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  1. Don't worry about the xplane community big guy. Better go fix your P4D . I am sure ray tracing will run great with 2 fps.
  2. hello KNOSOS I am wondering after 11.30 is released will you still develop for xplane or will you give it up? Thanks
  3. How about you go back to FSX P3Dv4"64bit" to make that faster. I heard plenty of your user base was disappointed with your recently updated P3dv4.0000001. Xplane has survived and thrived even when you and your co patriots have bashed it from the start. we certainly dont need any of your compassion or advice now. Thanks
  4. i believe austin said they are opening alot more SDK in 11.10 so other developers can build stuff and LR can focus on other stuff
  5. pretty sure xplane 11 is out fully now and you wont be able to get xplane 10.
  6. saed45

    x plane woes

    by chance do you happen to have windows 10 installed?
  7. are you talking about the 2k and 4k texture pack that was released recently?
  8. saed45

    Taxi Line

    release notes just released
  9. is there a way to use the microsoft fsx voices? i think they have the best realistic sounds and if they could be imported that would be awesome
  10. i notice you have 2 graphic card installed. just to test some stuff out have you considered unplugging the 460 just to see how xplane runs? second question is what add ons do you have installed on xplane 10
  11. saed45

    X-Plane 11 & xEnviro

    xplane 11 and xenviro stream
  12. saed45

    searching for airports