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  1. MSFSXX ......Is there a clever way to pronounce this, like Prepar3D; or is it just pronounced like a leaking tyre valve?
  2. I do hope vectored thrust in all its forms will included.
  3. There is an excellent freeware Super Cub at .org with its own sound file. I popped the sound file into the Cub's Aircraft folder, and it sounded better, but wrong somehow. I then realised that it sounds wrong because the Cub never achieves its design RPM of 2475. I then opened the Cub in Planemaker and increased the "throttle available at max lever" parameter until 2475 was achieved. Bizarrely the number that works is 1.4, so there is something wrong in the engine or propeller modelling. However, the result of the above is a much nicer sound, and a livelier performance.
  4. Thanks, Andy, but that didn't make any difference. I think I'm going to have to do a clean install of everything.
  5. I installed version 1.52 using FTX Central 3 and now FTX England is completely broken. There are trees in the sea around the Isle of Wight, and random tiles, some with water, appear whilst fling over land. I've raised offiial requests with Orbx who told me to seek help from their forum. My post there has yielded no reponse. I would dearly like to uninstall the upgrade and reinstall the original version of FTS England, prior to SP5, which worked beautifully. Here is some text from an e-mail conversation with FSS, from whom I bought the product; I had hoped to be able to download my original purchase: "NOV 11, 2016 | 04:03PM EST Andres - The FlightSim Store replied: Hi Brian Unfortunately we do not have that option of updating files at FSS due to the privacy laws that ORBX have enforced. You will need to contact ORBX im afraid It has been taken out of our reach Andres Bottino _____________________________________ T h e F l i g h t S i m S t o r e web : http://www.flightsimstore.com email : support@flightsimstore.com phone : +61 2 4296 1641 fax : +61 2 8572 8203 NOV 10, 2016 | 04:10AM EST Original message Brian wrote: Hello, I recently transferred my licence for this product to Orbx in order to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the upgrade has completely destroyed my FTX England installation, surrounding the Isle of Wight with trees in the ocean. Orbx have given me no product support whatsoever, and today circulated an e-mail advising that backups may be downloaded direct from FSS. I'd be very grateful if you would advise me how to proceed - I want the pre-update edition. Many thanks, Brian Sharpe" This despite the fact that Orbx said that this would be possible. So now I'm stuck with an expensive package which is totally unuseable. Any ideas?
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