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  1. Incidentally, does anyone know of a way to alter StreamVR video settings for an app (i.e. P3D) without having to have said app already running in VR? In other words, annoyingly, SteamVR only recognises Prepar3D when it is running VR and not beforehand.
  2. I'm curious to hear more examples of framerates in different scenarios please, inside and outside VR with the G2, so we can all compare. For example, my specs are in my signature and with v5.1 + HF on a 1080P monitor with ORBX True Earth UK North, flying circuits in Dino's single-seat A4 around Lossiemouth with stock weather and approximately medium settings I get 75-110 FPS (typically 80-90). With the same scenario, 90Hz, single-pass and 50% resolution with Motion Smoothing Enabled (the last two set in SteamVR video settings bespoke for Prepar3D) I get 10-20 FPS (typically 15) in the G2, which is just about flyable 😬 I guess locations, aircraft, settings and specs aside (dubious idea?!), FWIW, I'm most interested to hear like-for-like comparisons inside-and-outside the G2 😉👍
  3. I had the same issue and am irritated that the Reverb G2 isn't listed by name in the Sound options 😠
  4. I'm a long time Rift CV1 user in XP11 and P3D. Today my new Reverb G2 arrived, which is my first WMR headset, the first time I've had controllers (only ever flown with HOTAS) and only my second headset ever. I've become very used to (entrenched?!) using the Oculus app etc with the CV1, to the point this new WMR seems to be confusing me and I could do with some help please! I have completely unplugged my CV1 (inc. tracker). I've updated both sims to their latest versions (inc. Beta in the case of XP11). I have installed the "Mixed Reality App" in Windows, as well as "Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR". I have updated SteamVR (had it before, just never used it). My first question is; is anything else needed? I can enter VR in both sims but the graphics are very poor (it looks as if I've returned to the '80s!) and if I look upwards the flight sim world disappears and the SteamVR world appears (i.e. the dark blue/pink dusk/night scene with stars) and I have an FPS of 1 or 2 (not a typo). Even if my hardware were rubbish I wouldn't expect to be switching between the sim and SteamVR worlds... which makes me think something else is wrong. The "Mixed Reality App" world works well for me, but I should also mention that the StreamVR world has a slide-show FPS for me (it is basically unusable)... so I'm wondering if the problems I'm having in the sims ultimately relate to the problem with SteamVR? Any insight or advice is very welcome please! Many thanks indeed 🙂
  5. Many thanks indeed. Having that confirmed makes me feel ☹️
  6. Are any testers out there able to confirm whether or not MSFS default scenery alters with seasons (and not just the addition of snow, which I'd classify as "hard winter")? I'm hoping to see leaves-off in winter, bright greens and blossom in spring, deeper greens in summer and reds, yellows and browns in autumn.. If so, could you post some screenshots or videos please? Many thanks
  7. Keep in mind we don't yet know if/how such airfields may relate to specific scenarios/goals for any training/challenges/rewards build into the sim (i.e. not just free flight) 😉
  8. The same goes for the whole of Russia, China and India
  9. I just edited my initial post to emphasise this is just the bespoke hand-crafted ones 😉 Andy
  10. I created a map to illustrate all the bespoke hand-crafted airfields by Edition in the forthcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS): (if any Admins can allow me to embed the map it would be appreciated) Andy https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1TxoAiv_-sVesjlFn_61F3qYoyoPspFpF&usp=sharing
  11. Same here. There appear to be a clutch of us having non-OOM (vRAM) CTD. This is a separate issue to this thread, but worth letting LM know. So far, with a 30 FPS limit I haven't had another CTD. Are you limiting frames?
  12. 70 FPS limited, or ~70 FPS unlimited? For me this was the key (without a limit the GPU seemed to trip somehow).
  13. I kept getting CTD. This seemed to happen when I used more complex aircraft (e.g. F-35). My VRAM was nowhere near full (only about 4Gb used, my specs are in my signature below) and my CPU cores weren't unduly stressed either. I was getting >125 when it wasn't CTDing. I discovered the issue was unlimited FPS. When I limited to 30 FPS all by CTD went away. There seems to be something which allows the GPU to run away with itself without an FPS limit. Just my 2p/2c. Andy
  14. Airtrooper


    Can anyone confirm if the C170B has PBR textures for P3D v4.4+ please? It doesn't mention this on their website 😐
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