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  1. smoothchat

    VAinterface 2.25 is out now!

    duplicate post. Sorry
  2. smoothchat

    VAinterface 2.25 is out now!

    MCP Working with P3Dv4.1 Not working with X-plane11 and ixeg737. I looked at the logs. VAinterface is trying to access Xplane 11 in an old location which I uninstalled ages ago. Where does it look in the registry for the xplane location? Anyway, as a workaround, I set up a dynamic link at xplane.. I chose "install dll" so VAinterface.dll has been installed in the xplane resources/plugins folder. The VA log file says its connected and shows the IXEG 737 in the control panel, but x-plane 11.11 crashes as soon as I load VAInterface.
  3. I have blocked out the KB4038788 update (and will uninstall the others mentioned in this thread). So on Nov 14th, do we allow the faulty updates to install first, before running the November update? or do we I leave them "hidden".
  4. smoothchat

    Captain's primary displays cannot be undocked

    Thanks. I found the option to re-enable the undocking under "Simulation" in the PMDG Setup on the CDU. More info here ....
  5. So exactly where do I optout and re-enable this pop up so I can move the captain's pfd to another screen ?? Ah, found it under "Simulation" in the PMDG Setup on the CDU
  6. With the latest releases, the captain's primary display can no longer be undocked (and moved to another screen). This occurs with the 737, 747 and 777 so I guess it was intentional. It kinda broke my sim rig because I move the 2 captain's displays to a separate screen. The workaround is to use the co-pilot's display, but it still leaves me to wonder (and hope we don't lose that as well one day)..... Why was this changed ??
  7. That function is already available in Chaseplane
  8. smoothchat

    AffinityMask - Why?

  9. P3D v4 is showing up to date at version 3.00.8334 Is that the latest? If not, what version should it be?
  10. Latest driver I can find is 382.33. Am I missing something?
  11. smoothchat

    PMDG 777 (module version 1.3a - 5 Dec 17)

    Wow , quick response. Thanks.
  12. smoothchat

    PMDG 777 (module version 1.3a - 5 Dec 17)

    Do we have a PMDG 777 module that includes the saitek panel capability?
  13. smoothchat

    LINDA and P3D v4 64-Bit

    LINDA 3.0.0 Beta 653 seems to only support 64bit. Deselecting the "Use 64bit" seems to have no effect.
  14. smoothchat

    P3D V4 Support

    The console continues to open when I start Linda. I have used both the window close (on the console) and the F1 key before closing Linda, but the console still appears the next time i run Linda. Also the "Run with P3D 64" checkbox seems to be ignored. Whether it is checked or not, Lynda always tries to connect to FSUIPC5 (and will not connect to FSUIPC4) Any suggestions?
  15. P3Dv3 Chaseplane : 0.2.61 I noticed that zoom is not applied correctly when I select an external preset. (The saved zoom level, is not applied) My workaround is to enable MMB zoom for that preset and quickly step one notch forward and back. The zoom instantly jumps to the saved setting for that preset. By the way, I can use the Chaseplane zoom controls to alter the zoom with no problems, however it is not applied properly at next load (most notably for my external views).