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  1. I have a much older rig and the Diamond performs very well on my system. I have a GTX 1050.
  2. Sure, some features might be missing. But i'm happy to support addons with a reasonable price tag... this quality if sold by Flight1 would be like $100...
  3. Is he saying that it's in the works?
  4. I know everyone gives me constant flack for being negative and critical, (which I admit I am), but I just want to post this topic to praise the Vertx 2 Diamond. Just WOW. I am always skeptical of buying addons, and I decided to give this one a try. It is truly in it's own league...the visuals are STUNNING. I switched back to a carenado aircraft and the Flight1 B200 and I was like WHAT IS THIS PLASTIC? Lol... For anyone on the fence... coming from me,.. get it. And it's at such a reasonable price.
  5. Is it just me or does this scenery look subpar for FB standards...
  6. IMO, KDEN is very well done, my only complaint is the grass looks like you are taxiing through the African Safari... in their more recent sceneries the grass is better
  7. I have always wondered this as well. P3D ATC seems to always choose the runway that is most inconvenient, ATC at KDEN always chooses runway 26 which is like a 30 minute Taxi, SO annoying!!
  8. Thank you all for the answers. I have checked out a lot of photoreal scenery but, usually the Colorado Rockies are snowcapped for half of the year... are they summer photoreal textures? That is my big issue with Colorado Photoreal.. but its free so i guess I cannot complain!
  9. Hi guys, I am trying to improve the look and shape of the Colorado Mountain Ranges to look as close to their real world counterparts as they can. My question is, will FTX Vector help with this? I already have Global, and OpenLC. Are there any other addons that help with mountain ranges?
  10. We were with FSX with 1 version for like 12 years and now we can hardly go a month with one version of P3D before we are chomping at the bit for the next version
  11. Can someone please explain why this plane is so special, it looks pretty but so do all of the other carenado aircraft.
  12. Is there a fix for the sound issue? I have a hard time understanding how their beta testers missed this
  13. Wow this topic is on 🔥🔥🔥
  14. WOW, props to your website. One of the best i've seen. The visuals are amazing, you are truly talented. AND the aircraft looks spectacular. Can't wait for release.
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