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  1. HI, I'm having a problem since day 1 with P3D5 as it CTD without any error message. Checking the Windows Event Viewer I saw that that cause of the error was always the same: StackHash_2264. After almost a week of test and a bunch of format, install, uninstall, tests etc.... The exact same error occurs with P3D5 and P3D4.5 HF3. This error only happens when I have ORBX stuff installed. Some of the error logs are here. Maybe some with the same problem can test out? Regards.
  2. I'm limiting at 40FPS. I posted on LM forum here But still no response.
  3. Here, GTX1080, direct CTD, no warning message, and VRAM at CTD usually 3.x / 6.7Gb...
  4. Hi, After reading the EFB manual about the Airport Moving Map, and building/scanning all the files, I still can't get the map on the ND... Any idea? Regards. PS: Problem solved by rebooting P3D.
  5. Performance is worse than before the update here too...
  6. Yep. Noticed it with default addons too.
  7. Same problem here with i7 6700K and GTX1080. going from 35/40 to 20.... Infortunaly not a very good addition in term of performance...
  8. Hi, Yes, just clear your shaders! REgards.
  9. Hi, Just noticed that we can't fit RMI into the EFR version but the realworld aircraft can have it. Maybe you can fix that in a future update? Check link: http://www.tmacuritiba.com.br/wordpress/fotos-cockpit-b744-cargolux/ Regards.
  10. Hi, After installing my 777 in a fresh PC install, I'm having the followings problem: some parts of the VC are invisible (landing gear lever, backlight knobs, throttles top). The clickspots are present and working, it seems the texture is invisible. Image 1, 2 and 3. Any help would be apreciated. Regards. EDIT: No sound from VC, only from external view.... It was a problem from my speaker...
  11. Hi guys, Doing my last flight from OMDB to VHHH my sim' crashed due to an unknown problem... After the crash, I started to mind about what would crated it. GUESS WHAT? I think I've found. To reproduce it you have to: Be in flight or ground doesn't matter. Wherever in the world. Put VHHH as arrival Select the SIERA1G arrival ILS25R Transition TD Then you'll have to try to remove the GO AROUND procedure. When you'll try to remove the LKC and/or (LKC-4) points your FMC will "freeze" the route. CONSEQUENCES: The points arn't deleted. You cannot edit the FMC route in any way (no WPT insertion, Delete, etc...) You'll not be able to select another SID/STAR I took a brief look to the topic about FMC VAS LEAK but I think it's not the same.... Anyone else could identify this? Hope PMDG can take a deeper look to this. Best regards, Bruno Teixeira.
  12. Hi, Unfortunately the problem is still present. Windows Defender is OFF, Windows DEP too... I'll try to do a test without IVAP. Regards.
  13. Thanks. I didn't have any program of this type running from startup. I only windows defender which is always running. I'll try to do a test flight tomorrow with it deactivated. Regards.
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