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  1. Grahm

    2D Panels

    Here's your 2D panel. Mike Warren
  2. Grahm

    Low oil quantity

    My oil quantity in the #2 engine is always lower than the #1 engine. Even topping it off and after a 4 hour flight #2 is lower by 2%. After substantial flying 50 to a 100 hrs the engine oil in the # 2 burns so much more oil then #1 and requires a fill up below 76%. I cycle between 1 and 2 at engine start. Anyone else experience this type of consistency? Mike Warren
  3. Grahm

    RTE and PLN

    Thank you to all. Michael Warren
  4. Grahm

    RTE and PLN

    Since "generate routes" is down at It's cumbersome planning a flight. When entering the route into the NGX FMC and saving it, why doesn't it create and load the route into ASN (Active Sky Next) like it does for the 777? Or is this a feature I need to enable? It sure would be nice if it did. Michael Warren
  5. Grahm

    Assumed Temp

    Here you go: works well, free and efficient. Enjoy, Michael Warren
  6. Grahm

    Yoke choices

    The "Saitek PRO Flight Yoke" you have listed does not turn a full 180 degrees, Only 45 degrees left and 45 degrees right with a total of 90 degrees if that matters. That was a deciding factor for me in which prompted me not to purchase. This yoke turns 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right for a total 180 degrees: "Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System" which I just purchased a month ago. Works well. About $U.S.284 with the throttles on Amazon. Hope this helps. Michael Warren
  7. Well coming to find out, it was a big heat issue. I've had it for years and never realized it. That explains why the frame rate drop. I have since cleaned off my heat sink and reapplied Artic Silver 5 Thermal Paste and a HUGE night and day difference. I am currently running smooth at 60fps + @ maxed out in detail with a core temp of 50 degree Celsius at max load. I'm in love all over again! Heat Kills! I would still like to bump my clock up to 4.5ghz! I need a walk thru though. I also have that fan on the way! Thank you
  8. FSX SP2 with ASX on Windows 7 Home Premium Running a i5 2500K CPU @ 3.30GHZ 3.60GHZ 16GB RAM 1TB hard drive. Video Card is a ATI Technologies AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series. All my scenery settings in FSX are on low and im getting 25 to 50 fps with drops of 1.5 to 10fps in turbulence for some reason. (What I have noticed) With all my settings up on HIGH im getting at most 15fps. Is it my system or my video card? I would give anything to have a smooth running FSX with sliders to the max or even half way.
  9. Grahm

    Double Chime @ 10K ft.

    Ahhh ok. But noway to incorporate the double chime crossing 10K? I know you can manually but that takes the fun out of it.
  10. Grahm

    Double Chime @ 10K ft.

    I know the NGX chimes once at 10K ft. Why not a double chime crossing 10K ft that most airlines use? Michael Warren
  11. Grahm

    Requesting updated United cockpit configuration

    Hope this helps, United SubCO 737 inflight I also have noticed UA SubCO 737's-738's use the Honeywell and the 737-900/ER use the Collins MCP
  12. Sorry to bump a really old thread. I am trying to add a weather station to ASN. Ex: SEQM. I add info to the fields and save. Restart and pull it back up and its gone. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. Grahm

    Master Caution Fuel Light on

    Ahh, Thank you Dave. I did a quick search on it and browsed thru the first 3 pages.
  14. Fuel light on in my recal display. Ive started from a long panel state and cant seem to shake it. Plenty of fuel with fuel pumps on. I noticed this after I did the update to sp1d. Now, I also noticed in the ABOUT section of my FMC it says Version 1.1 instead of sp1d. Is that right? Michael Warren
  15. Grahm

    Overhead panel shortcut key looking for

    Answered, Thank you Mike777! Works flawlessly! Michael