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  1. I just installed MHRO generous free gift from SimMarket. Unfortunately I am having elevation problems, the terminal building is sunken and some aircraft are floating along with some canyons. I have tried disabling ORBX vector but no change. Also tried running the ORBX elevation correction tool but no change. Cannot configure manually because MRHO is not in the Vector list. Any ideas appreciated./ Bob Palmer
  2. Charlie Thanks for your interest. I have solved my problem. I use the "Scenery Config Editor" and on checking it I discovered that in the "BASE" section all the areas had somehow become unchecked. I have no idea how this happened, I certainly did not do it. I am thinking that it was caused by ORBX updating as I have read that other people have had problems caused by this. Anyway My VOR,s are back in action. Bob Palmer
  3. Hello Charlie I am tuning the radios as I always have without problem until recently. No life in the VOR indicators or the ADF and of course there is no morse signal. I noticed it first with the PMDG NGX with no VOR audio morse identifier. Been trying various things using the default C172. I had a back up of the FSX Scenery folder which i tried but still the same. I am not sure where FSX stores the nav frequencies, I am guessing it's in the scenery folder. Yes, the C172 config file you mention is as you state. At the moment Baffled! Bob Palmer
  4. Just recently my aircraft are not receiving VOR stations. It is the case with the default aircraft as well as addons. I have the latest Airac and also I have updated the world navaids. Has something become corrupted in FSX and if so can I replace the offending files with back ups that I have. Bob Palmer
  5. Tried everthing I can think of and still the same, Including reloading Airac from back - up into aircraft. I have also updated the World Navaids. Bob Palmer
  6. Just recently tne nav radios are not receiving VOR stations. They do receive the ILS frequencies. This applies to both Captains and 1st Officers radios. I can't seem to work out what has happened to cause this. Everything else in the cockpit works normally. Bob Palmer
  7. Thanks both for your advice. I am thinking more or less as you say, that is installing some of the default scenery. If I then decide to add more freeware or payware does the sim automatically recognise the new scenery and render it over the default In FSX we have "Scenery Config Editor" to arrange and switch on and off. Presumably it is not necessary in XP as there is not the VAS restrictions we had with FSX. BobP
  8. I am just looking at buying XPlane. Been a FSX user for 10 years and know it very well, clearly Xplane is a totally different sim. Its very tidy in the way it has its folder system arranged. I am a bit confused about the scenery arrangement. As I understand it the basic download does not include the scenery. If I install the scenery that is offered with it, can I then install addon scenery or does the default have to be uninstalled first. Regards BobP
  9. For no apparent reason when I start FSX the mouse clicks has no effect on the Start or any othe icons in the task bar. Win 10 with latest updates. Has anyone seen this problem and if so is there a solution Bob Palmer
  10. Been using Saitek Pro for a few years now. Very smooth operation. I did have one problem though and that was one of the connecting wires inside did break off, it was easily re soldered and no problem since. Could recommend them used in conjunction with FSUIPC for calibration Bob Palmer
  11. Had the same problem a week ago with the update and FSX and rolled back using the Windows10 roll back feature and all went OK again. You can use Microsoft "wushowhide" to stop the updates you dont want. Bob Palmer
  12. Thanks again. I am reading what you suggest it is very informative and I had not come accross it before. Bob Palmer
  13. Thanks for that daniel. So, can you tell me what is the difference between the Free Mesh which I under stand to be Land Class and the ORBX_LC. Also what are CVX files. Bob Palmer
  14. Sim is FSX SP2 Excuse me if this has been answered already but I am a little confused about the various products. I have already installed the following: All of the Free Mesh Areas V1 and all the patches ORBX OPENLC_BASE ORBXOPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBXOPENLC_NAMERICA1 FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM Could someone explain exactly what these ORBX products do. Could I install FTX Global Vector as well or would that conflict with what is already installed? Bob Palmer
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