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  1. Swen

    Update via Ops Center or DL?

    OK, i'm a little bit confused. I think updates will be support over the center. OK, thanks for your download link. Now it's all well.
  2. Swen

    Update via Ops Center or DL?

    Hm, i dont understand this. There is no update for me... Whats up with it? Must i wait more longer as others? Is there no further update delivery? I hit more times the update button, but nothing happens. Would be nice, if somebody can explain me what i'm doing wrong. Thanks.
  3. Swen

    how to hand fly with C*U law aircraft

    You cant feel if the bird is in trim if you need force on yoke to hold on level? Is that not the same? In both situations; i mean its equal to get force from the bird or if i must take force to the yoke to hold level and speed. If i dont need force on yoke the plane is in this condition what i like, its trimmed. Right?
  4. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    OK, its more smooth now, but the issue still there like reported some posts up.
  5. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    OK, thanks for your feedback. Question: Did the blip work with fsuipc?
  6. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    You mean that FSUIPC are the problem for trimming? I nothing setup anything in FSUIPC for trimming and get this effect with different devices. Saitek Yoke and Flightstick X.
  7. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    I understand this... It's easy to say: If you trim away and you are on 180, you hit more times trim up and then the fbw jumps forward to 190 than back to 180 and then jumps up to 190. Same happens if you trim down. That is exactly what i show in my video. I trim only in one direction and the trim jumps back to the set speed before. I can understand that, if you trim jump to the speed of 180 from 170 that the blip catch 180... But i don't understand that it jumps back to 180 if you will catch 190. You go up and it shortly jump down if you. If you go down it jump short up. If and after this back jump and in the right direction the jump is to big to get a sensitive trimming for 190. And this is execlty the point, why that is so hard to trim out this bird on speed.
  8. Swen

    Vnav Issues With Sp1 300Er

    At the moment i have only tested this with 300er. But sometimes, VNAV will not catch right. The bird start to descent to set FL. Then i'm a littlebit above of VNAV path. So may be 500-600ft. Now ATC gives me a DCT, VNAVN will be calculated new. VNAV path jumps down do offset to -2000ft. OK, no problem set speedbrk. But then happens: The bird hold descent and speed encrease. Faster and faster. I set VS of -3500ft. Nothing happens and after a while the bird start slowly with descent. Sometimes the nose is goeing up and down and start oscillating... and after shorttime it starts to descent... CI was 12, calculated by PFPX.
  9. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    Yes, i can confirm this... This is very strange... I just use a T Flightstick.X and Saitek Yoke. Seems that Flightstick make more this issue as my Yoke...
  10. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    So you don't get force feedback, but i must push or pull my yoke. I need force for this. And if i don't need force and the yoke is neutral position, the bird is trimmed well.
  11. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    Nice! Thanks for investigating!
  12. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    OK, if you can, watch my video to see my actions. Tell me that i'm wrong and all its normal, then this is ok. But for me its hard to trim level with speed on.
  13. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    Back to topic... You can see that the trim speed indicator is jumping and sometimes in the wrong direction... Somebody here think that my hardware was faulty... I don't think so. If have tested so much with disconnected throttel also. If the plane was fly by AP and i disconnect AP the plane is stable. But if i try this by hand, i must fight against the engines and a faulty trimming. In some cases i trim the aircraft and the indicator was not moving up or down.
  14. Swen

    Handling dynamics with redesigned FBW Sytems

    AP is off an A/T is off. And i'm totally stable in the air manually by my own hands with thrust and yoke. But if i engage A/T, then the bird reduce thrust and i start to descent. Slowly but i do. I must correct the bird all the time via yoke. And this without any weather active. Ah, and this test is with 300er. I don't test 200LR at the moment.