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  1. Thanks for your help, but I am still only able to bungle my way through the procedure for changing to an alternative flight plan. What I really need is an idiot proof step by step guide. Do you enter the sec plan whilst still on the ground or later when in the air and for whatever reason you are told to divert. I am setting the "direct to" on the FMS to the next waypoint on the sec flt plan and then trying to instigate the sec pln ( already programmed in). I cannot get the magenta course line to then connect to the said waypoint and so continue on the new route. I know I am missing something but I seem to have tried everything. Funny thing is I get there in the end but having tried so many button pushes on the FMS I cannot be sure what I have actually done. Just a little more help needed, and I would thank anyone who takes the time to help!
  2. Trying to advance my skill in flying the MD11. Trying to change from a primary route to an alternative midway during flight. For example I have programmed into the FMS a Flight plan CYUL to CYYT and an alternative route CYUL to CYQX. So both routes are in the FMS database. I have tried to follow the FMS instructions manual but although I get there in the end things don't seem to happen as is stated in the instructions. I was hoping someone would give me a blow by blow instruction of how to change to the alternative plan midflight. Thanks in advance!
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