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  1. I was just basing my suggestion on that I was under the impression that the PMDG aircraft were shipped with the current airac cycle on release, because it's roughly about a month or so before the questions regarding that come up. Also, from a business side, they are assuming that not everyone is an experienced flight simmer that would know what an airac cycle is. All they would see is an error in the FMC, and assume the program was broken. To you and me, yes, we know it's not, but if this is your first PMDG aircraft, which it will be for a lot of people, some may not understand, and take it to the forums or support tickets, which bogs down resources unnecessarily, especially if they can post-pone it 30 days to avoid the rush. It may just ship with an old airac from 2016, and they'll just deal with it, but to me, if they were wanting to ship with a current-ish airac cycle, and since no date has been announced, this would fit the release time frame. To me, it just seems really strange to spend 3 years working on a product, and release it with an old airac cycle to produce an error (that's not really an error, but again, not everyone knows that). But my memory is a little foggy trying to remember the NGX and T7 release if they shipped with current cycles.
  2. Honestly Guys, I don't think it'll be released until the 2nd for the simple fact that if they shipped it out now, the Airac cycle would be only 2 or 3 days away from expiry. If they wait until the 2nd, load it with the newest cycle, they save themselves a lot of time because they don't have to answer "my airac cycle is out of date" questions for the first 30 days, instead of right at release. That's what I would do anyways.
  3. I'm not quite sure if it is a problem with orbx as Orbx Global only changes the textures (I don't have vector), and I had the issue coming into SFO that was a default scenery (so I don't think that points to flightbeam), and the fact I didn't have this issue in V2.x. But thank you for the reply. I didn't notice any aircraft on final, but I will turn off the wake effect and see if that helps. Thank you for the reply.
  4. I am having a weird issue in P3D V3 with PMDG aircraft (as far as I can tell), let me explain what is happening. The other day, I flew a flight from VHHH to KSFO in the PMDG 777-300. Take off and cruise went perfect, no issues at all. I came in on the approach, it was a nice clear day in sfo, very good and stable approach. at between 50-100ft AGL, all of a sudden it was like I hit the ground in the air, the plane almost nosed over and settled back down on the rear wheels and the plane slammed into the actual ground, all sorts of alarms and stuff were going off (I'm also not new to the 777, I've flown it plenty of times with no issues landing). I eventually got it settled down, and was able to taxi to the gate. I thought, whoa, that was very strange. The next day, I did the return flight, KSFO-VHHH in the 777-300, another great flight, came in on approach, the exact same way, stable with the same attitude and I make a very smooth landing with no issues. So I thought, ok, well maybe the last flight was an anomaly, Did another flight the next day, in the PMDG 737-700, KPHX to KDEN. The same thing, takeoff to approach were great, came onto final, very stable approach (very stable at vref+5) then again, about 50-100ft AGL, all of a sudden it's like the front wheels hit some invisible ground I almost flip over frontwards, then the whole plane slams into the real ground (with a registered 1400+ fpm according to my VA ACARS). Everything is clear and I wasn't low on the approach. I've flown both of these planes in p3d V2.x for a while, and I've never had this issue, then 2 out of 3 of my first full test flights, this happens. Is there any Ideas on what is happening? Here are my specs and software. I should also note that I have crashes turned off in the P3D settings, so there is no reason why I should be hitting an invisible object. intel i7 930 12 Gig 1600 RAM nVidia GTX 970 Win 7 Pro P3d V3 Pmdg 737-700 pmdg 777-300 FS2Crew for 777 Orbx Global Textures TaxitoGate VHHH Flightbeam KDEN Flightbeam KPHX ASN Thanks, Dwayne
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