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  1. Thanks for that. One ?, Do both parts have to be put in one folder before unzipping Part 1 in order for both to get unzipped. Bob Palmer
  2. But, doing it that way is what got me into trouble before. I had not plugged in the joystick yet and went ahead and tried to install the Saitek drivers. When prompted to plug in the usb lead I did and thats when the install froze and messed up Windows. I think that as I had not yet plugged the usb in, Windows, on seeing new hardware tried to install it's basic drivers as it does automatically. That's when I think the conflict occured. Does this mean that the Windows auto search and install should be disabled? Bob
  3. I have just ordered a new computer for running FSX. it will have as first drive a 500GB EVO SSD and as second drive a Seagate 1000GB SSHD Hybrid Drive. I am told by a relative who is a computer programmer that both WIN 7 64 and FSX should be installed on the SSD and all other stuff on the second SSHD drive. I have read that FSX and Windows should be on seperate drives with WIndows on the SSD and FSX on the second SSHD drive. WHat do the forum experts think? Bob
  4. I have all that correct, different buttons for different actions. I am inputting the button presses through FSUIPC. I wonder if that is messing things up. I come back to the fact that everything works ok on all my other aircraft, all operated through FSUIPC. THanks for your interest!
  5. I have button 5 to increase flaps and button 6 to decrease flaps on my saitek pro joystick, in any case on the PMDG 737 all is working perfectly. Is that what you mean?
  6. Made sure the "VIEWS" option is turned off but still have problems. Now when I switch to outside views the camera is looking up in the sky, but no such position has been set. If I repeatedly switch sometimes it works correctly! Also a new oddity has emerged, when I use my joystick button for increase flaps as well as lowering flaps it switches to the outside wing view. No idea whats happening. Has anyone? Bob
  7. I was too quick to say that the problem was solved. Today had the same problem. When I change views from inside the cockpit to outside using the EZDOC studio there is no problem, but when using button on joystick I only see the cockpit part of the aircraft as a white shape.
  8. Many thanks jetsmell, that was it. Dont know why, but I clean forgot to use the config. It's often the simple obvious things that we overlook! Thanks again. Bob
  9. Been using EZDOC for a while with PMDG 737NG without problems. Just recently installed Aerosoft AirbusX EX. When setting up inside cockpit it works OK but when I switch to outside views (Aircraft) all I see is just the cockpit part of the airplane. If I keep switching back and forth from inside to outside views sometimes the whole aircraft appears. Even with camera views imported from the Aerosoft website the same thing happens. Its probably something simple that I am missing, but what? Any help would be much appreciated. Bob
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