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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone! I have been a fan of FSX for quite some time and i recently decided to give P3D V3 a go. So far so good, everything looks much better than in FSX and it even runs much faster. I do have a problem tho, I am not sure if I am really getting the entire eye-candy that I should get, because I do see videos on youtube of people who managed to make the entire sim look almost perfect. Right now I'm having one particular problem I have seen in other threads for P3D V2 and V2.5, basically, SimObjects are just too dark at night, you almost can't see them, there's just a black silhouette where the aircraft or simobject is supposed to be. Allow me to illustrate. Notice also how the concrete is a light yellow color, this, as far as I know, is not normal at all. I would also like to point out that I have installed REX4, ORBX Vector and the airports you see are FSDreamTeam KIAH and Airsoft London Heathrow respectively. The concrete being yellow might be a problem not with the simulator itself, but with the airport. I have all settings turned up to max and quite a beast of a computer. I have also messed with the Prepar3D.cfg file to turn up the exposure and tweak the HDR, but the only thing it does is make everything bright, including the sky and the airport itself. In short, I'd like to make my sim look like this at night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTzfAOWFRLE And like this at day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI9lN9pCJr4 (I am aware that SweetFX might be the thing making the video look so realistic). Here are some photos also of my sim during the day: Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Especially for TrackIR users, I figured out how to change the transaction time between the dark and light areas. That is, the getting used of the eyes of light difference between the cockpit and the look outside of it. Backup in Prepar3d root file directory the ShaderHLSL folder where you can replace it later if something goes wrong. Find in ShaderHLSL the Postprocces folder, doubleclick on HDR.hlsl file. At the top there are these original lines: static const float BloomThreshold = 03.25f; static const float Bloom Magnitude = 03.75f; static const float Bloom Blur Sigma = 0.9f; static const float Delta Time = 0.2F; Change Time Delta Time= between 2.0F; or 3.0f; and 4.0f; to your liking. Close folder with save. Delete the contents of your Shaders folder in Prepar3d in root directory . The contens in that folder when you start prepar3d it will automaticly rebuild,it is harmless to delete that The shaders folder is localized in your computer in the following adress: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders Have fun !!
  3. Hello, Yesterday i had reinstalled Windows 10 as i kept blue screening. I had install P3D V4 and before i had launched the sim i had only installed SimConnect. I had gone into the sim and spawned myself at EGCC and left everything default. i had used my hatswitch to move around and there was alot of white flickers everytime i had moved around. I tested at night aswell and the same thing had happen but it was in black. I had then started going through all my settings disabling everything and found out it was HDR that was doing it. I had thought shaders were broken at firstso i had reinstalled the P3D Client. Same thing was happening so i had installed PTA and installed a preset from online but nothing seemed to make it work. BEFORE: (normal) http://prntscr.com/j3qp6f AFTER: (Flashes) http://prntscr.com/j3qpgu This is P3D Running with nothing installed. (Had PTA installed but uninstalled for time being) Thanks
  4. Especially for TrackIR users, I figured out how to change the transaction time between the dark and light areas. That is, the getting used of the eyes of light/high contrast difference between the cockpit and the look outside of it. Backup in Prepar3d root file directory the ShaderHLSL folder where you can replace it later if something goes wrong. Find in ShaderHLSL the Postprocces folder, doubleclick on HDR.hlsl file. If you cant open dat file open with Notepad. (On that folder rightclick with your mouse- choose Properties - In General tap choose Change- search to a program named Notepad - Close with Ok -close the previous with Apply. At the top there are these original lines: static const float BloomThreshold = 03.25f; static const float Bloom Magnitude = 03.75f; static const float Bloom Blur Sigma = 0.9f; static const float TimeDelta = 0.2f; Change TimeDelta = to 2.0F; 3.0f; or 4.0f; to your liking. Close folder with save. Delete the contents of your Shaders folder . The folder is hidden by default so you first may have to enable the option to see hidden folders. See this tutorial: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/show-hidden-files-and-folders-in-windows-vista/ The shaders folder is localized in your computer in the following address: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders The contents in that folder will when you start Prepar3d automaticly rebuild, so it is harmless to delete that. Just like when you started Prepar3d the very first time. Have fun !!
