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  1. I'll wait until i see what happens, i don't think i'll go back to MSFS.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a problem with the simelite solution home page i can't get in to login Georgio
  3. Thank you Christopher this is what i need.. Georgio
  4. I know where it is i just need the sound levels setup numbers to adjust Thank you Georgio
  5. Can you share the sound settings from PMDG CDU Thank you Georgio
  6. I use my first computer for P3D Simulator, on the second computer i use TrainSim World,and on the third computer i use to play World of Warships,i also use my car if i want to enjoy the scenery..I do not know if i will deal with MSFS / scenery in the future, i'm already bored.. Cheers Georgio
  7. When it comes out i will buy it to help the developer..
  8. AI Manager Beta 1.1.089 Problem resolved works properly with P3D V5.3 Cheers Georgio
  9. You must have stable version 1.0 . Public Beta verions 1.1.085 and 1.1.089 they do not work with P3DV5.3 it is not mentioned anywhere in settings to place SDK image tool
  10. Installed and it works fine with the first test i did.. cheers Georgio
  11. I remain with Prepar 3D the real Flight Simulator, and if i want to play a game i prefer Grand Theft Auto rather than MSFS.. cheers Georgio
  12. I have P3D v5.3.HF1and my lighting settings are, Enable HDR ON, Auto Exposure ON,Brightens 0.95, Bloom 0.05, Saturation o.90, Dynamic Reflections set Low, and i have ON Dynamic Lighting & Display Lens flare Cheers Georgio
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