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  1. 3.3 is amount in use 6.7 is total amount availiable Lyn
  2. Download and install the Control Manager. You will be able to calibrate your devices. I've used this manager in both Win7 and Win10 with no problems. http://www.chproducts.com/13-29620-Downloads-and-Community-Links.php.html Hope this helps. Lyn
  3. Noel, Glad that your new Jetline system is working well for you! They, Jetline, are a bunch of real good guys, always willing to help. Keep us informed as you get more familiar with it. Lyn
  4. I ordered one directly from NaturalPoint on 22Apr2020 and is scheduled to arrive here on 30Apr2020. $149.95 plus $15.85 UPS Ground shipping for a total of $165.80. I don't consider that an unreasonable price. Lyn
  5. I have the CH ProPedals and no problems at all in either P3DV4.5 or V5. I calibrate them with CH Control Manager v4.55. As to the sensitivity and null, I have all of my controls at max sensitivity (127) and null at minimum (1) in the P3D Controls/Calibration section. These settings give maximum deflection and no lag. Lyn
  6. Jetline systems. They built a GTX computer for me in 2017 and it is an excellent flight sim computer. I did replace the EVGA GTX1080Ti for the new RTX 2080Ti. https://jetlinesystems.com/ Lyn "What Alan_A said as I was typing my reply!"
  7. Check out the AVSIM Library. Do a search for Ireland, then "in category FSX scenery". 32 files in this section. The prepar3d library has one scenery. The FSX files should work OK in Prepar3d. Lyn
  8. I use Toposim Ireland mesh. Here is the link for Western Europe mesh products. $3.95 for Ireland and Great Britain is Free right now! For history - Justin owned FSGenesis for years and then sold it to someone else. That did not work well for the original customers so after a bit Justin started Toposim and again has the great service, and increased products, that his old site had. Link for the Ireland mesh: https://www.toposim.net/distrib/?s=ireland+mesh&post_type=product Hope this helps. Lyn
  9. 25% off P3D and 35% off FSX https://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=69258 Lyn
  10. ttbq1, when you open Task Manager,before disabling core 0, click on the Performance tab and then Open Resource Monitor (bottom of the window). Be sure to monitor CPU. Core 0 will be pegged. Now do your Set Affinity, disable core 0, click OK. Wait a few seconds and then re-enable core 0 and click OK. Core 0 will now have a much lower utilization - pretty much equal to the rest of the cores. Keep the Resource Monitor open and go fly. All the cores should be close to equal. It will be interesting to see what this does to your FPS. I wish I could take credit for this tweak but I saw it on one of the forums quite awhile ago.I do this each and every time I use P3D. I do not remember which forum or the person that posted it. Someone a lot smarter than me! Lyn
  11. I ordered one from Virtual-Fly and it arrived on Monday of this week. Very impressed with the precision and feel of the controls. Quite a bit more accurate than my faithful CH Eclipse yoke that I have had for years. Expensive but for me, well worth the price. Lyn
  12. Jetline Systems have the VirtualFly products. http://jetlinesystems.com/shop/ Lyn
  13. Mark, If you are running Win10 and have had a recent update, it will reset the "Power Management/Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" tab for the USB controllers in "Device Manager". Just had it happen to me recently and thought that there was a problem with my yoke. Go through all of the USB devices in Device Manager and be sure to uncheck this option. Hope this helps. Lyn
  14. Ray, Version 1809 (OS build 17763.134) but it has worked for me on all versions of Win10. These issues can be so aggravating when it works for others but not for you. Hope you can find the key to getting MT6 to work for you. Lyn
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