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  1. REALer pilots use celestial navigation when it's overcast, on a moonless night and flying IN A SHOEBOX!! So there.
  2. I like it very much! It uses the default C172 and applies the REP treatment to it. I've loved all my REP planes but may favourite has been the C210 up till now. Now I have 2 favourites lol. As REP need an existing XP11 capable aircraft and the fact they haven't done a turboprop yet ... I'm hoping the next module will be the C208! Enjoy your REP modules everyone!:)
  3. If it's the X-Plane serial number for me it's already prepopulated with the number even when it asks. I just have to hit continue and she's good to go. Don't know if that's the case with you?
  4. Yes you are missing something. XEnviro is currently targeted to XP10 - which will be the stable finished version of X-Plane for some time. XP 10.51 is the finished and currently complete version of XP. XP 11 has a long way to go yet ... it hasn't even got to it's first stable iteratino yet. Really?! That's very discouraging to know that XP 100 still sounds like crap! Btw, what year did you have to time travel to get that information lol
  5. My guess that Dan will continue with the Carenado model where these form part of a pay for Expansion Pack. Personally, I'm more than happy to pay for an expansion pack and to support Thranda because I love their quality.
  6. Happy days!! Looks like I won't be flying much else in the weeks/months to come! Delightful plane to fly, very, VERY immersive.
  7. I so wish that his plane was available for X-Plane. I have the FSX/P3D version and it's been one of my all time favourite planes.
  8. Bill Gates is a flight simulation authority? Well I never knew lol. Now if Austin Meyers or some person from IXEG, A2A, RealAir or PMDG made an appearance I'd be impressed. However, I don't think Jimi is saying he's going to impute on the character of DTG; more that he's going to be vocal in the inevitable debates that erupt on the various forums as to the merits of the latest toy. On this I quite agree with his stance. We are all vociferous when it comes to any perceived issues with flightsimming.
  9. Roger that! This I can understand and respect; and thank you for responding, I will comply .
  10. In fact it has nothing to do with manners .. or with the topic. I think this post cuts 2 the heart of successful simming. Ultimately the FS program will only b as gud & successful as the community, given the opportunity 2 build 4 it.
  11. FSX & P3D? Uses tables afaik. So does X-Plane to some degree. You're making it sound like these sim's are virtual wind tunnels. Not even close. What people are hoping for from DTG is something that works @ 60fps, looks smashing, is close enough to real physics or at least we can fool ourselves it's real (suspension of disbelief). That's all I'm looking for in any sim. Currently I get that via X-Plane and to a lesser degree DCS. If DTG come up with a product that ticks those boxes that's cool I'll buy the product. But I sure as hell won't spend a brass razoo on any developer who labours the point on why they DON'T supply a feature. Is this actually a rule here @ AVSIM?
  12. I was spending more time tweaking than flying. No longer fly FSX and rarely fly P3D. Mostly fly X-Plane (largely tweak free) and DCS (no tweaks at all ).
  13. @Bluestar; as mentioned by Patrick, yes I was responding to JYW's post . Yourself as an experienced S-64 pilot, I'd be interested on your take on the DCS helicopter modules if you've flown them. If haven't yet, I think that you'd definitely be interested in how they fly, however as we're primarily talking about X-Plane here, have you flown any of the X-Plane models? I profess I've never flown FSX helicopters .. only fixed wing. My only RW perspective about helicopters comes from flying *in* them *baggage-class* as a former member of Her Majesty QEII's spear chucker brigade ... back in the wild days of my mis-spent youth and both XP and DCS helicopters feel very convincing to me.
  14. Bill, it takes a different mind set and a new set of muscle memory to fly helicopters. Once you get the mind and reflexes wrapped around using a collective, a cyclic and yaw pedals things start to fall into place. The first thing you want to do in sim .. have no idea if it's RL or not .. but this worked for me; is to master the hover. Just a few feet off the ground and try to minimise drift. Once you can hover and move slowly from spot to pre-designated spot you'll have the basic skills to fly helicopters (in sim). Flying from point A to point B in choppers is easy, it's the precision flying (slow) that's makes the difference. Hope that helps. @Phantom ... right on mate! It's definitley my favourite medium/heavy helicopter. I REALLY hope that Conex makes it across to do some DCS modules. I want a Jolly Green Giant or a Chinook tbh ... I'm Teapot on the DCS forums btw.
  15. I normally hate Windows, but use it for X-Plane & DCS (only runs on Windows). Previously had Win 7 and resisted 8. Decided to go for the free upgrade to Windows 10 and apart from a few teething issues (Windows 10 kept wanting to update and then failed and rolled back to previous vers of Win 10) I am actually pleasantly surprised at how well it's performing. My sims seem a tad faster and more fluid in Windows 10.
  16. The Dreamfoil Schweizer S300CBi Revision1 is now available (the chopper only came out last week). There's a great review at Helisimmer where it's one of the top rated helicopters there and scores slightly higher than the DCS Huey (which I also love). If you are a virtual chopper pilot, then do yourself a favour and check it out. I nearly passed up on this one because it looked so insignificant ... boy was I wrong, it's a ton of fun to fly and great for honing basic helicopter flying skills.
  17. This! The REP modules are fantastic and I believe they *may* be bringing a REP of the Carenado Baron 58 next.
  18. Some people did. You obviously don't. Hip hip for FloB.
  19. That seems to be the case, but when I ran my Updater I swear it said b5a lol.
  20. Turn the checklist off in the settings. I think it's mouse gestures or something similar that I turned off because that was annoying. As far as failures go I get very few and many of the messages are hints (if you have hints turned on) reminding the pilot of best practice. I don't seem to get the vacuum lock message that often tbh.
  21. If you've never run an XP beta before, run the "X-Plane 10 Installer.exe" which should be in the root directory of your XP install. When you run the installer there's an option to download the beta (tickbox). If you're new to XP, I'd recommend that you explicitly setup a separate X-Plane install first and only apply the beta updates to it so you will always have a stable version running (you can do that with the installer as well ... or just copy and paste your existing XP install and call it something else e.g. "X-Plane Beta"). If you don't have it you can download the latest installer from www.x-plane.com Caveat - I don't know about Mac's ... I'm running Windows 10.
  22. I will only by REP-ed versions of Carenado now; well except for the Navajo, but that's only because I really hope the P31 get's REP-ed.
  23. As per topic title Have no idea what it's like yet or what the changelog is.
  24. According to their facebook page, the new upgrade is out and I'm downloading from the Org Store now! If you don't know what REP is, it's an acronym for Reality Expansion Pack and it improves the realism on the aircraft that it's been designed for. It's a fantastic product and turns the Carenado planes (mediocre in terms of fidelity completeness) into high fidelity beasties . It's changed my flying for the better (made me a better pilot) and is hugely satisfying; once you go REP you can never go back lol. I believe it's similar to the A2A addon but as I don't own that addon I can't vouch for that. Here's the announcement http://www.simcoders.com/2016/06/30/rep-v2-5-0/
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