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  1. REALer pilots use celestial navigation when it's overcast, on a moonless night and flying IN A SHOEBOX!! So there.
  2. I like it very much! It uses the default C172 and applies the REP treatment to it. I've loved all my REP planes but may favourite has been the C210 up till now. Now I have 2 favourites lol. As REP need an existing XP11 capable aircraft and the fact they haven't done a turboprop yet ... I'm hoping the next module will be the C208! Enjoy your REP modules everyone!:)
  3. If it's the X-Plane serial number for me it's already prepopulated with the number even when it asks. I just have to hit continue and she's good to go. Don't know if that's the case with you?
  4. Yes you are missing something. XEnviro is currently targeted to XP10 - which will be the stable finished version of X-Plane for some time. XP 10.51 is the finished and currently complete version of XP. XP 11 has a long way to go yet ... it hasn't even got to it's first stable iteratino yet. Really?! That's very discouraging to know that XP 100 still sounds like crap! Btw, what year did you have to time travel to get that information lol
  5. My guess that Dan will continue with the Carenado model where these form part of a pay for Expansion Pack. Personally, I'm more than happy to pay for an expansion pack and to support Thranda because I love their quality.
  6. Happy days!! Looks like I won't be flying much else in the weeks/months to come! Delightful plane to fly, very, VERY immersive.
  7. Turn the checklist off in the settings. I think it's mouse gestures or something similar that I turned off because that was annoying. As far as failures go I get very few and many of the messages are hints (if you have hints turned on) reminding the pilot of best practice. I don't seem to get the vacuum lock message that often tbh.
  8. I will only by REP-ed versions of Carenado now; well except for the Navajo, but that's only because I really hope the P31 get's REP-ed.
  9. I use X-Camera set at default pilot viewpoint + 2 notches elevation head panning (TrackIR) appears perfect to me i.e. no fish lens effect.
  10. I keep coming back to this helicopter lol. Just something about the lines of the Gazelle; she's a beauty alright!
  11. There's a number of ways to do it depending on where your X-Plane folder is .. but for me it's here ... C:\...\X-Plane 10\Resources\sounds\contact\skid_dry.wav Either edit the sound file or do what I do and copy the skid_wet.wav over the skid_dry.wav and there you have it .. no tire screech. Just remember to do it again if you update or choose not to overwrite the file.
  12. Yes sir, Australian. My wife was an air hostess for Ansett in the 80's.
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