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  1. I gave it a shot today and there was no pop up in the VR. I didn't need one though thanks to the copilot and push to talk functions. It's going to take a little getting used to but Pilot2ATC works well and is a great improvement over the default ATC. Now, what I need is something that can control the jetways/ladders and pushback that works in VR.
  2. Is it possible to assign the EBag window to a key shortcut so I do not have to always open the MSFS toolbar first?
  3. That did the trick. I kept the space between code\" and tiny.exe and it still worked perfect. I just copied and pasted what you have in your post into my bat file and everything is wonderful! Copy and paste--------------- start /d "%cd%\code\" tiny.exe "%cd%\"
  4. I was having the same problem and here is what I found out. Hopefully this will help you to work out a solution. The problem with the "TinyWeb/1.94 service failed to start." I solved. There is a space between "%cd%\code\" tiny.exe. So, if you look closer there is a space between c"%cs%\code\" and "tiny.exe". If you remove that space the tiny.exe runs. I removed the space and ran into a new problem. I get an error saying "Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Dads'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." My directory, don't laugh I'm an old father, is 'C:\Users\Dads PC'. There is a space between Dads PC and the bat file can't seem to overcome that. So, by removing the space in the start_ebag_server.bat file and changing "%cd%\code\" tiny.exe to read "%cd%\code\"tiny.exe I was able to get past the "The system cannot find the path specified." The error message also says "TinyWeb/1.94 service failed to start." error message. However, since my computer name has a space Dads PC it is stumped again and hits a new error "Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Dads' and stops. I am able to get the EBag tool/window to appear in MSFS but it is empty because of the second error. I'm not sure how to overcome the second error, "Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\Dads'. If I was more awake maybe but I'm worn out. Maybe you can look at it and help to resolve the error. It seems that the solution is to get the bat files to read through spaces to grab the whole path name. I actually have no experience in the field of programming though so, maybe what I'm asking is not the solution or not even possible? I don't know, just trying to help. So sleepy, off to bed.
  5. I've tried OVR Toolkit and it does seem great. My issue is that the loss of frames when it is running makes the sim unusable.
  6. Unfortunately that did not work for P3D. I got it working on another VR application as a test to see if I was doing it correctly.
  7. I have 2 questions about doing flight sim in P3D. Right now I'm using a barrowed Oculus Quest II (my son is awesome to his dad) so that I can test it out. I'm loving it and will be picking up my own VR headset. Anyway, my questions are: 1. Is it worth picking up a plugin such as FlyInside? I really have no clue about what the various plugins are for; which is my fault for not researching them. So far the flights I've made have been with GA directly in P3Dv4 and have been fine. I want to get back into my tubeliners though. 2. I like my own checklists. I have tried to look up a couple of overlays so that I can get them directly into the sim. Not having any luck though. Does anyone have suggestions about how to best get something injected into the VR headset? I understand that FlyInside (from question 1) allows access to P3D menus in VR. Does it also allow overlays? Thanks for any suggestions, Ed
  8. I'm thinking of picking up the Valve Index for P3D and eventually MSFS when it fully supports VR. What are some thoughts on it compared to other VR headsets on the market?
  9. My son swung by and let me barrow his Oculus Quest 2 for the weekend. I just finished another flight in P3D5 using it. All I can say is, there is no way I can permanently go back to flying 2D. Instead of upgrading some of my hardware, I think I'll look about investing in a full motion system. That was purely intense.
  10. 😕 Wait, are you actually using VR with MSFS? Is that a Beta thing or is there some degree of compatibility? I feel like that guy who showed up late to the company party and everyone is staring at me right now. I apologize, really not trying to sound uninformed with my questions. I am genuinely interested in the technology but was under the impression this was not a thing with MSFS at this point. Also, thank you all for taking the time to educate me. It is greatly appreciated.
  11. Hmm, maybe for something simple like starting the ignition and putting the car in drive. However, as mentioned I have several pieces of equipment. I am not crazy about the idea of abandoning something like my VRInsight MCPII Boeing. So, essentially it is what I've seen in YouTube vids with other software? Once you put it on there is no looking 'under your glasses', so-to-speak? You are just locked into the field of view presented on the screen? I've spent too much money on equipement beyond the basics to abandon them. Surely there must be something in the works or some other solution?
  12. I've never looked into VR before; does anyone know how it will work when you have a yoke? Actually, I have been flight sim for many years and have several pieces of equipment. I don't see how you can use a thing that covers your eyes and use your flight sim equipment together. Can anyone help an older <cough> mature gentleman to understand how the technology works? Thank you in advance, Ed
  13. I just did further testing. If I go into FSUIPC7 and assign the keys everything works fine. Even with the MCP2. If I go into FS2020 and assign keys, those too will work; except for the MCP2 which FS2020 does not recognize. If I try to use LINDA though, nothing works except in the situation I noted above. When I delete all LINDA files and drop them in new copies. So, since key assignments work in FS2020 and in FSUIPC7, this seems to be a LINDA issue. Is there a log or something that I can do to assist in tracking down the root of the issue? I am eager and willing to help. I have greatly enjoyed LINDA for ten years now, I know how exceptional of a software it is; and that it is provided for free does not escape me. Humbly, Ed
  14. In that case, I will hold off on a reinstall of FS2020. Although, I may still run a repair on it. Restarting does not work. The only thing that has worked is to delete all LINDA files and install from scratch. Doing that only works for one flight and only for the the yoke and throttle quadrant. It's just very strange that everything was working and suddenly stopped.
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