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  1. Eh, you're kidding...! Let's fix that in live..? I'll take my chances with the wrong livery I'm sat where I can't see it anyway.
  2. Hello All, The hat switch works on assignments, but not on camera presets for me. I like to use: left - capt seat up - overhead down - pedestal right - closeup of glass It will take the assignment but not keep it. Hope this is useful feedback Using a GoFlight pro 737 yoke Mike
  3. David Murden's feelings are valid - because that's how he feels about possibly paying twice. PMDG's decision is theirs to take - because that's business. Both the above are factual. Kyle - the policy of not discussing pricing policy is understandable, but as this is a forum - I expect you will forever have your work cut deciding which posts do/don't cross the line. PMDG might be better served by putting these threads into their own forum labelled "feedback", and let people exercise their chimps. Bear in mind you don't have to turn a blind eye to "feedback" - but at least it's a way of filtering/sorting.
  4. Thank you, yes - I've seen this too. It's better than nothing, however it does fall short of a "slick solution" when compared to the Airbus or Dash8. I still hope that PMDG can find it in their schedule of priorities to offer this as part of their software eco-system. Would be happy to pay for the feature.
  5. 64bit is only part of the answer, and it comes with a lot of caveats. Directx12 is where you should be hyped, in my opinion. I dont know how close it is for p3d - but big FPS leaps possible and on the way - and all with the hardware you have right now - providing you're not running an old VIC20.
  6. Don't know about the cause, sounds like control inputs... fsuipc? Give engines 3 and 4 full tilt and aim at straight as you can with the asymmetric thrust. Have done worse. Or wait for V2
  7. I don't know anything about the proposal on offer for PMDG - but I'm not surprised at this. Who needs percentage-sucking middlemen when you're a strong brand in the community. If anything - steam/dovetail should pay PMDG for taking their toy to a much more serious and lucrative audience. There's a thought. Just to add one further thought (which I'm sure have been discussed already) - however consider a "PMDG cloud" (forgive the pun) model, similar to Microsoft Office 365. Take a PMDG product price, divide by (average lifespan in months / 3) = ongoing monthly subscription (or just pick an attractive monthly price point). Lowers barriers for those on a budget without discounting the overall product. Gives PMDG a recurring revenue which might otherwise not exist; in the form of an outright purchase. Also known to help reduce piracy.
  8. Wrong thread + wrong assumptions there mate. Its a complete rebuild, and has been in progress for considerable time. See the pinned 747 thread. See my signature regarding all we know about the release dates. See my signature regarding all we know about the release dates.
  9. It would be a solution, and as I said - im fully supportive of it. I'm guessing my earlier post was intended to set expectations for the uninitiated. That is to say - those that think 64bit will solve all the ills of a unique platform with several 3rd party developers. We can currently choose our friends we take to the beach, depending on the size of their fat arse in the car. They will still have a fat arse on the bus I guess that was my point, notwithstanding the extra space. I'm not going to name names - but one in your list stands out as a very unoptimised example.
  10. You sound angry. Breathe. You're right and you're wrong. Developer discipline is still important in 64bit, and without at least some discipline, yes, it is "papering over the cracks". Do I believe in 64bit? Yes Will it conceal poor coding? No, it'll just allow more of it without it being noticed. Does poor coding affect performance: Yes, therefore it matters in 64bit. Does 64bit help performance in itself? Not really (if you exclude the occasions where vas would be exhausted) Should I take a bus to the beach? I guess so, but it's overkill for 5 people - and it's more of a laugh in the boot. Perhaps we should have used the GA aircraft analogy, and talked about the performance in the POH, and the enjoyment of taking off on a very hot day, with no wind, on an short upsloping runway, with 4 fat friends in the aircraft... and their bags. Don't ask.... p3d 3.1, and this latest 777 update has taken the VAS headache away for now, so I guess I'm in a minority who are more hyped up for Directx12 than 64bit p3d. That's just me. Others might have different priorities. Have a great day.
  11. For me there is. I've just upgraded and tested at T5 EGLL with full scenery. Used to be 3.2Gb VAS use at the start. Now its 2.9Gb. The combination of this update and p3d 3.1 is dynamite. Frames feel better (no science to back that up, just my impression) - however logically they would be better (certainly if you were nearing the VAS limit - the sim grinds in general at that point).
  12. That's a fine update right there. And I share your concerns about VAS. The two issues are Developer discipline, and user knowledge. Both are lacking, but hopefully improving. 64bit is not an answer to either of these issues - it's merely papering over the cracks. P3D v3 at least - manages the VAS reclaim better. All in all great news and thank you. In our country, if we were taking 4 people to beach and only had 3 seats - the last one to the car would be piled in the boot (or trunk), and the driver would career around like a maniac to ensure max discomfort. I know - as I've been the 4th man a few times :( Happy new year.
  13. Never had the MD11, as in my mind it was an engine short of a full compliment. These days, the glowing praise for that aircraft speaks for itself. I evidently missed out. The thousands of hours on the V1 Queen though, over the years.
  14. Incredible update. Thank you. Can't wait. Bought a goflight yoke as a celebration! The VAS numbers look excellent, well done on those. Without wanting to get ahead of oneself - will you be able to apply any of those improvements to the 777 later? Thanks again.
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