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    Been flight simming since 1995, work as a heavy equipment operator in the Canadian oilsands in northern Alberta., 35 years of age and I love aviation.
  1. Seems like they’ve dropped off the face of the earth, at one they were pumping out sceneries like there was no tommorow and now nothing since LFPG.
  2. I was hoping I would not have too get my license reactivated but I had no choice in not being able to uninstall properly as I was unable to get into my operating system. Thanks for the help. Paul Dhanjal
  3. Problem is I no longer have the uninstall option in my add/remove programs because I reformatted my C drive where windows is was installed. I dont know how to uninstall it aside from deleting the hole file off me E drive which would then leave my waiting days for LM to reset my password. Paul Dhanjal
  4. I have P3DV4.3 on my 1tb evo E: drive, I have my operating system installed on my C: drive, I know P3D installes files onto the C drive as well, unfortunately I had to reset windows 10 and now have a blank C drive. I was was wondering if its still possible to uninstall P3d thus deavtivating it without having to go through the the hole licensing process and waiting days for a new password. Paul Dhanjal
  5. Sweet, downloading soon as I get home from work. Now just gotta wait for some of the painters to throw out some nice liveries.
  6. John Tavendale has done same amazing BA liveries.
  7. With epilates on her shoulders and a pilots hat.
  8. I Totally agree with you, the texture quality does need to be updated, when compared the the QW 787 it looks even worse. Paul Dhanjal
  9. For me the aircraft is beautiful, very happy with the VC texturing and functionality, sounds are awesome, only issue I have and it's a big one is performance, frame rates stutter from as high as 38 down to as low as 18 especially when panning around the VC were it tends to stutter and lag, that's with UT live at FB KMSP , I have 32ghz of ram an i7 7700 and a 1080 video card, and most sliders around 75-80 percent. Fps as low at 9 at night with dynamic lighting, landing lights and done lights. I get solid fps , 35-40 and no stuttering with other study level sims. I hope FSL's can find a way to increase the performance or optimize it further cuz it's a beautifully well aimulated A320 and I wang to spend lots of time flying it.
  10. We truly are blessed and as stated above enjoying what is turning out to be the best year ever. Thanx to all who have contributed to this amazing hobby. I can't get enough of P3DV4, my wife is starting to get frustrated with my endless hours in front of my PC. Gonna have to buy her something nice me thinks.
  11. Thesoliniki is beautiful, one of my favourites, prior to V4 it was a high VAS airport but now you can enjoy it to its fullest. Looking closely at FIMP it does not seem to be as detailed, just my opinion, I hope I'm wrong.
  12. At the end of the day the project came through and that's what counts. When I'm flying around in the CRJ the last thought on my mind is what the causes of the release delays were. Paul Dhanjal CYEG
  13. Not sure I've heard of Fast Vsync, can you elaborate on this a little please. I get minor stutters in payware aircraft if fps drop below 30 in the pmdg 747/777 in payware airports with trackir this with all orbx products enabled. Paul Dhanjal
  14. This could be different from spotlights as V4 does utilize new lighting technologies and this could be an example of that.
  15. Anyone up for a Silkway 747-400F with RB211 powerplants.
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