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  1. Hi All, I have almost finished a new build and want to upgrade FSX too. I have read a lot about people installing windows 10 and FSX and having issues. mY first question is, are the issues mostly to do with upgrading OS, or are these issues true for clean windows 10 installs too? Secondly, when I first installed fsx (boxed) I followed an excellent guide by NickN, which outlined system tweaks like turning off windows services etc, as well as fsx settings. Are these system tweaks still valid today on modern and / or windows 10 systems? Kind regards, Al
  2. fat-al

    Regions Grass Issues

    Hey, Yup, it works fine with DX9. The main issue with it is that it's been working fine for months since install (with the DX10 fixer) I installed the latest libs and now it won't work in DX10 :( Id be happy with no grass at none add-on airfields if it meant the boxes were gone but I wouldn't know what file to delete. Might just go for a reinstall. Al
  3. fat-al

    Regions Grass Issues

    Hello to you all! I have recently purchased some FTX regions and have all the patches etc, I have also installed the latest libraries so everything should be up to date. I don't think the airfield grass is working properly, it just shows up as boxes but If i change the external camera angle slightly I can get the grass to be visible. These boxes are visible from quite high up too and it's pretty annoying. There is no difference when switching between regions, it's the same for all airfields in Na Blue / Gold and EU England. If anyone could help diagnose what is wrong and what I need to do / update that would be great. Cheers, Al Oh, and when I start FSX it says there is a new version of object flow so I click OK to update and the sims starts. I have to do this every time I start the sim via shade, REX or the standard launcher, could this be related to the grass not showing?