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  1. Ah, thanks, it worked. Thanks for your help. Cheers
  2. Thanks, but I need the "GSX Level2 for P3Dv4.5" link. That's the one link you didn't include above ! Cheers
  3. And I just bought GSX level2 and can't download it !! None of the links on the home page work.
  4. Rough seas during storms look fantastic, hopefully the breaking textures will be fixed.
  5. The http://www.virtualavionics.com/ and http://store.virtualavionics.com.br/ sites are down. I hope this is not a permanent situation. There is no chance of downloading the latest VAInterface_2.28 for the new PMDG 737NGXu
  6. I applied particle effects to my favorite plane in X-Plane. Some have said it looks pretty ordinary, but it was the best I could do with what was available. I am hoping Asobo blows me away with their water effects. Something like Crew2 in the video a few posts back would be excellent.
  7. When the Icon is on the water, I wonder if there will be any water spray effects during takeoff/landing and taxiing? Icon A5 It would sure be nice if there was.
  8. I got the survey email today also, It looks like spam to me.
  9. I'm looking forward to seeing the Icon taking off from the water and what water effects Asobo might apply.
  10. I would love to see how water effects look beneath a seaplane as it takes off and lands. I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with the Icon.
  11. I flew in the Short Sandringham 7 times back in the early 60's. No pressurized cabin, wind howled through the nose hatch. Why an odd number of flights? Well one time, we had to turn back without landing because the old girl didn't have radar to pierce thru the cloud cover. https://www.goodall.com.au/photographs/afbs-70/ansettflyingboats.html
  12. I'd love an old Short Solent / Sandringham flying boat.
  13. I would love to see what water effects ASOBO come up with for float planes. X-Plane offers particle effects which i have applied to a Solent , the default C172 and a couple of other aircraft. Not perfect by any means, but I cannot do without them now.
  14. With the advertised backward compatibility mode, you might be able to transfer the trike from your old FSX folder.
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