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  1. I hope you're able to sort it out. My beta 6 install is very stable. I also feel like I've gained some fps
  2. Your modus operandi is showing quite blatantly 😐 FYI, you're on my ignore list & advise you do same if my responses annoy you. In my view instead of providing constructive dialog, you denigrate & are inflammatory toward this sim.
  3. Yes, I do indeed have an agenda; My agenda is that I'm advocating patience & tolerance & NOT using emotive language & NOT shooting XP12 down while it's in Early ACCESS. (I admit my mistake with terminology saying early alpha). It's still early days for XP 12 and way too early to pass judgment with the finality I'm seeing here. It's totally ok to post stats about issues we're experiencing vis-a-vis, system specs vs. performance. It's even OK to speculate about what may be causing these issues as long as its framed as a speculation and done with respect toward the developer's efforts in producing the sim. It's definitely NOT cool to pass judgement & present it as an irrefutable truism and then ridicule the sim on this specific forum to boot. It smacks too much of sim wars when people do this.
  4. I'm not shooting you down. You're doing a great job all by yourself. X-Plane 12 is in Early Access. Zibo is a complex addon. You're not a Zibo OR an X-Plane developer, so maybe it's best to keep emotionally laden opinions like "fairly simple scenery objects" & "broke sim" to a minimum lest you appear as an agitator; you'll get more mileage at problem resolution that way (for legitimate problems). As I mentioned before, use X-Plane 11. 55 stable or fly MSFS 2020 if you prefer. Public use of X-Plane 12 is still very early days and while I understand the frustrations, we all need to be patient and tolerant moving forward. Laminar Research have always delivered in my opinion.
  5. The sim is in early alpha. The stable version is XP 11.55; anyone who decides to test XP 12 should know that. They also have the opportunity to provide useful information back to Laminar Research, but saying something is "really broke" is not useful information and smacks at pandering to mob views. People who carp on about how XP 12 is a "broke" sim are disingenuous to the extreme & wastes everyone's time. Worse, it's almost like there's an agenda?
  6. Can you report what the framerate hit is please 🙂
  7. Not according to Open Hardware Monitor Report I ran on my PC. It might pay to do a bit of fact checking. BTW, Open Hardware Monitor is a free and useful tool. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +- Intel Core i7-4790K (/intelcpu/0) | +- CPU Total : 93.1641 15.9585 100 (/intelcpu/0/load/0) | +- CPU Core #1 : 93.75 18.8864 100 (/intelcpu/0/load/1) | +- CPU Core #2 : 96.0938 27.3438 100 (/intelcpu/0/load/2) | +- CPU Core #3 : 93.75 7.03125 100 (/intelcpu/0/load/3) | +- CPU Core #4 : 89.0625 5.46875 100 (/intelcpu/0/load/4)
  8. Interesting range of thoughts about XP12 in this discussion. I'm one of those people who tried very hard to like MSFS 2020. Bought it + the Kodiak and optimised it for my rig, but it rarely feels smooth as a hot knife slicing through butter. XP12 is a much better experience for me and I do think the visuals and lighting & clouds are a big improvement over XP11. I have my clouds @ Max btw. Anything less and they start to produce artifacts. 🙂 Looking forward with some relish to the XP12 journey.
  9. Normally I'd agree with you, but X-Plane 12 is in early access & using XP11 as an example, we can look forward to a evolving sim over 7 years give or take. If you follow the main site (x-plane.com) you will see the progression is consistent and constant. In the XP world, XP11 would count as a finished product of the XP11 series. That's just how XP does it, & to my mind is not much different than how MS does it as well.
  10. REALer pilots use celestial navigation when it's overcast, on a moonless night and flying IN A SHOEBOX!! So there.
  11. I like it very much! It uses the default C172 and applies the REP treatment to it. I've loved all my REP planes but may favourite has been the C210 up till now. Now I have 2 favourites lol. As REP need an existing XP11 capable aircraft and the fact they haven't done a turboprop yet ... I'm hoping the next module will be the C208! Enjoy your REP modules everyone!:)
  12. If it's the X-Plane serial number for me it's already prepopulated with the number even when it asks. I just have to hit continue and she's good to go. Don't know if that's the case with you?
  13. Yes you are missing something. XEnviro is currently targeted to XP10 - which will be the stable finished version of X-Plane for some time. XP 10.51 is the finished and currently complete version of XP. XP 11 has a long way to go yet ... it hasn't even got to it's first stable iteratino yet. Really?! That's very discouraging to know that XP 100 still sounds like crap! Btw, what year did you have to time travel to get that information lol
  14. My guess that Dan will continue with the Carenado model where these form part of a pay for Expansion Pack. Personally, I'm more than happy to pay for an expansion pack and to support Thranda because I love their quality.
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