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  1. mchavezv

    Reverse Thrust

    Hello Guys I'm using X52 and is very simple use reverse Throtte without FSUIPC Go to Profile editor for X52 and select the button that you want for reverse - Right click on the button and select New Advance Command - Select a Name for that command for example Reverse or name wathever you want - In Press Section push and relsease F2 (Be careful F2 should be assigned in FSX Buttons and Keys as Throttle Decrease NOT Decrease quicky) - In Repeat same thing push and release F2 - in Release section Select F1 (In FSX Buttons/Keys F1 should be assigned as Throttle cut) Translating the command to words When you push button assigned in the X52 the FSX will take as you are pressing the F2 key if you still pressing the button the Repeat section will interpret that u are still pressing the F2 and when you release the botton the FSX will interpret that u are pressing F1 (Throttle cut) Simple Other thing I saw in some forums that some guys are asking for move the spoilers gradually because in FSX config we just have ARM and activate (don't remember the name) So if you want to move the spoilers gradually you should use the Precision Slide and to configure this in FSX just go to Control Axes and select Spoilers Axis and when u are in the box move the Precision Slide and that's it Hope this helps (sorry for my horrible english structure lol) Grettings
  2. mchavezv

    Reverse Thrust

    Hello Mark Could you be more more specific please? I have a problem and looks like with your suggestion I can solve it When I try to apply the reverse when the airplane is in the ground I can't, I don't know why but when I'm in taxi to the gates I apply the reverse and works perfect My configuration is : ( I have the x52 Saitek) IN FSX i have assigend 0 to Reverse Quickly and my x52 profile the botton that I have in reverse (button D in the Throttle) I have a Advance command named "Reverse" and in that actions i have in PRESS section, number 0 with 15 seconds when the button is released, same configuration as PRESS in REPEAT and finally in RELEASE section I have F1 (F1 is assigned in "Throttle out" in my FSX) (The action release in the advance command is for back the Throttle to the end possition when botton D in the throttle is released) But is I said is not working that all just in Taxi when everything is slow but in landings is not working :( May be you can be more specefic in your description Please help :( Thanks a lot
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