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  1. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Aerosoft Aircraft: F-14 A/B Comment: Military aircraft need your love too! How cool would the wing vapor be on those beautiful swept wings?
  2. George from FlyTampa is working on YSSY... http://flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6063&start=15
  3. This one is in development: http://www.isdt-israel.com/
  4. Not sure what that document has to do with his question... I believe he was referring to AIRWAY intersections :-)
  5. I was wondering if it is possible to disable the panning of TrackIR when switching from VC to spot view? I liked the way it was in FS9 when you switched views.. no head panning in spot view.. but with FSX (using TrackIR Pro), whenever I switch from VC to spot view, I have to hit the F9 key in order to disable head panning. It's cumbersome because I must then hit f9 again when switching back to the VC view.Is there a way to change this is the Cameras.CFG file?I searched but couldn't find it in any of the tweaks!Any help would be most appreciated!Thanks,- Alex
  6. Be advised, though, that if you decide to un-install FSX later on, you'll get some small problems... you'll have to re-accept the FS9 EULA, some of your add-ons will need to be re-installed (like AES and Active Camera) and various other little niggles.- Alex
  7. I posted this over at the Flight1 forum, but thought I'd post here as well.. just to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem...I've been using the FS Avidyne gauges with the Eaglesoft SR22 in FS9 (when they work, they work smoothly and beautifully), but I am getting out of memory errors after about 1 hour of flight time. I thought maybe it was just a fluke the first couple of times, but so far, it's happened in about 9 out of every 10 flights. I've watched the memory usage in the task manager steadily climb throughout a couple of test flights until there's nothing left and then I get the dreaded OOM message and I am forced to quit FS9.My system specs are quite robust:Core 2 Duo E68504GB RAMNvidia 8800GTSWindows XP Pro (32bit)3 320GB SATA HD'sI'm reasonably sure it has nothing to do with my system...I can run even the most complex add-ons and scenery without problems, but with the FS Avidyne, I get the dreaded OOM almost every time!I'm not running any background programs (i.e. Active Sky,etc..)so there's nothing else that should be zapping my resources..Any thoughts? Anyone else having this problem? I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this because I absolutely LOVE these gauges! They are INCREDIBLY smooth and SOOOO much more FPS friendly and realistic than the default Eaglesoft Avidyne gauges!Thanks!-Alex
  8. >Hi,>>I have been simming for many years now and have a full>understanding of flying small props VFR or using VOR's NDB's>flying holding patterns etc. I am now financially in a>position to book a full PPL course and fly for real, my only>experience apart from MSFS is 2 hours in a level D Tristar>sim and a couple of hours in a Cessna with my father who is a>commercial pilot. My main concern is all the bad habits I may>have picked up flying fs9. Could anyone who has transitioned>from fs9 to real world give me some advice on how it went?>Sorry if this is the wrong forum...>Thanks >>Rob prest EGLLHi Rob,Let me reassure you that any bad habits you've picked up in FS9 WON'T carry over to RW flying! It's a totaly different game and you'll find that, with a competent instructor, you'll soon be flying "by the book" and with little or no ill-effect from simming. But.. what you will also find is that a LOT of the GOOD things you've learned through simming will definitely help you in getting your PPL! When I was working as a CFI for a bit, I had one student who breezed through his PPL because so much of what I normally had to teach a new student (i.e. terminology, phraseology, aerodynamics, etc..) wasn't necessary with this kid because he had spent so much time flying with his simulator (back then, it was FS2002)and he already knew so many things that many beginning students must learn from scratch and understand. Because he was already knowledgeable in these things, it required less time on the ground and allowed more time in the air!My suggestion is to go into the PPL learning process with an open mind.. don't resist the things your instructor will try to teach you (even if you think it's something you already know)... and just take what you have already learned through simming and assimilate that to the real-world equivalent. You'll find that things will go smoothly and quickly... and before you know it, you'll have your ticket and will discover a whole new world of flying!Good Luck!- Alex
  9. >The 'world' in FS9 isn't a globe - it's a cylinder, so there>are no poles as such, and the sim flight planner gets confused>if you try to set up a course too close to the north or south>poles. One of FS9's 'features'...>>Like your 38th symphony, by the way.>>;)I prefer his 40th....:-lol
  10. Personally.. I LOVE IT!It's a speedy little twin-turbo, but I have a blast flying it! The exterior model is superb and the interior is very well done! It's a tricky plane to fly because it's so fast.. but that adds to the fun!I would definitely recommend it - especially at that price!And if you have the RXP Jet-line 2 set... I would add those in with the user mod on the RXP site.. they help make it better!- Alex
  11. >I was just looking at their forums and the list of fixes that>they have such as:>1) fsX A340-600 no control surface animation *fixed*>5) fs9 assymetric thrust during taxi *fixed*>>I had to laugh and was actually expecting something like >>6) Aircraft does not fly *working on it*>>There is something obviously fishy when you produce addons>like these with these bugs.And the point of your post was???
