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  1. I have P3D v5.3.HF1and my lighting settings are, Enable HDR ON, Auto Exposure ON,Brightens 0.95, Bloom 0.05, Saturation o.90, Dynamic Reflections set Low, and i have ON Dynamic Lighting & Display Lens flare Cheers Georgio
  2. Meanwhile i use P3D and i'm happy..
  3. Chase plane works on mine, also Taxi2gate VHHH, Flight tampa OMDB/LGAV works,and i just downloaded NVIDIA version 497.29.The sim works fine Cheers Georgio
  4. The following add-ons work without any problems on P3D V5.3 HF1 Full installation. AS BETA,ASCA,Real time ,Chase Plane,GSX,Edit Voice, FSUIP,PMDG 777X,,ORBX BIKF/UUEE,FSDT KORD,AIG AIM for AITraffic. I will know soon if Taxi2gate VHHH, Flight tampa OMDB/LGAV work Cheers Georgio
  5. It is pleasure to read the arguments put forward by Rob.He knows very well that it is related to Simulator. The others do not know enough and try to prove to the expert (Rob) that they are right in what they say.In a few words Rob 1,Others 0 And life goes on Georgio
  6. Apart from some graphics that have msfs what else does it have that does not have P3D v5.3. Since we are talking about graphics msfs does not have the graphics of the ocean and the waves as they are in World of Warships game.. Cheers, Georgio
  7. I like the explanation you gave Simbol, my respect to you sir..
  8. I have never used their product, i will not miss it at all ..
  9. I use only Active Sky and i have not noticed anything . 5.3 runs smoothly without any problems.
  10. I'm tired of the negative impressions you guys write about SIMULATOR PREPAR3D if you like the other GAMES like microsoft flight simulator or any other game so much you can tell me why you sit and write here go and enjoy your own fairy tale. I have never visited other forums to prove to them that the game they play has no future..
  11. There is only one Flight Sim for me Prepar3D. I'm not interested in anything else. OPERATING SYSTEM: MS Windows 11 PRO | SIMULATOR : PREPAR3D v5.2 PRO | CPU : i9-10900X | MEMORY : 32GB CORSAIR | GPU : RTX 3060 Ti | SYSTEM DRIVE : 2TB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe M.2 and Samsung Electronics 980 SSD 500GB - M.2 NVMe | MONITOR : LG 32" G-SYNC and second Monitor HP 28" | CONTROLS: CH-Trottle Quandrant | Honeycomb Yoke | Thrustmaster | AIG for AI traffic | PMDG 777F | ORBX central | some payware airports | AS & ASCA | ChasePlane | Navigraph | envshade
  12. I tried it , the brakes lock on PMDG 777 airplane.. P3D V5.2.1
  13. I have some payware airports and some add-ons in P3D and i'm happy with the smooth running of the game . By the way on my second PC, GTA looks much nicer than MSFS my add-ons : AIG for AI traffic PMDG 777 ,ORBX central, some payware airports, AS & ASCA, ChasePlane, Navigraph, envshade.. OPERATING SYSTEM: MS Windows 10 Professional | CPU : i9-10900X | MEMORY : 32GB CORSAIR | GPU : RTX 3060 Ti | SYSTEM DRIVE : 2TB Samsung 980 PRO NVMe M.2 | SIMULATOR : PREPAR3D v5.2 Professional | MONITOR : LG 32" G-SYNC | CONTROLS: CH-Trottle Quandrant | Honeycomb Yoke | Thrustmaster
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