  5. Hi there, I am really excited to hear PTA V2 is available now! Right now I am struggling on light settings during the night. In P3D V3, the night is too bright even for a new moon night. I really want to know if PTA V2 can fix or tweak something like this. Is there any night lighting tweak, I think X-plane 10 has a fair realistic night though. Can we achieve an ideal night lighting similar to, as seen in Xplane 10 via PTA V2? I guess many people want to know the answer like I do. I really wish the developers and the users of PTA can help me with it. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Warm Regards, Gordon.
  6. I have a recently purchased Acer Predator XB281HK running in 4K from a 1080ti When I change an internal camera view or even move within the current view, the brightness increases. If I select an outside camera and then back to interior, it reverts to normal. I established yesterday that this doesn't occur if HDR is unticked. I don't have this issue with my HP LP2475w monitor. Any thoughts? Additional edit: The problem doesn't occur in V5 which I've installed this morning so I'm guessing there might be some setting responsible?
  7. G'day, Well its time I asked the wise people here about this. I recently discovered that Nvidia drivers are broken when it comes to Wide color gamut and HDR. It is broken as a whole but also in Flight Sim. So I found when watching video on the HTPC:Latest Nvidia driver: WCG only works in RGB 8bit dithered FULL and TV in Black level low. this results in bad black crush. (approx 92%of DCI-P3) HDR auto switching doesn't work. Driver from February: WCG works fine as it should in 4:2:2 12bit Limited and TV in Black level low. Great shadow detail. (approx 98%of DCI-P3 using the TV's full capability) HDR auto switching works. In FS2020. Switch Windows to HDR ON: - HDR works in Flight sim but only displays Rec-709 color Switch HDR off in Windows: - HDR is off in Flight sim and color is output in DCI-P3. So in a nutshell you can't have HDR and wide color gamut at the same time, this should be the essence of HDR. All confirmed with actual measurements.I can confirm its not to do with the TV as it behaved the same on the projector. So I wonder if anyone can confirm this with actual measurements as I am quite certain many of you don't even realize that you are not seeing wide color gamut at all.
  8. X-Plane 10, Geneva and OSM with subtle hints of Urban and Skymaxx. A delicious recipe.
  9. X-Plane 10, Geneva and OSM with subtle hints of Urban and Skymaxx. A delicious recipe.
  10. Hi all, Many of you will already have this option set...but not all of you! EDIT: This only applies to HDMI users. So with the recent NVIDIA driver (352.86), some people pointed out that the "Output Dynamic Range" option that was introduced a few driver versions back, was removed from the most recent drivers. This is not the case, the option has simply been moved to "Change Resolution" in the Control Panel. I had this set to "FULL" before installing the new drivers, but I've only just noticed today that it was set to "LIMITED" by default. This setting has a subtle but noticeable change and it comparable to switching on and off HDR in Prepar3D. Here's a screenshot The best thing to do is to have Prepar3D running in the background, open up your NVIDIA control panel and change the setting and hit 'apply' then switch back to P3D to compare. Take particular note of shadows and bright areas.
