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  1. alternatively, there is a modified aircraft.cfg and air file for the 32 bit version that works on the 64 bit. it makes the control more responsive and less draggy. you can find the file on captain sim forum in the 32 bit l1011 general discussion section
  2. what about the MD-11? you dont want to sell them anymore, so why dont you give it to dovetail ? you could use this product as an experiment and see how it goes
  3. in other words people cannot obtain boxed version here. and how do i suppose to buy the box version on the aerosoft store? send all of my money with pigeons to aerosoft office?
  4. quite a valid opinion you guys said. but im going to point out the boxed version in my country because the ratio between gamer and simmer are huge. like 20:1(doesn't mean theres isn't any simmers). no game store sell add on simulation products. and since the arrival of steam. people tend to choose to buy game on steam over buying a boxed version
  5. lets be honest PMDG is one of the most highly detail aircraft developer for flight simulation that creates high fidelity aircraft. of course because of that many people want to try it out. but there are some people(like me)who have the money, yet doesn't have the tool to buy your products(credit cards, paypal acounts), like people averaging from the age of 14-19 who have save their allowance but they cant buy it because they have no paypall acount. nor their parents wont let them to use their credit cards. now if PMDG sell their product on steam it will open access to many potential buyers. Now people can just buy steam voucher in the nearest store with our currency and eventually buy your product. regards
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