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  1. Great video and thanks for sharing. As everyone else here I am looking forward the release of GSX. just one question, either for you or for Umberto: on the Fenix you start the progressive refuelling via the Fenix EFB load page clicking the Load Aircraft button. However in the Fenix this button triggers also the passengers boarding and cargo load.. how do you handle this ? Board passengers and load cargo via GSX first and then refuel using GSX triggered by aircraft EFB button ? If so, does GSX knows the right payload for the flight ? thanks ezio
  2. What about the integration with addon aircraft that have their own refueling system such as Fenix or FBW. Will we see some sort of coordination/integration with GSX ? If not now are there plans for future development ? thanks ezio
  3. I am on SU10 Beta and my results with DX12 are weird… in some airports I have great performance, stutter free, while in other airports the Sim is unflyable…just a slideshow….I don’ t have the same difference using DX11… actually I don’ t have any performance difference at all among all the addon airports I have…I am using a 2080 Super…latest drivers installed…. I must be missing something…. I am not using DLSS as I don’ t have the option showing in MSFS menu, but that’ s another story… Ezio
  4. I used to, but I have removed after I read that it caused conflicts with the Fenix
  5. So far, since I have installed the Fenix, I haven't been able to complete a single flight.... 3 issues in a row: 1st flight, PC hangs after 1 hr of flight, 2nd flight CTD after 40 minutes, 3rd flight all cockpit switches and knobs unresponsive during descent, 1.5 hrs after departure. Fenix APP has always been kept open. Further to this sometimes I have had MSFS freezing during loading the flight (this occurred only using Fenix), anticipated by a cracking sound in the MSFS music theme, so I had to "kill" the Program via task manager and restart everything. My MSFS settings are mostly "HIGH" and I am able to have very good performance on Fenix, very smooth and the airplane is an absolute beauty and once this issue are sorted it will be a game changer in MSFS but for the moment, at least for me, it is unusable due to the impossibility of completing a flight. So far I have accumulated about 40 hrs with FBW Airbus with no issues at all... this is not obviously intended to be a comparison between the two products but just an indication that my rig and my MSFS set up are working quite well, and up to now I have not had any issue at all with MSFS. My PC secs are in the signature... regards Ezio
  6. Bryan, it looks like the newly released Fenix "doesn't like" any other pushback tool, other than the integrated one. Are you considering working on making PBE fully compatible with Fenix A320 ? That would be great..! Cheers Ezio
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but what is Ctrl-F10 supposed to do ?
  8. Hi, I have created my set of custom cockpit views for the two aircraft that I mostly use, that are the default C172 and the FBW A320. Each view has then been bound to its own joystick button...everything works fine but I would like to eliminate the annoying zoom change which occurs when I press twice the button assigned to a certain view. In other words, if, for instance, I have selected the pilot view and I press again the button assigned to that view (which usually may be necessary to recenter the view point after a panning around), then the zoom level changes and I have to press once more the same button to restore the created view. Is there a way to avoid this zoom change ? Thanks Ezio
  9. Hi Bryan, no, no other antivirus whatsoever apart from the default windows defender on which I have added the PBE folder and .exe in the list of exceptions. PBE.exe has been Run as Administrator since the very first run. This evening I will send you a support ticket Ciao Ezio
  10. No chance....Firewall completely disabled...every time I Run it, it returns with a request of activation as if it were the first time. Next step I will try to remove and reinstall...apart from the main program, which files do I have to remove to completely delete any leftover of the current installation ? Thanks Ezio
  11. Bryan, thanks for your reply but I have tried and it is not working... it still reinitialize every time I launch it. Ezio
  12. Hi Bryan, just purchased PBE and everytime I launch it, either as standalone or via the MSFS toolbar it always requests me to input my data and validate the License. I usually run it in Admin Mode, as well as MSFS, but I have also tried to launch it non in Admin Mode, but the result has not changed. What am I doing wrong ? Thanks Ezio Cingolani
  13. Good news....! yesterday I noticed that although I was using a perfectly working microphone, FS2Crew did not pick my voice (I activated the green bar to check it and no voice command was reported on screen). So this made me even more confident that there was some sort of conflict somewhere. Then I realised that beyond the standard Realtek audio drivers, there was also a Sonic Studio suite installed in the system and I remembered I read somewhere in the Manual that Sonic software had been reported by some users to have potential adverse impact on FS2Crew application. So I uninstalled it and now I have everything working well with no hangs or CTD on exit (okay, I only tested it twice, but at least now don't have hangs on exit and my voice is picked correctly). Cheers Ezio
  14. yes they are.. Asus onboard audio....actually the drivers have a lot of extra features.... I will check if there is some strange setting which may create issues. I am not in front of my Sim PC now, but I will check asap.
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