  12. >I've had TrackIR 4 Pro (6DOF) for about a year now. Granted,>I haven't simmed a whole lot in the last year due to spending>time/money on my PPL. Which, I got btw..;) So, now that I>have my license but can't really afford to fly as much as I>want, I'm headed back to my sim. Which brings me to my>TrackIR stuff. I've tried tweaking a few setting, tried>setting my chair higher/lower to emulate where I sit and the>view I have in the real C172, and I just can't seem to get it>right. I've had to map a button on my yoke to shut TrackIR>off so that I can actually "fly". I seem to have a heck of a>time holding altitude, flying patterns, x-wind landings etc>with TrackIR running. I will admit, that it is nice to look>around with the autopilot holding altitude and doing my>preflight is just cool with it.....but I just can't seem to>get used to it. I know, it is probably more an issue with me>and having 5000 hours behind a flight sim without TrackIR, but>how long did it take for anyone else to get used to it and>adopt the theory that you simply cannot fly without it?>>I'm still going to use it because it has so much potential, I>just wish I could adapt.>>How does everyone else feel?Hi Dondo,I recently just began using TrackIR Pro and I am TOTALLY hooked!!! It took me a few days to get used to the movement, however when it came to landing, I, too, had problems... basically, I would end up hitting the F9 key to pause TrackIR when I was landing. But then I did some practice landings with various aircraft (I've noticed that each aircraft VC experience is just a little different with Track IR).. pretty soon, I was landing like a pro! I find that if I keep my head relatively still and don't bob around too much, I can usually land nice and smooth!Like you, I am a "real-world" private pilot and I probably average about 40-50hrs a month flying in the real world. So when I started using TRackIR, it gave me a much better feeling in the sim and an experience far more comparable to "real-world" flying!Just keep practicing with it and before you know it, you'll be greasing your landings just as you do when you're flying "for real"!Oh.. and just FYI.. with TrackIR pro, it's even MORE important to pick that "touchdown" spot and keep it in the same position in your view on the approach.. just as in real life... I promise you that you'll soon be flying like a pro and that you'll grow even MORE attached to TrackIR Pro!A funny little story... I use TrackIR Pro so much that I sometimes forget that I have the vector clip on my hat! Not long ago, I was getting in some "sim time" before running out the door for a dentist appointment... since it was a day-off for me, I was wearing casual clothes and my "ever-present" baseball cap! You should have seen the looks on peoples faces when I walked in to the dentist's office with the vector clip STILL ATTACHED to my baseball cap! It was tough to explain! So now, I always try to remember to take it off BEFORE I leave the house!!! :-xxrotflmao Have fun!!- Alex
  13. Is it one specific aircraft you experience the CTD with... or any aircraft? Is your Navdata up-to-date?If your using a complex add-on, such as Level-D or PMDG, you might have a problem with your Navdatabase that causes the CTD. If you haven't already (and can afford it), you should subscribe to Navigraph and download the most current AIRAC for your FMS system(s)Also.. are you manually programming your routes or are you using the FS9 flight planner or a program like FSBuild or FOC to create your plans?These are just starting points that may help... If you could give more specifics about the aircraft you're flying, the routing and when/where exactly the crash occurs it might be easier to diagnose! :-)- Alex
  14. I have to admit.. I've never run into this problem before!I have both a Saitek AV8R joystick (for flying Airbus aircraft) and a CH ProFlight Yoke (for Boeings and GA aircraft) and I keep both of them plugged in at the same time and I've not had any conflicts between the two. They are both USB devices so maybe that' makes a difference.Are your yoke and wheel both USB devices? If one is USB and the other uses an analog gameport, it might increase the likelihood of a conflict... I just don't know...You might try disabling the wheel in the Windows Game Controllers setting when you use FS2004 and re-0enabling it before you run rFactor.Sorry I couldn't be of more specific help!!- Alex
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