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  1. Thank you sir! That confirmed it.
  2. Thank you Pete. This is what I was wondering. If the passengers(pax) show up and board the aircraft, like they do with commercial aircraft. I primarily fly the Xtreme Prototypes GLJ Model 25. Anyone use this aircraft with GSX Level 2?
  3. Curious to know if GSX Level 2 pax work with biz jets or other GA? I have not found anything that leads me to believe it does. Just thought I would ask here. Thanks!
  4. Enjoying your AI lights too by the way!
  5. Yes it is. Please note. I did a clean install of 4.1 and have been adding my addons back in slowly. I got around to installing utl today and it did not work with multiple attempts. Your note above fixed it. It is working now. I had utl in 4.0 with no issues before.
  6. You, my friend are the best. I had this issue after a reinstall of p3d v4.1. UTL was crashing on startup everytime. Worked with 4.0. Thank you
  7. Could not agree with you more. I too have had the same experience.
  8. Ya, will see. Personally I dont know why they would bother to show with nothing to say.
  9. They did announce they would be at Flightsim con 2017. I dont believe they would be there to talk v3.4. It will come, in the meantime v3.4 has been the best flightsim I have ever owned since I began in 1989.
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