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  1. Mazo

    Throttle Quadrant

    Jetline Systems have the VirtualFly products. Lyn
  2. Mark, If you are running Win10 and have had a recent update, it will reset the "Power Management/Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" tab for the USB controllers in "Device Manager". Just had it happen to me recently and thought that there was a problem with my yoke. Go through all of the USB devices in Device Manager and be sure to uncheck this option. Hope this helps. Lyn
  3. Ray, Version 1809 (OS build 17763.134) but it has worked for me on all versions of Win10. These issues can be so aggravating when it works for others but not for you. Hope you can find the key to getting MT6 to work for you. Lyn
  4. Ray, I have MT6 running fine in P3DV4, as it did in the other versions also. I did remove the FS9 entries but have never had to delete the military traffic and it has not given me any problems. I found this tutorial by Poppet that I used to install MT^ into P3DV4: Hope that this helps. Lyn
  5. Just talked to JetlineSystems and the new expected availability date is Jan2019 for the YOKO Plus yoke Lyn.
  6. I'm not sure just when they will be available for ordering. I hope to get a date when I call them sometime this week. I certainly will let everyone know how it performs when I get one. Looking forward to getting a YOKO yoke! Lyn
  7. I have decided to go with the newly updated YOKO yoke. It now has a hat-switch and Hall effects sensors. I visited the guys at Jetlinesystems in Tampa, Lutz really, and had my hands on the newest version. Very impressive indeed. No price increase with the updates. Lyn
  8. Wmacky, At least we have asked and still no response from anyone, including the manufacture. This takes the DIAGMA yoke off of my potential purchase list. Lyn
  9. I am looking for a new yoke and this DIAGMA unit looks quite appealing. However, it is quite disconcerting that the folks that have bought this unit have not given any feedback, good or bad. One buyer returned the yoke and then not another post from him. Not sure what to make of this deafening post-purchase silence but it does give me pause to place an order for this yoke.. Any thoughts? Thanks. Lyn
  10. Mazo

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Vic, You are absolutely correct. That 80 is critical. I let it lift off too early this morning and it was not pretty! Reloaded and as the nose started to come up on her own, I just applied a small amount of forward pressure on the yoke until she reached 80 and then just relaxed the forward pressure and she lifted off like an angel. Next flight I will try a couple of degrees of nose down on the trim and see if that works. She really requires a soft touch on all control surfaces. Lyn
  11. New update on their Facebook site. Lyn
  12. Mazo

    A2A Constellation...

    You will have two (2) P3D installers to chose from: P3D V2-3 and P3DV4. If you have P3DV2-3 and P3DV4, yes you may download both from your A2A account and install the Connie in both versions of P3D and also the FSX version into FSX in the bundle.. Lyn
  13. Mazo

    How to contact PC Aviator

    I want to reply concerning my experience today. Mega Scenery Earth has just come out with a new upgrade for FloridaV3 2017. There are 19 files for this upgrade and all went well with all of them except for file 17. It was half the size it should have been so of course it could not be installed. At 1030am today, I sent an email to Mega Scenery Earth explaining the problem. I received a reply at 1:10pm today from Robert Ferraro informing me that they have uploaded a new file. I downloaded the file and it was completely correct. I know that there has been are reported problem with getting reply's from them so I wanted to share my positive experience. Lyn
  14. Another suggestion - there is a Jetline computer for sale in the forum "Classified Ads|Want Ads|Swap Meet", that would work for you. If interested, take a look and see for yourself. Lyn
  15. OK, I have those also but I have no error when exiting Prepar3d so would not even think of looking for these files. I'm just going to continue and not worry a bit about these files.😁 Lyn