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  1. Hi there guys,[i appolagise in advance if this has been covered.]when i download ANY livery from the PMDG livery web page, and i have unzipped them, they seem to only be downloaded as PDF files and the PMDG livery manager does not load them.I have only just noticed the change [as it was ok before] after i had to re-download all my liveries after i upgraded to the SP1 version.This has also happened to my new 600-700 too.it might be from my computer at my end but i do not know as i am no good with computers.i have used the Flashget to donwload the liveries as the "normal way" [the one the computer uses, that just says File Download, is taking far too long.]Thank you for your help and time,kind regardsAndrew Fletcher
  2. thanks guys,yea, that was the first thing i thought of as it was acting as i was on 1/2 or 1/4 speed. so it's not a speed thing. [i think]where do search for the 1 FPS problem in FSX please.thanks heaps.Andrew Fletcher
  3. Hi there guys, i was wondering if anyone knows why my FSX is now running like it is in slow motion and my frame rates are through the roof. When i set my frame rate to unlimted, it hits the high 300's but runs in slow motion [not like a slide show, just slow motion]anyone had this before?thanks, Andrew Fletcher
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