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  1. Good morning, I understand that Flightbeam recently changed their forums. So I created a new account and it says "Looks like you don't have access. This category is only available to select members." I have an issue with one of their products and I can't seem to get an answer. I've tried to contact them several days ago and I haven't heard back. Has anyone else encountered this issue where you can't access their new forums?
  2. Where would I be able to find it? in my P3D settings?
  3. How come I'm not seeing the FS2Crew Icon for P3DV5? I can't find the config manager.
  4. Also, another thing to note. I was looking at the Crew manual and I noticed something different about the EGPWS Page. On my FMC it's on pages 3/16. However, on the crew manual the EGPWS page is on page 10/11. Is that not correct? https://imgur.com/a/F3nmmNs
  5. I don't see that part at all anywhere. I'm really confused here.🙃
  6. https://imgur.com/gallery/LEzTQsZ This is all I see after I downloaded the crew.
  7. Yes, I did click the NGXu, and download it. After it was done installing it kept showing the green bar status on the application.
  8. I don't see the config manager. All I see is the FS2Crew All Access Icon on my computer screen.
  9. I don't understand why it doesn't appear to be working. I haven't had much problems with the crew products in the past...
  10. Good afternoon, I recently installed the FS2Crew All Access Pack for P3D V5 and I am having issues with my product. I already set my buttons for Autofeather, Propeller sync, and Alternate Static Source in the P3D settings area. When I push those buttons on my NGXu, nothing is showing up. Am I missing something here? Looking forward to some help!
  11. I can still get to the operations center. However I'm still on V1. Can I still uninstall and reinstall the 747 even if I'm on a 32bit software?
  12. Good evening, I tried to update my PMDG operations center because I noticed that it needed to be updated. It said to update to version 2 because I'm still on 1. However, I'm running a 32bit computer and not a 64bit. What do I do? I can't even get to the operations center...
  13. I even uninstalled the FS2Crew and reinstalled it, and I'm still getting the SDK Error Message. Should I uninstall the PMDG 747?
  14. Good morning, I ran the System Check, and I'm still getting the message. https://imgur.com/gallery/xAVUSCw
  15. Should I uninstall my PMDG 747 and then reinstall the FS2Crew?
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