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  1. That function is already available in Chaseplane
  2. +1
  3. P3D v4 is showing up to date at version 3.00.8334 Is that the latest? If not, what version should it be?
  4. Latest driver I can find is 382.33. Am I missing something?
  5. Wow , quick response. Thanks.
  6. Do we have a PMDG 777 module that includes the saitek panel capability?
  7. LINDA 3.0.0 Beta 653 seems to only support 64bit. Deselecting the "Use 64bit" seems to have no effect.
  8. The console continues to open when I start Linda. I have used both the window close (on the console) and the F1 key before closing Linda, but the console still appears the next time i run Linda. Also the "Run with P3D 64" checkbox seems to be ignored. Whether it is checked or not, Lynda always tries to connect to FSUIPC5 (and will not connect to FSUIPC4) Any suggestions?
  9. P3Dv3 Chaseplane : 0.2.61 I noticed that zoom is not applied correctly when I select an external preset. (The saved zoom level, is not applied) My workaround is to enable MMB zoom for that preset and quickly step one notch forward and back. The zoom instantly jumps to the saved setting for that preset. By the way, I can use the Chaseplane zoom controls to alter the zoom with no problems, however it is not applied properly at next load (most notably for my external views).
  10. I am reluctant to migrate from EZDOK1 until this feature is available.
  11. Hey Keven ! I don't know Andrew , honest!! ;-) .... Andrew I agree with you completely, this has been a hobby horse of mine for a while and Keven Ménard (Co-Founder and Developer, FSFX Packages), has politely indicated that I don't need to nag him about it any more as he is aware of the feature request. It is great to know that others have the same thoughts and it's all to the benefit of a better product.. Here's hoping (fingers crossed).
  12. I too would like to buy now, but need assurance that I can upgrade to the XP11 version at no extra cost.
  13. I heard back from dix30simulation. They will have 3 MCP's in the next couple of days. They said ... "We are in close communication with them. We will be receiving, for now, their final inventory of MCP (x3) this week but no more EFIS production until June. This is due to the fact their are currently working with an airline to develop/implement their product line but also means have postponed production for us, flight simulation enthusiasts. They have confirmed us production will resume in June of this year. Indeed a bit sad but afterall, we understand their choices as this will permit them growth. They have proved to create great quality products and have no doubt they will continue in this path. We have great relationship with them and will continue to support them. We can expect to have Com & Nav module to be added for 2017. Feel free to join our facebook page to remain aware of new product arrivals and more." Also, Virtual Avionics replied top my enquiry and said .... "Hello Captain , we in fact are out of stock. We are looking for new materials and improving our product to make EFIS better and attend all of your expetations before start selling it again! Please be patient becase soon it will be avaiable again! Thank you for your message"
  14. I'm not sure if they have any stock left.
  15. Thanks Keven, I love chaseplane, and I want it to be the best that it can be, (something that I'm sure we can mutually agree on ;-) I have purchased CP, and in my quest for greater "immersion", I am a little reluctant to use it while my "other" addon still provides the drift feature. I look forward to the day when I can cut over to chaseplane completely.