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  1. Can anyone tell me the correct radio call-sign for SATA International? I have searched the net and got four different results from four different sources these are: Air Azores; Azores; Ocean; and SATA. Thanks.
  2. I bought this as soon as it was released. It's a beautiful piece of work. The designers say that they will be releasing a P3D installer in a couple of days time.>^..^<
  3. Hi Jim. Got one myself a little while ago, but it's payware, from fs-repaints.co.uk. Normally £10, but there's a bit of a sale on at the moment and I believe you can pick it up for £8. Kevin O'Connell
  4. Now set my default flight up with a Cessna and everything is OK. Odd though, after I'd done that, my screenshot capture began working OK. Thanks everyone for posting. Kevin O'Connell
  5. Brilliant Dennis! Thank you. I always used to have my default flight set up with a Cessna, but after re-installing, I'd set it up with a 737/800, so of course, as you said, I was always selecting the same variant. Again, Many thanks.
  6. Hi Chaps. Apologies first of all that I cannot give a screen shot of my problem but my FSX now gives an error when I press "v", but that's another story. Since I re-installed FSX following an H/D failure, whenever I select one of my PMDG 737 liveries, they now appear with the centre of the engine fans as a solid white disc, (rather than the black pointy bits with the white helixes - I don't know what they're called), and the fans themselves no longer rotate when the engines are running. I tried downloaded the livery files from scratch and re-installing them, but the problem remains. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks. Kevin O'Connell
  7. Who can I commission to do a Thomas Cook livery? Kevin O'Connell
  8. Can I bribe anyone to produce a Thomas Cook livery for the 800WL?Kevin O'Connell
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