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  1. Try left click on the EFB whilst holding the right ALT key and it with create a second window which you can type in withour affecting anything else in the aircraft. Bob
  2. Not sure if this is the correct forum but I tried the SimBrief forum and got no response. Airac update Post by forpat67 » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:28 am I was wondering now that Microsoft are updating the Airac on a monthly basis in MSFS 2020 whether it might be possible to update on SimBrief to the equivalent month. Obviously without the usual Navigraph subscription. Bob P
  3. Having installed the programmes for the third time due to multiple crashes and inability to download all of the de luxe version i have been able to get the Premium De Luxe version. When I go to the Contents Manager I see there are several updates available. I click the box to the left but nothing happens and after many attempts and following Microsoft instructions for getting around this it is still the same. Also when starting a flight and clicking Ready to Fly iI randomly get a CTD, somtimes the screen fills with a brown colour from the outer edge and then the sim crashes. Any advice short of hair pulling. Bob P
  4. This for Patrice who was very helpful. I have spent several hours trying to use Vjoy Curves, but no luck. It crashes the sim every time. I disable all the control mappings for the flight control surfaces in controls. And make alive the VJoy option.and proceed to map the four essentials. Ailerons/Elevator/Rudder/Throttle. When I click on the "Ready to Fly" CRASH! There must be something that I am doing wrong but I cannot figure it out. What is so annoying is that I had this working prior to the last update. When I return the controls to the default no more crashes. I don't like to give up on anything, but for now I think I will wait and see what the next MSFS update brings. Thanks for your help Patrice. Bob P
  5. Patrice Have spent a couple of hours trying to get Throttle/Elevator/Ailerons/Rudder working. I am understanding more about it now but have only managed to get Elevator and Ailerons working. I am pretty sure it is my settings in vjoy curves that are the problem. Actually I have no need to alter the Throttle it's just that I had not integrated it in the curves....I think! Will pursue it later after I have cooled down. Bob P
  6. Hello Patrice Thanks for your reply. Just about to have lunch. I will have another go following your instructions this afternoon and will let you know how I get on. Bob P.
  7. Patrice, you seem to have been succesful with Vjoy. The setting up of the curves themselves is simple and I have no problem with this. But I seem to run into difficulty when using them in the "Controls" section of msfs. The vjoy option is added to the list of controllers, so where do I go from there. Would you be so kind as to give me a guide as to the steps to take to integrate Vjoy into the profiles. Somehow I messed up somewhere here and that caused the sim to crash. After I return everything to the default the crashes do not happen. At least that is todays experience, it may be different tomorrow as the programme is quite buggy. Tank you in advance! Bob P
  8. the link to it, https://xedocproject.com/joystickcurves.html You can calibrate the axis of your controllers precisely. I am not sure that the software was the cause of my crashes, still working on it. Bob P
  9. I , like many others found the elevator/ailerons too sensitive. Then I discovered VJoy Curves an excellent piece of free software that enables the sensitivities to be adjusted. It worked well prior to the recent update but since then it crashes the sim. I was wondering if anyone has managd to get it working in the latest update and if so, how? Bob P
  10. Same problem as pipo8. Went round in circles with Microsoft until I was dizzy. Got a refund!.
  11. Just add this "HighMemFix=1" without quotation marks into FSX cfg [graphics] BobPAlmer
  12. I just installed MHRO generous free gift from SimMarket. Unfortunately I am having elevation problems, the terminal building is sunken and some aircraft are floating along with some canyons. I have tried disabling ORBX vector but no change. Also tried running the ORBX elevation correction tool but no change. Cannot configure manually because MRHO is not in the Vector list. Any ideas appreciated./ Bob Palmer
  13. Charlie Thanks for your interest. I have solved my problem. I use the "Scenery Config Editor" and on checking it I discovered that in the "BASE" section all the areas had somehow become unchecked. I have no idea how this happened, I certainly did not do it. I am thinking that it was caused by ORBX updating as I have read that other people have had problems caused by this. Anyway My VOR,s are back in action. Bob Palmer
  14. Hello Charlie I am tuning the radios as I always have without problem until recently. No life in the VOR indicators or the ADF and of course there is no morse signal. I noticed it first with the PMDG NGX with no VOR audio morse identifier. Been trying various things using the default C172. I had a back up of the FSX Scenery folder which i tried but still the same. I am not sure where FSX stores the nav frequencies, I am guessing it's in the scenery folder. Yes, the C172 config file you mention is as you state. At the moment Baffled! Bob Palmer
  15. Just recently my aircraft are not receiving VOR stations. It is the case with the default aircraft as well as addons. I have the latest Airac and also I have updated the world navaids. Has something become corrupted in FSX and if so can I replace the offending files with back ups that I have. Bob Palmer
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