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  1. Many thanks indeed. Having that confirmed makes me feel ☹️
  2. Are any testers out there able to confirm whether or not MSFS default scenery alters with seasons (and not just the addition of snow, which I'd classify as "hard winter")? I'm hoping to see leaves-off in winter, bright greens and blossom in spring, deeper greens in summer and reds, yellows and browns in autumn.. If so, could you post some screenshots or videos please? Many thanks
  3. Keep in mind we don't yet know if/how such airfields may relate to specific scenarios/goals for any training/challenges/rewards build into the sim (i.e. not just free flight) 😉
  4. The same goes for the whole of Russia, China and India
  5. I just edited my initial post to emphasise this is just the bespoke hand-crafted ones 😉 Andy
  6. I created a map to illustrate all the bespoke hand-crafted airfields by Edition in the forthcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS): (if any Admins can allow me to embed the map it would be appreciated) Andy https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1TxoAiv_-sVesjlFn_61F3qYoyoPspFpF&usp=sharing
  7. Same here. There appear to be a clutch of us having non-OOM (vRAM) CTD. This is a separate issue to this thread, but worth letting LM know. So far, with a 30 FPS limit I haven't had another CTD. Are you limiting frames?
  8. 70 FPS limited, or ~70 FPS unlimited? For me this was the key (without a limit the GPU seemed to trip somehow).
  9. I kept getting CTD. This seemed to happen when I used more complex aircraft (e.g. F-35). My VRAM was nowhere near full (only about 4Gb used, my specs are in my signature below) and my CPU cores weren't unduly stressed either. I was getting >125 when it wasn't CTDing. I discovered the issue was unlimited FPS. When I limited to 30 FPS all by CTD went away. There seems to be something which allows the GPU to run away with itself without an FPS limit. Just my 2p/2c. Andy
  10. Airtrooper


    Can anyone confirm if the C170B has PBR textures for P3D v4.4+ please? It doesn't mention this on their website 😐
  11. I just downloaded the latest version of the Learjet and wish to install it in P3D4, or rather my own bespoke addon folder (so that I can readily update P3D itself when needed). However, the installer says some files are missing, implying it wants to be installed into the default P3D folder. Does anyone know a way around this please?
  12. Sure. Sorry, I'm attempting to do multiple jobs at once! Nobody can focus on anything at such a short range as the screen in the Rift of Vive. For this reason between each eye and the screen is a lens, which does allow you to focus on the screen(s).
  13. I've yet to find any "bugs" with VR in v4.0.28.21686. For me it runs smooth as silk... In fact that goes for most things in the latest v4 release, not just VR. Sure the VR mouse cursor wasn't fab in the initial v4 release, but now it much improved in the latest release and I have no complaints. With the cursor working OK I don't really miss FlyInSide. I wouldn't call it "half baked" either... P3D is a product constantly in development (and lots of other aspects are being worked on, not just VR) and I'd much prefer they provide incremental releases than have to wait for years in between. Regarding ORBX, I'm a complete FTX nut! I don't like to fly without it! The FTX regions work 100% in v4. Yes we are still waiting for the airfields (which I gather comes down to a 64-bit version of ObjectFlow?), but when they arrive soon it'll be heaven. In the meantime I'm happy flying in the regions with the built-in detailed airfields. I genuinely cannot recall a time when I've been this happy in flight sim....
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