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  1. Seems like Gorinchem to me ,19 km's from where i live.
  2. ((Dutch)Geen dank hoor!/No thanks!) There is no coincidence! I read your complain about HDR and back in my time in FSX i tried alot altering HLSL files. I made a better tutorial in the Avsim P3D tips and tricks forum. And this so that a beginner can make this tweak. Sorry guys for the confusion i made before for you. Moderator would you want to remove the old one on that forum for me?
  3. Especially for TrackIR users, I figured out how to change the transaction time between the dark and light areas. That is, the getting used of the eyes of light difference between the cockpit and the look outside of it. Backup in Prepar3d root file directory the ShaderHLSL folder where you can replace it later if something goes wrong. Find in ShaderHLSL the Postprocces folder, doubleclick on HDR.hlsl file. At the top there are these original lines: static const float BloomThreshold = 03.25f; static const float Bloom Magnitude = 03.75f; static const float Bloom Blur Sigma = 0.9f; static const float Delta Time = 0.2F; Change Time Delta Time= between 2.0F; or 3.0f; and 4.0f; to your liking. Close folder with save. Delete the contents of your Shaders folder in Prepar3d in root directory . The contens in that folder when you start prepar3d it will automaticly rebuild,it is harmless to delete that The shaders folder is localized in your computer in the following adress: C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders Have fun !!
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