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  1. Eh, you're kidding...! Let's fix that in live..? I'll take my chances with the wrong livery I'm sat where I can't see it anyway.
  2. Hello All, The hat switch works on assignments, but not on camera presets for me. I like to use: left - capt seat up - overhead down - pedestal right - closeup of glass It will take the assignment but not keep it. Hope this is useful feedback Using a GoFlight pro 737 yoke Mike
  3. Well done - and perhaps worth noting that persistence with EZdok in particular - will expand your market. Perhaps you could license the code to him so only one add-on is needed. I guess he needs to reply first ! Have a great day.
  4. I didn't like reading it either, it did seem sharp in the circumstances - although I sympathise with the problems around false information continually being spread about. I deal with it every day, and you can get fatigued by it. If it lightens your day... I can do a convincing monkey impression Anyway - back to the prototype. Can we please try it?
  5. Good on you sir, that is a fantastic little prototype. I look forward to using it (freely or commercially). Great work.
  6. Yes sir - the TS server is a must. Happy to help you coordinate anything else too. I guess the cork goes back in for a little while. Some VC shots would be nice, we can put them on the party invites
  7. Oh no! Look! Kyle came in and confiscated all our beer and snacks.... like some miserable neighbour unhappy at the loud music and clanking bottles coming from next door! Some party this turned out to be... I'm smashing the place up! Only kidding - I do echo the vatsim concerns. We need to be in full and competent control of our AC. In addition to annoying the ATC - it also annoys us pilots who have done the groundwork. I for one will be reading the manual, it's what I do. Any chance we can have that in advance of the plane? Notwithstanding, I suggest we aim for a group flight a few weeks after release.
  8. Count me in, Sir. With 800 hours on the v1, I'm very much looking forward to flying with you all - and happy to host a teamspeak server if required.
  9. Sounds like a possible magdec issue... http://forum.avsim.net/topic/336155-magnetic-variation-updates-for-fs9-and-fsx/
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