar issues out of the blue. I do appreciate all the comments and tips from everyone though, it all helps solve the puzzle. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. Jonathan93102

    V4.3 taking a long time to load up

    Thanks for getting back to me. I wonder what it is, I don’t have Barcelona but I’ve heard of a few people having issues. I think I’ll put everything back into the sim add on scenery etc so that it is ready for use. Do you think either Prepar3D or ORBX will issue a fix for this problem? Thanks, Jonathan.
  7. Hello all, Hope everyone is having a good weekend. I am having major issues with Prepar3D V4.3 at the moment. I started experiencing issues on Friday where P3D was taking a very long time to load up after starting a scenario. I did all the troubleshooting tips suggested to no avail so decided to re-install V4.3 onto a blank SSD. Unfortunately after the re-install the problem still persists. I had installed all my ORBX scenery so I deactivated it to see if that was the cause and it was still taking a very long time to load up with nothing but default scenery. I timed it and it took 40 minutes on one occasion. What I was wanting to know was if anyone else is experiencing these issues and if they knew how to rectify them. I have contacted Prepar3D over on their forums so hopefully they’ll be able to assist me soon. Thanks for your time, Jonathan
  8. Jonathan93102

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    Hi Bob, Thanks for getting back to me. I have tried a lot of things over the past 24 hours. Everything looks correct in the scenery library which is strange. I think it could be an ORBX issue because when installed the fresh copy of Prepar3D and ran the default scenario it loaded quite fast. I’ve noticed quite a few people having similar issues. I have reported it to Prepar3D over on their forums so hopefully they’ll get back to me. Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Jonathan93102

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    Thanks for getting back to me. I have re-installed ORBX which has taken about 12 hours and it’s all correct and I have one add on airport in which is FlyTampa Boston for V4. I did a test last night and it struggled to load up at Boston in the PMDG 777-200. It took well over 20 minutes and I finally gave up. I’m trying again now and it’s been stuck in 18% for about 5 minutes. Are Lockheed Martin Prepar3D looking into this issue? At the finish yesterday I had to step away from it all because nothing I was trying was trying was fixing the problem. I have a feeling it’ll be quite a while before I fly again the way things are going with this sim. Many Thanks, Jonathan.
  10. Jonathan93102

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    Hello, Interesting topic to follow. I started yesterday having huge issues with P3D V4.3 hanging on the loading screen after selecting a scenario. I did a full re-install on to an empty SSD and it is still the same taking sometimes 20 minutes to load up. Something can't be right. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I've done all the debugging tips and just can't put my finger on it. Many thanks, Jonathan
  11. Jonathan93102

    Prepar3D V4 Scenery Component

    Many thanks for the replies, I think I might just bite the bullet and install. Thanks, Jonathan
  12. Jonathan93102

    Prepar3D V4 Scenery Component

    Hello all, I have already updated Prepar3D V4 Client & Content components to V4.3. I have discovery their is a scenery fix for Cyprus. What I was wanting to find out is if I install the Scenery component would I have to re-install all my add on airports? I do have quite a lot installed and that’s my worry as I don’t have them linked via xml’s. Many Thanks, Jonathan
  13. Jonathan93102

    Cape Town (FACT) finally getting some FSDG love

    I just thought I’d let you know I’ve instslled the Mesh for the Cape Town area and it is very nice. I’m impressed, it really makes flying look much nicer in that region having some nice scenery. Thanks for the info, I’m now looking forward to the release of FSDG FACT. Thanks, Jonathan.
  14. Jonathan93102

    Cape Town (FACT) finally getting some FSDG love

    Thanks for the information, I’ll try my best to get it working without any issues, that’s half the fun hah. I suppose Table Top Mountain will be included in it somewhere? Also the Land Class would go fellow all the other terrain features. Thanks for the help, Jonathan
  15. Jonathan93102

    Cape Town (FACT) finally getting some FSDG love

    Thanks for that, I’ll definitley get it installed over the next few days. I notice the scenery is uploaded to the library in parts, I take it you install each part one at a time and layer it up? I also install all non compatible things outside of the sim, it works well. Thanks, Jonathan