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  1. Jordan.Warner

    Rex essentials + OD help

    Thanks, I will be sure to contact them as soon as I get the chance! Jordan
  2. Jordan.Warner

    Rex essentials + OD help

    Hello to all the aviation people out there! Well, I have recently bought Rex essentials + OD, etc, etc. When I customize a theme, I saved it as "WONDERFUL." Once I did that, I installed the theme. Then, it prompted me with the "Would you like to fly now?" screen and I clicked yes. When I went into my simulator and started a flight with my plan loaded and my PMDG 737 NGX ready, no textures loaded. The clouds were default, the water was plain, my sky had none of my custom texture(s) added to it. Can anyone please tell me how I can resolve this? I have worked countless hours this week trying to fix what I am doing wrong. I install the textures but nothing happens. My REX essentials + OD is installed to my Program Files (x86), I don't know if it should be, but the manual says it shouldn't. Cheers, Jordan
  3. Jordan.Warner

    New NGX Liveries?

    G'day to everyone, and all of you fantastic flyers out there! I've been considering of what to say about the NGX over months past. This bird, by far, is one of the best FSX/FS9 addons out there. With that being said, I've flown hundreds upon hundreds of hours in the PMDG 737-800NGX and installed almost every livery and flew in them. If we can get enough comments about this, be my guest. I wanted to recommend, since I can't seem to do it ever, to request newer liveries for the PMDG 737800/900 RTM Base package. E.g: Southwest airlines, Airalaska, etc. Maybe Precisionmanulas can add some new liveries such as the following Airfrance [Royla Dutch] Fictional, like the 777-200L/r schemes, Shamu 737-800NGX for Southwest airlines Illinois one for southwest airlines (737-800) Arizona one for southwest airlines (737-800) Salmon scheme for Alaska Airlines Haribo Goldbáren (737-800) Another problem I am having is, I went to DXTBmp and made my own, HUGE project liveries that took days at a time. My reason being said for "days" is, I spent about anywhere from 7-15 hours for 1 week on 1 livery. None of these worked when I saved and compiled them . haribo_737_ngx.BAO.php. I even converted the texture files to .DDS and that still didn't make a difference. Even though the NGX is somewhat old, I would like some new liveries to be put fourth to this bird, for some extra enjoyment. I spent my day using the NGX and tinkering with some new flight plans. I have lots of new flights to be going with on, if these can possibly be added for everyone, or I can get some info on how I can make them, possibly someone to create them for me, I may be able to hire a professional for $24.75 a texture.
  4. Jordan.Warner

    PMDG 777 PILOT banner