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  1. Rab I too have experienced this in recent weeks. Hadn't been on my sim for a while and came back to discover that my UK coastlines were all square with absolutely no contour at all. It also branched over to France and into Belgium (I was flying from Bristol to Brussels). I should point out that this wasn't the case when flying in the US. I read this thread and, don't ask me why, de-installed one of my terrain programmes (Just Flights) as it was the last I remember adding on. Decided to install Flight 1's Ultimate Terrain Europe instead and, voila, I now have contoured coastlines. I'll never understand why things happen the way they seem to do with my flight sim programme but I now have a nice UK coastline again. Mind you, I haven't flown anywhere else since so my problem may have moved to another area. Anyway, good luck in getting your coastlines sorted out.
  2. Thanks Groovin. I installed World of Mosaic last night and it's awesome. There are no noticeable changes in frame rate and the overall appearance of fs9 has been greatly enhanced. I also installed FS Global 2010X which works perfectly fine with W of M. All in all, I'm a very happy bunny. Now all I've got to do is load all my myriad of airport add ons! :huh:
  3. I've just purchase AFS World and Mosaic and will be installing later on today. Would you recommend adding something like FS Global/Ground Environment or any other type of programme as well? I use Active Sky for clouds and water and Zinertec night sky. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. best wishes
  4. Tom helped me when I first got into simming. He was so patient and his advice was invaluable. My sincerest condolences to his family and friends, fly high my friend, you will be sorely missed by many. RIP Tom
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