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  1. Roland, Thanks for your consideration. I'm glad that you have a vision to make AIC compatible with ATC addons. I'm not a software developer nor person involved in addon development, so I don't want to say anything irresponsible. But there are some ATC addons which are kept updated (e.g PF3, Pilot2ATC) other than Radar Contact and AIC is becoming common in flightsim community as well. So it must be a great idea to contact and cooperate with those active developers for integration/cooperation. You know how to control the AI and they know how to produce the realistic voice instruction with accurate phraseology. As far as I know, it is sometimes a problem for ATC developers too, to actually overcome the limitation of internal FSX/P3D controlled AI aircraft and I think AIC V2 is a complete solution for it. I'm sorry for a long post but it is my strong wish, as an IFR flyer, to have the combination of realistic AI control and fully compatible ATC. Anyway, I'm sure that your first priority is to complete V2 development, so please consider my opinion as a future development plan. Tak
  2. Hi Roland, I'm glad to know that the V2 progress is going well. I'm wondering if the new version comes with ATC add-on compatibility. Currently, the AI controller-controlled aircraft is not detected by the ATC add-on, which causes that the user-aircraft is cleared for takeoff while the AI aircraft under the control of AI Controller is on the runway or approaching short final. Usually, the add-on software detects those AI and gives user-aircraft appropriate instructions based on the AI status. So my question is whether the V2 would make those software detect the AI aircraft that is controlled by the program while on ground / in the air. Anyway, thanks for your hard work and looking forward to the next update! -Tak
  3. Roland Sorry I've been quite busy for the past few weeks. The runways data list of LatinVFR is just as same as Brian's. Might be an issue regarding Crosswind Runways...? Tak
  4. Thanks for your reply Roland. Unfortunately, force landing runway option didn't work as well. I tried with default KMIA and it assigned final approaches without any problem, so it might be a LatinVFR scenery problem. Currently I don't have any problems with other third party addons. I don't think ASN has something to do with this issue too, but joining open beta might be a good idea for future development of this great tool! If possible, please look into this issue. Thank you for your kind support. Tak
  5. Hi Roland. I've got an issue regarding Enhanced Approach. While I'm at KMIA (Latin VFR) on P3D, my AI traffics are not assigned Finals after leaving the assigned STAR (Unable to assign Final Approach <Enhanced Mode>). AI Controller gives a message stating "This typically occurs when the sim session has just been started..." and "Variable Winds or Timeout waiting for wind direction data" though more than 20 minutes have passed since I started the sim. All options are default and I am using approach files created by SIDSTAR Converter. My weather engine is ASN. It is weird because at CYYZ, my departure airport, all AI traffics are assigned proper Enhanced Final Approach. I confirmed I have not set any "Force Landing Runway". Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks. Tak
  6. Hi Roland! I really appreciate for your great work on AI Controller. Regarding the taxiway bgl data, it seems that AI Monitor is not reading Addon Scenery\Scenery folder of the sim. I have modified bgl files of CYYC and CYEG in Addon Scenery\Scenery folder. However in my AIControllerPath.txt, it seems to be reading the stock airport data as follows. TAXI=CYYC,\\SUGITAKU-DESK\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\scenery\0201\scenery\APX17130.bgl TAXI=CYEG,\\SUGITAKU-DESK\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\scenery\0201\scenery\APX17130.bgl The correct bgl files should be Addon Scenery\Scenery\CYYC_P3D_CW_RWC.bgl Addon Scenery\Scenery\CYEG_CW_RS.bgl It's curious because it reads my third party addon data correctly which creates its own folder like FlyTampa Toronto or FSDream Team Vancouver. TAXI=CYYZ,\\SUGITAKU-DESK\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Addon Scenery\FlyTampa-Toronto\scenery\CYYZ_ADEX_FLYTAMPA_TRIPLE_BASE.BGL TAXI=CYVR,\\SUGITAKU-DESK\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\FsDreamTeam\CYVR\scenery\CYVR_AP.BGL Therefore, I think one of the issue is that it fails to read Addon Scenery\Scenery folder, in which people put modified scenery bgl files. Hope you'll find a fix for this issue.
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