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  1. I just downloaded the latest version of the Learjet and wish to install it in P3D4, or rather my own bespoke addon folder (so that I can readily update P3D itself when needed). However, the installer says some files are missing, implying it wants to be installed into the default P3D folder. Does anyone know a way around this please?
  2. Sure. Sorry, I'm attempting to do multiple jobs at once! Nobody can focus on anything at such a short range as the screen in the Rift of Vive. For this reason between each eye and the screen is a lens, which does allow you to focus on the screen(s).
  3. That is no problem, it is all taken care of. Go for it.
  4. I've yet to find any "bugs" with VR in v4.0.28.21686. For me it runs smooth as silk... In fact that goes for most things in the latest v4 release, not just VR. Sure the VR mouse cursor wasn't fab in the initial v4 release, but now it much improved in the latest release and I have no complaints. With the cursor working OK I don't really miss FlyInSide. I wouldn't call it "half baked" either... P3D is a product constantly in development (and lots of other aspects are being worked on, not just VR) and I'd much prefer they provide incremental releases than have to wait for years in between. Regarding ORBX, I'm a complete FTX nut! I don't like to fly without it! The FTX regions work 100% in v4. Yes we are still waiting for the airfields (which I gather comes down to a 64-bit version of ObjectFlow?), but when they arrive soon it'll be heaven. In the meantime I'm happy flying in the regions with the built-in detailed airfields. I genuinely cannot recall a time when I've been this happy in flight sim....
  5. I was a FlyInSide user in v3. I now fly solely v4 and I'm not really missing FlyInSide! I have a LeapMotion, which isn't being used due to the lack of FlyInSide, but I find the VR mouse pointer good enough and all the other pluses of v4 far outway this tiny negative. My personal recommendation is not to hesitate getting v4. Go get it now. You won't regret it.
  6. First, a word of support for the embattled Matt... Keep up the good work! "Don't let the b*st*rds grind you down" was one of the most valuable bits of advice I was given back in the day... Second, a question. Does this work in VR (Rift CV1 in my case)? Many thanks All the best Andy
  7. Airtrooper

    Flyinside and OpusFSI

    OK, all seems to work fine now. Monitoring things with Spy was a big help. Many thanks Andy
  8. Airtrooper

    Flyinside and OpusFSI

    I'd updated my OpusFSI to v5 and my AV needed a firewall change to allow it to access the internet. I'm now trying again...
  9. Airtrooper

    Flyinside and OpusFSI

    I'm facing exactly the same issue. I use OpusFSI to inject weather, but its not working since I started using FlyInside with a Rift. If anyone knows a fix I'd be extremely grateful!
  10. Airtrooper

    Prepar3d Version 3

    I just bought this in the Alabeo sale on the understand it was compatible with FSX and P3D. What I did not realise what that it was P3D version specific and I have v3! This thread was started over a year ago and I'd expect the issue to have been resolved by now. How come it hasn't? Ah, now I realise this isn't an official support forum! My Bad! Apologies!
  11. Airtrooper

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    Using USB tethering is the way to go IMO. It allows you to use much better image quality whilst reducing latency. Andy
  12. Airtrooper

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    Hi Richard, I'm surprised you get little feedback, it is an excellent utility! Many thanks for v2.1. I have indeed got TrackIR working fine with normal 2D on my monitor. I have F9 set as the pause for TrackIR and also P3D Native 3D now. I'll give it all a go later... Andy
  13. Airtrooper

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    Hi Richard, I'm extremely grateful for your excellent P3D Native 3D. I'm currently using v2 with P3D V3.1, a Samsung Galaxy S6, Homido headset and Trinus VR to send the images on the monitor to my phone via USB tether. I was wondering if I could ask for your help please? I can't get head tracking to work and I'm not sure why. I'm not even sure which part or parts are the issue! You may have a completely different setup tho, so I understand if you can't help, but if you do have something similar any advice would be very welcome... I have TrackIR set as my method of head tracking in Trinus VR. I have TrackIR installed on my PC (works fine with my actual TrackIR hardware) and on by default. I have head tracking off in P3Dnative3D until I have by SBS 3D setup and running OK in P3D. Only then do I switch the head tracking off... but no joy. Any ideas? Many thanks Andy
  14. Airtrooper

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    Further to my last post, a chap by the name of Richard Barry is developing a tool called P3DNative3D. It allows SBS 3D. This means SBS can be transmitted to a phone, such as the Samsung S6, and viewed in 3D using a 3rd party headset. I haven't tried it yet, but when I do I'll post my results here. In the meantime here is Richard's tool:
  15. Airtrooper

    stereoscopic 3D in P3D (questions)

    I'm a dedicated P3D user (v2.5 at present) and stopped flying FSX long ago. However I miss nVidia 3D Vision, which I used in FSX all the time. I'm looking forward to Oculus Rift, but I'm impatient and there are no noises coming from either LM or nVidia regarding a fix for nVidia 3D Vision.... I now have a Samsung S6 phone, with a 1440 x 2560 resolution screen. This could be used with the new Gear VR headset, but to the best of my knowledge it only works with apps on the phone, not streamed from a PC. Instead I've bought a 3rd party VR headset designed for a range of different smart phones: I'm am currently attempting to use Trinus VR for both tracking (3 DOF only, but I've thought using my TrackIR for the remaining 3 DOF might be a good solution?!) and for sending the PC rendered image to the phone screen: Others have so far managed to do this OK, but only using Fake 3D. An earlier post mentioned nVidia permitted SBS 3D with Prepar3D. Is this confirmed??? If so, I might be able to transmit the true 3D as SBS to my phone and thus have a working VR headset with the resolution close to that of the forthcoming consumer version of OC (apparently). I would give this a go now, but I'm away from my PC a while. Andy