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  1. In that case, I'd assume that if you have FD/AP/HUD, your DH/MDA/DA doesn't change, but that you can proceed with 1800RVR provided the measurement is coming from the airfield. If the tower is closed and your relying on McMinville, you have to go back to the published minimums. Just my guess, though...
  2. The chart I see in ForeFlight shows 414 DA when using KSLE ATIS, but when KSLE tower is closed increase DA by 49 ft, MDA 60 ft, as well as some other modifiers. Presumably this helps account for any altimeter variations between Salem and McMinnville.
  3. Skiff

    PFPX V2

    If you do elect to go back to SimBrief, they have a really great downloaded tool that makes it a snap to export everything you need.
  4. Skiff

    ACARS turn around

    Haven’t tried it personally yet, but you probably need to close the flight on the EFB.
  5. Skiff

    Time Out Purchasing 747-8

    Yeah, same here.
  6. No download link for me, either. Submitted a ticket.
  7. Wrong forum. No download link for me, either. Submitted a ticket.
  8. And for those who don't want to go to Facebook:
  9. I've had behavior like this happen before, and it was resolved by rolling back my Nvidia drivers. OP, try rolling back to the last version of your video card drivers that you know were "good" and see if it makes a difference.
  10. Skiff

    Flashing ground tiles/textures

    Had this problem before, and it I was able to find a post on Orbx's forum from Holger talking about how this happens with corrupt or otherwise a bad terrain.cfg file. I followed the steps on the forum and it did help to begin with, but eventually came back.
  11. Skiff

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    The vertical wheel on the FGCP.
  12. Skiff

    Majestic Dash 8 take off config alarm

    IAS mode, and roll the wheel to select your climb speed. The aircraft will pitch to maintain that speed. Then dial your desired altitude and ALT SEL.
  13. I'll go one step further than that: a reasonably priced (<$250) force feedback yoke. The two most difficult things about hand flying in a home flight sim have almost always been the visuals and the "feel" of the controls. Visuals made a huge jump with tools like TrackIR, which made changing views much more natural. And now with VR, it's a quantum leap with things like depth perception, etc. In other words, while not everyone has it yet, the visual problem is pretty much "solved." But control feel... If you've ever flown a plane in real life, you know what the forces feel like. Maintaining straight and level is way easier in a real Cessna 172 than in the sim. Trimming out the controls, a constant exercise in frustration in the sim, couldn't be easier in real life. Get the plane pointed where you want it, and then trim until you don't have to exert any force on the controls. Simple! More than anything FS-related, I want a good force feedback yoke for hand flying.
  14. Skiff

    GPS for A2a Cessna 172.

    Yup, no question. GTN650 or GTN750 (preferred).