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  1. f4sup

    Beacon Sound / Torque Above Red Line

    Sound sliders have no effect. I can even turn the FSX sound off (Q) and it's still there. The only control is with the system volume. My workaround is to set system sound at 5 to 10 % and move the FSXsliders to 50 -60%. It would be nice if there was a disable button included on the Instruction or control panel.
  2. f4sup

    Beacon Sound / Torque Above Red Line

    Sorry Louis, this is for the MU-2B. I have experience with the PT6A line but this is my first with the Garret TP. How about the beacon light sound? It does become annoying after a while. I tried sound sliders with no change. mjrhealth has a point about the GMA340. Being such a basic controller, it should, at the least have correct comm functions. Thanks again, f4sup Roger
  3. Great little aircraft. Two questions: Is there any way to eliminate or lower the beacon light motor sound? The torque gauges will go way past the redline during takeoff. I limit them with the power lever but that requires a lot of attention. Is this normal? Thank you, F4sup Roger