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  1. I was just basing my suggestion on that I was under the impression that the PMDG aircraft were shipped with the current airac cycle on release, because it's roughly about a month or so before the questions regarding that come up. Also, from a business side, they are assuming that not everyone is an experienced flight simmer that would know what an airac cycle is. All they would see is an error in the FMC, and assume the program was broken. To you and me, yes, we know it's not, but if this is your first PMDG aircraft, which it will be for a lot of people, some may not understand, and take it to the forums or support tickets, which bogs down resources unnecessarily, especially if they can post-pone it 30 days to avoid the rush. It may just ship with an old airac from 2016, and they'll just deal with it, but to me, if they were wanting to ship with a current-ish airac cycle, and since no date has been announced, this would fit the release time frame. To me, it just seems really strange to spend 3 years working on a product, and release it with an old airac cycle to produce an error (that's not really an error, but again, not everyone knows that). But my memory is a little foggy trying to remember the NGX and T7 release if they shipped with current cycles.
  2. Honestly Guys, I don't think it'll be released until the 2nd for the simple fact that if they shipped it out now, the Airac cycle would be only 2 or 3 days away from expiry. If they wait until the 2nd, load it with the newest cycle, they save themselves a lot of time because they don't have to answer "my airac cycle is out of date" questions for the first 30 days, instead of right at release. That's what I would do anyways.
  3. I'm not quite sure if it is a problem with orbx as Orbx Global only changes the textures (I don't have vector), and I had the issue coming into SFO that was a default scenery (so I don't think that points to flightbeam), and the fact I didn't have this issue in V2.x. But thank you for the reply. I didn't notice any aircraft on final, but I will turn off the wake effect and see if that helps. Thank you for the reply.
  4. I am having a weird issue in P3D V3 with PMDG aircraft (as far as I can tell), let me explain what is happening. The other day, I flew a flight from VHHH to KSFO in the PMDG 777-300. Take off and cruise went perfect, no issues at all. I came in on the approach, it was a nice clear day in sfo, very good and stable approach. at between 50-100ft AGL, all of a sudden it was like I hit the ground in the air, the plane almost nosed over and settled back down on the rear wheels and the plane slammed into the actual ground, all sorts of alarms and stuff were going off (I'm also not new to the 777, I've flown it plenty of times with no issues landing). I eventually got it settled down, and was able to taxi to the gate. I thought, whoa, that was very strange. The next day, I did the return flight, KSFO-VHHH in the 777-300, another great flight, came in on approach, the exact same way, stable with the same attitude and I make a very smooth landing with no issues. So I thought, ok, well maybe the last flight was an anomaly, Did another flight the next day, in the PMDG 737-700, KPHX to KDEN. The same thing, takeoff to approach were great, came onto final, very stable approach (very stable at vref+5) then again, about 50-100ft AGL, all of a sudden it's like the front wheels hit some invisible ground I almost flip over frontwards, then the whole plane slams into the real ground (with a registered 1400+ fpm according to my VA ACARS). Everything is clear and I wasn't low on the approach. I've flown both of these planes in p3d V2.x for a while, and I've never had this issue, then 2 out of 3 of my first full test flights, this happens. Is there any Ideas on what is happening? Here are my specs and software. I should also note that I have crashes turned off in the P3D settings, so there is no reason why I should be hitting an invisible object. intel i7 930 12 Gig 1600 RAM nVidia GTX 970 Win 7 Pro P3d V3 Pmdg 737-700 pmdg 777-300 FS2Crew for 777 Orbx Global Textures TaxitoGate VHHH Flightbeam KDEN Flightbeam KPHX ASN Thanks, Dwayne
  5. With one of the newer patches for FS2CREW for the 777, you added the abilitiy to reset the audio system, incase you lose sound. Are there plans to add this funtionalitiy to the other versions? such as the Dash-8, Airbuses or the NGX (maybe when it goes P3d), as I do sometimes still have the problem of losing my sound for fs2crew with these programs occationally. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info everyone. I fully understand that the T7 is a VAS hog, but I'll have to reluctantly turn off some orbx regions and see if that helps tonight, which isn't ideal as I tend to start or end most of my flights in Western Canada and the US. I hope that the NGX won't be as bad to vas as the T7 as one of my favorite routes is the Westjet CYYC-CYLW run and the orbx region really helps enhance that route. I still find it strange that changing the texture resolutions of Rex and P3D still doesn't have any effect in VAS on my machine, even though, from what I was getting from the intro manual and around the interwebs, that was a major cause of it. But I'm still open to suggestions. I also heard a little while back that ASN may have an effect on VAS if it's not opened in the correct order, has anyone seen any truth to this? Thanks again for the info everyone
  7. I've had p3d for a few months, and have flown some GA aircraft in it, with no problems; But, as you all know, the PMDG 777 came out the other day, and I've flown it plenty of times in FSX. Though when I started flying the T7 in P3D, I started running in my first VAS Issues. Now, I've read a bunch of stuff on vas usage in fsx and p3d, as well as the P3D introduction of the PMDG Manual, and I was just wondering if the following is "normal" in p3d, or if I should be investigating something else further. Please note that this is with v2.4 as I'm holding off on 2.5 until some more addon companies are compatible with it (so, 2.5 may solve some of these issues). So, the issue is that I've started running the process monitor to monitor my VAS usage, and I was just wondering if the following is actually normal (please note that when i refer to 3gig or 3.1 gig, it refers to the general 3,000,000 or 3,100,000 bytes, and not the true value of 3 or 3.1) My basic computer specs are as follows: Windows 7 64bit Intel i7 960 12 gig 1600mhz RAM Nvidia GTX 970 w/ 4gig vram So, not the newest, but definitely not a slouch. I run the following addons Orbx: PNW, NRM, CRM, NorCal ASN Rex Texture Direct 4, Rex Soft Clouds FB KDEN PMDG 777 Now the issue. At first I did the silly thing and cranked everything up to the nuts just to see what it