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  1. Been using Saitek Pro for a few years now. Very smooth operation. I did have one problem though and that was one of the connecting wires inside did break off, it was easily re soldered and no problem since. Could recommend them used in conjunction with FSUIPC for calibration Bob Palmer
  2. redhead66

    Arg! KB4043961 Has Trashed my Sim.. Help!

    Had the same problem a week ago with the update and FSX and rolled back using the Windows10 roll back feature and all went OK again. You can use Microsoft "wushowhide" to stop the updates you dont want. Bob Palmer
  3. redhead66

    ORBX Various Products

    Thanks again. I am reading what you suggest it is very informative and I had not come accross it before. Bob Palmer
  4. redhead66

    ORBX Various Products

    Thanks for that daniel. So, can you tell me what is the difference between the Free Mesh which I under stand to be Land Class and the ORBX_LC. Also what are CVX files. Bob Palmer
  5. Sim is FSX SP2 Excuse me if this has been answered already but I am a little confused about the various products. I have already installed the following: All of the Free Mesh Areas V1 and all the patches ORBX OPENLC_BASE ORBXOPENLC_EUROPE1 ORBXOPENLC_NAMERICA1 FTXAA_ORBXLIBS FTX_EU_ENG_05_SCENERY FTX_EU_ENG_06_CVX FTX_EU_ENG_07_MESH FTX_EU_ENG_08_CUSTOM Could someone explain exactly what these ORBX products do. Could I install FTX Global Vector as well or would that conflict with what is already installed? Bob Palmer
  6. redhead66

    Version number question

    I Don't understand your english Scandinavian 13 . As I don't have it presently installed it will not show up in the OC. If I had installed it I would not ask the question. I ask because I had a reply from an Aerosoft forum moderator two days ago telling me that a new version would be available yesterday the 3rd August, but a new version has not appeared. My NGX is the boxed version hence I get my updates from Aerosoft support. So I will try one more time can someone tell me what the version number is that may or may not appear in the Aerosoft support that will represent the latest version from PMDG. Thanks to anyone with the answer. Bob Palmer
  7. redhead66

    Version number question

    Could someone tell me what the version number is for the latest upgrade from PMDG for the 737 NGX Bob palmer
  8. redhead66

    Reinstall Win 10 and then FSX

    Jim I Use the guide a lot and have already installed the uiautomationcore.dll in the FSX folder. I also have FSX on a dedicated SSD drive. (D) I do have other FSX related programmes on it like ASN ProATX etc. I have another Seagate 1000GB SSHD (E) drive which I use for storage. Win 10 is on the C drive which is 250 GB SSD. In my last install of FSX i had created an Addon Scenery folder on the E drive drive and of course pointed FSX to this folder. I was wondering with my new WIn 10 and FSX install if this is the best idea or would you use the Addon Scenery folder in FSX for all your addons? Thanks for your interest. I don't know what we would do without AVSIM! Bob Palmer
  9. redhead66

    Reinstall Win 10 and then FSX

    Thanks to both for your input. I am tempted to move to P3D but just need a little more pushing, maybe a xmas present to myself coming up. if you see what I mean. I have just done another reinstall of FSX and this time it went through successfully. For anyone who may have similar problems as I had here is what I did: 1) Clean reinstall of Win 10 1703, but instead of using the built in Microsoft reset function I downloaded the ISO from microsoft using their installer tool to USB and did the install keeping nothing option. 2) When I ran the setup from FSX Disk 1 I made sure that I did so as administrator. Not sure which of these steps made the difference but one of them sure did. I have to say that I have run FSX without problems for about two years previously on Win 10 What a relief to get it on the computer,don't want to lose any more hair! Thanks again for your interest. Bob Palmer
  10. After about two years of using FSX it started having Stack Hash errors so I decided that after a lot of messing about I would do reinstall. For a completely new start I did a reset of Win 10 version 1703 build 15063.483 not keeping any of the old programmes or files. When I try to install FSX (De Luxe) version it gets almost to the end of disk two and gets a fatal error 1603/1722. I have tried several installs with the same results. Also I have tried several workarounds none of which fix the problem, which I can see from several websites is not uncommon. I am installing on a dedicated SSD recently formatted with nothing but the FSX folder that I created. Even the MIcrosoft support fixes do not work! My computer is quite high spec Intel Core i7 4790k Ge Force GTX 970. Never had this problem before. I wonder whether anyone has a real fix that works. Appreciate any help from the community. Bob Palmer
  11. redhead66

    PMDG 737 NGX - Boxed version update issues

    I did the upgrade a few days ago without any problems. Upgrade from Aerosoft, uninstalled old version using the installer radio button then went through the install and using the operations center reinstalled the liveries. No hitches! Bob Palmer
  12. redhead66


    Have had similar problems with OOM lately. Sometimes it crashes OOM when loading a flight, and I know its not actually an OOM problem because the VAS monitor shows 1.5 - 2.0 Gb left. I sometimes get whats known as "StackHash" fault and I believe that requires a complete re-install of windows. I stand to be corrected on that one, maybe there is a way around it. Bob Palmer
  13. redhead66

    LSZB Bern Scenery

    That's interesting. Just makes me even more baffled as to why I cannot even load the scenery before I get OOM. Thanks for your reply! Bob Palmer
  14. redhead66

    LSZB Bern Scenery

    Will be extremely interested to know how you get on once you get into it! Tried it again but with the same results OOM's. Did another flight today using EGLL UK200 extreme without any problems. Seems odd that only this scenery gives me the memory problems Bob Palmer
  15. redhead66

    LSZB Bern Scenery

    Thanks for that Charlie I will give it another go. Are you running FSX or P3D4, because as we all know OOM'S can be a problem with 32 bit as opposed to 64 bit systems. Also do you have all the recommended object libraries installed. Are your computer specs better than mine? Bob Palmer