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  1. I have the CLS-E. I love it, but I don't know if I'd buy it again. When it's configured properly, it's amazing. That said, it's a lot of work to get it configured correctly and keep it running with various Windows and other software updates. After I've had it disconnected for a while, I find myself reluctant to fly because it's a lot of effort to get it set back up. In fact, I'm moving to a Honeycomb Alpha for "everyday" flying. Much easier to just start flying rather than spending an hour fiddling with configuration details.
  2. Nvidia usually releases drivers every other Tuesday, so I'm hopeful there will be an update today.
  3. I usually get 9-15mbps when downloading from Steam, and typically have no issues with downloads from Aerosoft, PMDG, FSLabs, etc. Just SimMarket tends to have this problem for me.
  4. Similar for me. On my 100mbit connection the fastest I get from Simmarket is 75Kb/sec, and usually much slower than that.
  5. Yeah, I think the Aerosoft PFPX forum now covers whatever info there is about Topcat.
  6. For whatever reason, FlightAware doesnt capture NAT tracks. Notice on both your examples that only North American data is shown.
  7. If you right click on the windows volume icon and select mixer, you should be able to adjust the volume of each application. Does that help with setting the volume correctly?
  8. Wholeheartedly recommend FSUIPC for this as well. Additionally, you may also want to adjust your power management on your PC. Not necessarily the case here, but if Windows puts your USB controllers to sleep, it’s possible when woken up FS will recognizes them as a new controller, which would look like a “reset” of your assignments.
  9. Go into the GSX settings for the airport and click the small airplane icon. That will align the jetways to the airports elevation.
  10. No videos from beta testers? Presumably they wouldn’t have “available now” on them.
  11. There seems to be a common thread that I’m seeing across PBR enabled airports: all of them have problems on arrival. FSDT KORD and ImagineSim WSSS and KATL all seem to have some combination of floating buildings, slow performance, and crashes. None of these issue seem seem to happen on departure. Only arrival.
  12. Couple things to check: what’s your screen resolution? Is there any chance that the buttons are there but the window needs to be resized? Second, have you adjusted your font size at all? Sometimes that can cause text/buttons to flow off screen.
  13. Skiff


    I still use it frequently, finding it provides better performance in ForeFlight than the “output to GPS” option in P3D. When you say say it doesn’t start, what happens? Just double click and nothing happens? Gives an error?
  14. As I recall (I'm in front of my flight sim PC) that's a terrain.cfg issue. Check the Orbx forums, but I believe you can delete terrain.cfg and have it be rebuilt the next time you start a flight. It'll take quite some time to do the rebuild, and usually appears to freeze at 6%, but it worked for me.
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