would do... I could hear scotty in the background going "She's Breaking up captain, she cannot take any more", and I had OOM errors when landing at an airport in the T7, so I started running some tests. I would start a new flight with the T7, parked at CYVR (with orbx scenery), and I was quite surprised that I was already at 3.1gigs of used VAS space, getting pretty close to the limit without even turning the plane on. Anyways, I've tried the following to try and reduce the VAS Usage: Disabled KDEN Reduced the REX texture sizes to 1024 Reduced the P3d Texture size setting to 2048 and then 1024 Lowered the mesh resolution (to 5m I believe, I'm not on my flightsim machine right now) Lowered the View Radius down one and two notches from the Max Reduced AI traffic to 20% from 60% (all default AI), and disabled all the other traffic except for commercial ships which I keep at 20% I have also tried setting up a flight, saving it, exiting, and restarting with that flight, and that has made no impact. I have also made all the changes specified in the Intro manual of the T7 for P3D The only thing that I noticed that had any noticeable impact on VAS was the autogen. And when all autogen was set to max, I was at 3.2gig+ and when set to sparse it was at 3.0gig . I made these changes one at a time, but still, after all the changes were made, the VAS usage is still hovering around 3.1gigs (may dip down into the 3.0s) which is odd. My frame rate improved which is to be expected, but VAS usage was unchanged. Is this normal? because there doesn't seem to be any difference in the texture sizes to the VAS usage (which from what I'm reading is the main culprit when it comes to VAS usage). I'm reluctant to turn off Orbx sceneries in p3d because I've heard that that will cause more issues than it will solve. Now I haven't tried this on any other aircraft (i also have the Majestic Dash-8, but I've never ran into VAS issues with it), but I'm just wondering if there is something else going on here where my VAS usage won't go down with pretty much any of the well known solutions. Any Thoughts, or is this just normal? Thanks
  8. I agree too that it is a great product for P3D. I think that once the NGX and/or the 744v2 come out for it, that I can officially retire FSX. Thanks PMDG for ruining FSX for me (but in the best possible way). Just wish the ol' tri-tuber MD-11 would make the crossover, but I know that's not going to happen, but there is always hope. Thanks again PMDG and keep up the great work, and don't let the Donny Downers get to you, they don't represent the vast majority of people in this HOBBY (and to all those people that think spending $90 on something for a hobby is too much.... look at a price of, say, a locomotive in a more "traditional" hobby such model railroading, or anything in RC Aircraft or Cars and you will see that the T7 is a great deal).
  9. I had the same issues with the Airbuses too, it would act very strangely when switching views, (or it not switching views) or when going to the outside it would look up, and not saving any of my camera positions. What I did find is that if I ran the EZDOK config as an administrator, reran the aircraft configuration, my cameras would work a lot better, and actually save (I also made the ezdok.exe run as an administrator automatically). Since I started doing that EZDOK worked the way it should. Its just strange because I never had to do that before updating ezdok to the newest version. I also disabled the view system in the airbus. Hopefully this helps.
  10. What would you recommend for a headset? USB based? Analog based? I'm using a logitech H540 USB Headset. It would be nice to get a fix for this as it happens for both the NGX and the Dash-8 now (and if you type fs2crew sound missing into google, it happens to more than just a handful of people). I love the program when it works, but this issue is holding me back from getting it for the T7 and probably the 747v2 when it comes out. I think a software fix would be more appropriate rather than telling your customers that they need to go and buy more hardware, that you haven't even recommended on your website (I just don't want to go out and spend $100 on ANOTHER headset just to have the same problem) Thank you very much
  11. Now it seems to be working fine with no changes. Not sure what the problem was but it seems to be working now
  12. I'm not totally comfortable with remote desktop (absolutely nothing to do with you, just my little stand RDS), but if you would like I can record a video of what happens on the weekend and post it if that works. Would you like me to still send a support ticket as well?
  13. Unfortunately, I don't have another headset, but I have tried both with the headset and with the speakers and it quits at the exact same spot. I am doubting it has anything to do with the headset, as A) I've never had a problem with it besides this (I can still have the regular fsx sound effects out of the headset just fine) and it works in other games, and B) it does it at the exact same spot in the checklist (if it were a hardware error or failure, I would think that it would be slightly more random than the same spot on the checklist). I have tried disabling skype and other audio programs (as suggested in other posts). I have seen this issue a couple of times pop up in the forums (even one where I replied asking if there was a solution, and at that point in sept it was the same symptoms, but the flight crew sounds still played, but now I don't even get those.) Any other suggestions?
  14. Hi, I've been having this problem for awhile, and have not found a solution. I am running FS2Crew w/ Voice on the NGX Every flight I have, I have the voice for the preflight procedures and the checklist. I have checked my audio with the audio config in your tool. Everything is great. Up until the point of the the before start procedures. Right there I lose all audio from fs2crew. I run the config tool, and I hear nothing, yet not 2 minutes before it worked fine. The Co-pilot still reconizes my commands, so if I just say "check" a bunch of times the system does go through the procedures and still listens to my commands, I just can't hear what he is saying. I lose the cabin crew sounds at this point too. I have reinstalled fs2crew completly I have reinstalled my audio drivers I have checked the fs2crew audio config. I always lose the audio after the preflight checklist, and the before start procedures. It has worked completly before a couple of months ago, but just all of a sudden it has stopped in the middle. If it were a driver conflict I don't think i would get any audio, or ateast not lose it at the exact same spot every single time. Any suggestions or a log I can view to see why I lose audio? Thanks
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