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  1. Correctly say to play this hobby you must have studied computer engineer..I'm with you for the same purpose I also need NVI..
  2. I think the problem has been created by NVIDIA latest updates … I have stayed with the update 397.64 , also using NVI together and I have no DXGI error any more...My sim works very well n smooth.. George I7-6700K CPU 4.00GHz , EVGA GeForce GTX1060 Superclocked 6GB
  3. Look at the game " World of Warships " water is real.. Why Prepar4D can not make the water like this? George
  4. Don't fix something that isn't broke... I stay with NVidia driver 397.64 if they do not support the Prepar3D ,i'm not going to update... my sim works smooth..with zero stutters and having the most add-ons , with my Traffic Density 100%
  5. I'm not with the payware airports, that's why I think this is one of the best addon for me..good job REX..
  6. my download speed is 134 Mbps , 228% faster than my city average 40.8 Mbps
  7. I downloaded it through REX File Transfer Manager ... George
  8. Awesome ( version : v5.1.2018.0725 ) it took me three minutes to download and install the program
  9. About time.. At last I've waited for so long ,at least now I'll be happy with the good news..
  10. four answers without a solution... George
  11. NVidia 397.64 and NVidia Inspector they work fine without creating any DXGI problems.. George
  12. TDR in registry does not do anything, I tried it before it did not work..the latest GPU updates have created this problem and they don't try or probably do not know how to fix it...
  13. putting all driver defaults for prepar3d.exe in NVI
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