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  1. Thanks....this is basically what I was expecting, so most likely I will go for this solution. Regards Ezio
  2. I have been using for the last few years Win10 and Prepar3D installed on the same SSD. I remember in the past it was quite common to have OS and Sim installed on two separate drives. Is it still a good practice ? Is there any noticeable advantage in terms of performance in using the "two drives" option ? Thanks Ezio
  3. Thank you Keven, I have updated via Orbx Central and now it works perfectly. My last check had been the day before yesterday and the update was not yet available... Cheers..! Ezio
  4. Exactly same story here. Immersion Mgr. loading stops at NS.Effects.src_engines_coldstart__M5_LVL000.fx, and Immersion Mgr shows "Waiting for Aircraft", although the aircraft is already loaded and sitting in the apron. Everything is updated, or at least, ORBX Central doesn't show any available update for Immersion Mgr... Tried to reinstall, but nothing changes... Any idea ? Thanks Ezio
  5. Has anyone bought the discounted LEMD ? I did but I received a download link which is not working. Anyone else had this issue ? regards ezio
  6. Good to know.... 🙂 Thanks for the quick reply ! Ezio
  7. Hi Simbol, thanks for this heads up. Is it a recommended procedure in case this problem is found or must it be considered a standard procedure to be used by everyone having these products installed in order to have strobe and nav lights properly depicted ? I mean, I have Envtex, Envshade and FS Reborn pro and apparently everything is working fine. So I assume I should avoid making such actions ? Is that right ? Cheers and thanks for this great product..!! Ezio
  8. Hi Bryan, thanks for the 1.3 update... amazing job... it works very well...! One suggestion (it is not a critical item, so I just call it "suggestion" .. :-) ). I would like to eliminate the annoying green bar that appears on the top of the screen any time UGCX is muted and remains there until it is unmuted. As I also would like to have an option to talk to the ground crew by selecting the A/C interphone, would it be possible in a future update to combine the two things, i.e. to have to use the interphone, as in real world, to talk to the ground crew, and to use the interphone selector as a "soft mute" key so that UGCX is always muted unless the interphone is used and no message is shown on the screen ? Thanks again for the good work ..! Ezio
  9. Looks very promising indeed.... has it been tested with FLAI package ? Cheers Ezio
  10. Thanks Rob, actually EHAM is the best FT product for me in terms of performance on P3D V4.5, so this is a kind of benchmark for me when it comes to comparison with other products... Ezio
  11. What about the performance compared to other FT products, such as EHAM ? Ezio
  12. Ok...never mind...I didn’ t want to criticize your job.... It was just my impression but it may be subjective... and in the end what matters is that we have another great addon for our Sim.. Cheers..!
  13. Understood..😊... but you could add sn option in the aircraft settings in UGCX to use interphone or not.... the same could be for releasing the external power.... currently you have to do it manually from the aircraft menu, as UGCX doesn’ t do it...but it would be nice to add this feature as well... I know... you just released it....but as we say, the more you eat... the more you become hungry....😊😊😊 thanks for your support
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