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  1. Nice study! I have +/- the system RIG as you have, will test later tonight. You lock FPS at 65 in SIM? So 130 with FG? Can you please share autoFPS configurations print? Regards!
  2. Voted! Thanks for the good work! Really hope Asobo can take a deeper look to it.
  3. The aircraft is unable to follow a simple SID like the GDV4J at Tenerife North. This is how it should look: This is how he draws it: And now, how he fly it (Full LNAV): Anyone else noted this problem? And now, how the Fenix fly in the exact same conditions: Regards!
  4. Would like to get the A310 changelog but not available anywhere. 😞
  5. I had better FPS with OLD BETA. This one is rather bad in terms of FPS....
  6. Hi, I noticed on my side that ground textures are now blurry like they never been before... Regards.
  7. I'm seeing everywhere that handling equipment is painted with airline names (Southwest, Germanwings etc....). There isn't private companies handling paints anymore? Like Gategourmet for food, Vinci for airports etc.... Regards!
  8. Same here with my system, which is very similar to yours. I get the best result choosing "Balanced" option and render on the RTX3090. Regards.
  9. Can you confirm whether Turn indicator ball is working or not? Thanks.
  10. If I have the WT NXI installed, will the Kodiak automaticaly have the NXi enabled? Because they say it comes with default G1000.
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