  11. Hey all, I used to tweak visuals with the GeForce experience overlay, but recently I've used ReShade with very good results. I find ReShade has way more flexibility in terms of tweaking the visuals. And there's no need to go "all out" with the settings - just a few subtle changes, and the sim will really shine. One thing that's been bothering me for a while is the greenish-yellowish hue that affects everything in the sim - ground textures, clouds, atmosphere. FinalLight has posted a great solution to this over at flightsim.to. Essentially he tweaked LUT values for ReShade with the following goals: Correct the tone of the sim that was red shifted. Reduce the white haze over the image, giving the image a more contrasty solid look. Make clouds white again, removed yellow/beige tint. Change the colors of the atmosphere The installation is fairly simple. Extract the contents of the .zip and place the folder ''ReshadeInjectUWP'' in C:\%UserProfile%\ Copy ''FS2020-Reshade-STARTUP.bat'' to your desktop (or anywhere you prefer) You then have to start MSFS from the .bat file. On the first start, ReShade will inject the shaders and textures. Press the "home" key to open up the ReShade menu once MSFS has finished loading. Whilst in the "home" tab of ReShade, select "FinalLight_v1.3.ini" at the top of the window. This will activate "LUTTools.fx". As the "home" key is already assigned in MSFS, it's probably a good idea to change the assignments in ReShade. To do this, go to the "settings" tab. I've selected "7" for the overlay key, and "6" for "effect toggle key". At this time, MSFS will probably look a lot more natural, with closer to real life clouds, ground textures and atmosphere. I went a bit further however, to bring out a bit more contrast overall. To do this, you need to download another shader, namely the qUINT repositories. On the Github page, click on "Code" then "Download zip". Extract the folder "qUINT-master" to a location of your choice. Then go to the ReShade "settings" tab, and under "input processing" click the "+" symbol. Navigate to the location of "...\qUINT-master\qUINT-master\Shaders" then choose "select". Then you need to activate the "qUINT_lightroom.fx" shader. Go to the "home" tab, scroll down until you see "qUINT_lightroom.fx" then tick the box to the left. Now, the following tweaks very much depends on personal preference. To bring out some more contrast and true black levels, I've increased the "Global Black Level" to 8. I've also slightly increased colour saturation by increasing the "Global Vibrance" level to 0.05. It's a subtle effect, but I think the overall visuals look very good. --- As an added bonus for LG OLED TV owners, I discovered an amazing tweak by FinalLightNL over at the MSFS official forums. What this does is to tune HDR on your TV to bring out even more natural atmosphere colours, especially at dusk/dawn. This will make the sunsets look orange/red as opposed to pink. First go the TV menu => "all settings => "picture" => "picture mode settings" => "advanced controls". Set "dynamic tone mapping" to "off". Finally the last tweak which is sort of like the icing on top of the cake. And this is a pretty huge one for owners of LG OLED TVs. When in "all settings" => "picture", place the marker over "picture mode settings" (without selecting it). Then hit "1113111" on your remote. This will take you to a "secret" menu. Here, set "Mastering Peak" to 1000 nits and "MaxCLL" to 1000 nits. What this does is to bring down the total nits from 4000, to prevent the specular highlights from being blown out. This will really make MSFS shine, resulting in MUCH more details in the clouds and atmosphere. If you struggle getting ReShade to work, OverKill Simulations has made a very easy to understand youtube video. That's it. Blue skies! 🙂
  12. Do you use HDR in X-Plane? A simple poll to survey X-Planers usage of HDR.
  13. Sorry if this has been covered before (if so please point me to it) but I have found a way to increase the brightness with HDR enabled. In the shadersHLSL/PostProcess folder is a file named ' HDR.hlsl ' Make a backup of this file elsewhere, then load it into notepad or similar editor. At line 166 you will find ' //avgLuminance *= 0.85f; ' which is commented out by the two slashes. remove the two slashes ie: ' avgLuminance *= 0.85f; ' and save. If you want to experiment with this value, increasing it makes the image darker, decreasing makes it lighter. I haven't determined whether it messes with the overall HDR experience, but the programmer put this line in and it seems to work. Note: In my case, just saving and running P3D worked the first time, but later runs of P3D resulted in a black (blank) screen. The solution was to ensure that the associated compiled shaders in the ' C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders ' were deleted. As I understand it, the HDR code looks at the average brightness of the display and boosts it adding bloom to simulate the effects of light and dark. The stock code seems optimised for a standard display. Those of us with triple screens have much larger display area that often includes parts of the side window views. This extra brightness has the HDR overcompensating and resulting in a darker than desired screen. Changing the code at line 166 seems to tell the code that the average brightness is less, therefore add more brightness. ------------------ Another option which leaves the rest of the code alone, is to increase the return value of the ' Composite ' function. Insert ' final *= 1.2f; ' just before the last line of code eg: bloom = bloom * BloomMagnitude; // Add in the bloom float3 final = color + bloom + brighten + dither; final *= 1.2f; return float4( final, 1.0f ); } So far I prefer the above option. Note: setting a value too high causes bright parts to clip. I welcome everyone's comments.
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