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  1. Hi TedK, I can confirm in the last week I just started having micro stutters. I’ve been trying to trouble shoot it for a few days now. It’s possible it could be due to a NVIDIA driver update. Where is the Shaders folder located? I might try and delete that like you mentioned. I do have two monitors and I clicked the black out desktop button and this did seem to stop the micro stutters yesterday when I did a test. Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Hi all, I've just purchased the SDG Cairo Airport as there was a P3D V4 installer available on SDG's website. I unfortunately have an elevation problem and the surrounding scenery looks horrible. I am using ORBX Vector and I've disabled HECA. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? I read through a thread which briefly touched on the subject but it wasn't overly clear. Many thanks, Jonathan
  3. Hello all, I'm thinking of purchasing some rudder pedals for Prepar3D V4. With regards to setting them up I quite like steering the aircraft on the ground with my joystick by twisting it. Would this still be possible if I get rudder pedals? I think I’d struggle taxiing with the rudder pedals. Ideally I’d like to just leave my joystick configuration as it is and just use the pedals for braking and control of the rudder. Would that be possible? Many thanks, Jonathan
  4. Hello Nyxx, I love this combination, which clouds and sky textures are you using in Sky Force? Many thanks, Jonathan.
  5. Hello, I've been trying in vain to fix this issue and I'm still not getting anywhere. You can not physically change from a cockpit view to an outside view via key bindings. I have found a way that you can by bringing up the menu along the top and clicking "Views" "Change View" "Custom" "Outside (ChasePlane)". However, you are then unable to re enter the flight deck via key bindings. I've tried deleting key bindings, uninstalling and reinstalling and it's made no difference. I'm sorry if I seem a bit fed up it's just been a nightmare since updating the latest Hotfix, I was hoping to fly this weekend as I'm back at work on Monday but this is preventing me. Thanks, Jonathan
  6. Hello, thanks for the replies. I will try unbinding and rebinding and see if I get anywhere. I’m quite happy to wait for them to get back to me. I think I’m just desperate to get a flight in before being back at work on Monday haha. Thanks for the suggestions. Jonathan.
  7. Hello, thanks for the quick response. Yes I have. I did notice a problem like mine was known to them as in the latest release notes it said they’d fixed it. Thanks, Jonathan
  8. Hello, I’m just looking for a bit of advice really on how to fix and issue that I’m having with ChasePlane. Basically I installed the V4.5 Hotfix yesterday and now I’m unable to move to exterior camera views with my key bindings on ChasePlane. I’ve already asked for help in the relevant areas and tried uninstalling and reinstalling ChasePlane. I was really hoping to fly today and was hoping I could get it fixed. Does anyone have any ideas on how I might go about fixing it? Many Thanks, Jonathan
  9. Hello all, I’ve just updated to the latest Hotfix for P3D V4.5 and I’m having issues with changing from cockpit views to exterior views with ChasePlane. None of my key bindings will take me outside, they do however still work inside the cockpit. Does anybody have any ideas? Many thanks, Jonathan.
  10. Hello, Just purchased Environment Force, I’m using Tomato Shade and when I load up my sim the cockpit is a washed out grey colour. Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks, Jonathan.
  11. Hello all, Also having this issue too, I have Edge as my default browser but IE11 is on the PC after clicking on TERMINAL CHARTS the Authenticating tab comes up and nothing happens then when I close it EFB states FAULT in yellow. Thanks, Jonathan Daley
  12. Hello all, I’ve recently watched a JustPlanes World Air Routes video on the EuroAtlantic 767 of a flight between Lisbon & Sao Tome. It was absolutely fantastic. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an good Sao Tome (FPST) scenery available anywhere? There is one mentioned on freewarescenery.com but the link doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Many thanks, Jonathan
  13. Hello, Just to update you all on the situation after the fresh install the problem persists. Far too long to load up with absolutely nothing installed. Tends to get stuck around 17% then I wait 10 minutes and kill it. Uninstalling again and going back to V4.1 as I still have a copy of that on my PC. I can’t understand what has done this, this time last week it was running like a dream. I should note that it loads up very fast to the scenario page but after that it’s all downhill. Many thanks, Jonathan.
  14. Hello Elaine, Many thanks for getting back to me. I tried the step 2 and 3 that you mentioned tonight and it did improve loading times, however I still felt they were too long for my system. I have decided therefore to uninstall and reinstall V4.3 following your excellent tutorial this time as I could possibly have omitted one of the five files you mentioned to delete. I think I only did four as I didn’t realise they were hidden in so many places. This time after I put each add on back into the Sim I’m going to test it by loading up a scenario to double check. Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I finished work this morning but then had no electricity all day so I’m just getting started now. Thanks for your time, Jonathan.
  15. Hi Ekim, Thanks for the reply, yes that is the case. I have given up with it for now. I’ve been asking for help for days on the Prepar3D forum and clearly stated I had done all the debugging steps in my original post that they recommend only to be asked today whether I’d done the debugging steps. I appreciate they probably have to ask but I did state it in my original post ha-ha, so presently I am no further forward. I have all the files for V4.1 on my PC but not for V4.2. Can you roll back from V4.3 to V4.1 bearing in mind I have done a full install of V4.3? I am convinced the problem is V4.3 because I’ve read numerous posts by people experiencing similar issues out of the blue. I do appreciate all the comments and tips from everyone though, it all helps solve the puzzle. Thanks, Jonathan
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