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  1. My fps in the cockpit is 10-15 fps low than outside view. Especially at the airports, I see below 20, like a slide show 9700k, rtx3070, 1080p, 32gb ram
  2. upss i hope we will get our bo-105 eventually
  3. F-18 is supposed to be released untill tomorrow according to dcs january newsletter. and now we are learnign that bst is getting involved to this project now. so there must be huge amount of work, some of them even haven't started yet..
  4. it doesn't look like flir but black-white tv
  5. i hope they can fully focus to f-18 from now on
  6. there will be another f-18 sim named "seven g" sure it looks way too bad compare to dcs or even falcon bms. but it might be a good pre-training before dcs f-18 is out. "simulator of a simulator" http://seveng-f18.com/?ckattempt=3
  7. i think is imminent but they don't wan to spoil spitfire. for me, i don't like either of them.
  8. f-14 is delayed due to ajs viggen for f-18, no one knows the story
  9. i mean, f-14 is delayed to mid to late 2017. for f-18 there is no release estimation afaik
  10. ai gunners are great. but didin't know that this module was early acces for 3.5 years wow
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