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  1. V1.3 is working great in XP11.50b9 so far. What an amazing plane!
  2. Are you using Xplane 10? That plane isn't updated to Xplane 11 AFAIK.
  3. Thanks for the reply. It encouraged me to update to 11.20, because I use the same AA as you. Here's what I found: With my LUA cockpit shadows script disabled, the jagged edges were back (3480 X 2160 on a 43" screen) After enabling my original LUA cockpit shadow script, shadows are back to perfect! Not sure why those other guys had issues, but it's working for me. Thanks again, Greg D.
  4. Any comments on cockpit shadows in 11.20? When 11.20 was first released I read that the LUA script that smoothed-out shadows stopped working. (???) I'm afraid to update for that reason alone. I don't want have the old jagged edge shadows. Any comments are appreciated. Thank you, Greg D.
  5. It wasn't easy for me to pull-the-trigger, but after getting some feedback from an owner, reading some reviews and watching the testimonials from users of the original Brunner yoke and software, I decided to buy one of these. I special-ordered mine with the hat switch on the left-handle which is how I fly now. It's due-in next week and I'll be sure to post my opinion (good or bad) once I have a chance to use it.
  6. It is. After years of flying the LSH Maddog on MSFS, this plane exceeded all of my expectations. If you're an MD80 fan, you will not regret it for a second.
  7. Yes. From the factory in reply to my email: "Hi Gregory, Thank you for your interest in our simulation products. The 90mm are the total travel. See attached factssheet, in the drawing it's visible. If you need more travel check the factssheet of the CLS-E Yoke. Looking forward to your order and kind regards from Switzerland, Mario Mario Ackermann Sales & Marketing Manager"
  8. Greetings Chocorua, I was please to hear your first impressions. I was ready to pull-trigger until I verified that the entire pitch travel is only 3.54" (90mm) end-to-end. Do you find there is enough travel? Thank you, Greg
  9. From Member DHL560 on the Xplane.org forum: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/113785-xp-11-and-xsquawkbox/#comment-1114296 Works for me XP11b9/Windows 10
  10. Hmmn, I tried those but didn't realize the numbers didn't match. I'll give it another try tonight. Thank you guys!
  11. Hey Guys, XP11 newb here. Is it then possible to assign a quick-view to a button on my yoke? As in, I have an "approach" quick view assigned to a key on the number pad, can I map it to a button? I can't seem to get anything but the "Default" view position to work this way. Thank you, Greg
  12. Hi Folks, Maybe someone can help me understand what I'm looking for. You have convinced me to buy a 4K TV rather than a monitor. My situation: Saving-up $ as I go to buy one piece at a time and I did the i6700K/GTX1080 build. System will be used for P3D only. Not as a TV at all. No other games or video/picture editing. My desk can only handle up to a 43" display. My question: I understand for the most part what makes one computer monitor more expensive than another, but what do I gain for my application when buying a $650 43" Sony XBR43X800D vs. a $330 43" Hitachi LU43V809 ? If anyone has a different recommendation I would love to hear it as well. Thank you for the help, Greg
  13. Thank you Gary. I was afraid Nick's bible was not up to date with M.2 and such. You really summed it up perfectly. If one large SSD is the best option I'll do that. I appreciate your input Kylan! I'm over budget already, but choose to buy in stages to get a good result. Vortex and Luke, Thanks for the all the information. I came to the right place to ask for help. You guys are the best. I appreciate your help. Greg
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