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  1. Bonkster

    Next Aircraft?

    Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Aerosoft Aircraft: F-14 A/B Comment: Military aircraft need your love too! How cool would the wing vapor be on those beautiful swept wings?
  2. The Navigraph upgrade works just fine in P3D...
  3. Actually... It's COMMERCIALIZATION and marketing that perpetuates the stereotypical Christmas holiday as a cold weather event. Some cultures don't even recognize Santa as being a part of Christmas and, of course, some cultures don't even celebrate Christmas at all. It's all relative to what you grew up with. You live in Minnesota - a state that barely has time to defrost in the summer months. You naturally associate snow and cold weather with Christmas, however when I lived in Hawaii and Guam, we focused on the "spirit" of the holiday (gift-giving, goodwill towards others, etc..) and less on the temperature. You don't equate Christmas with snow when you live in a place where the average year-round mean temperature rarely dips below 70ºF. Its all relative.
  4. July is July... no matter where you are in the world... seasons are different in each hemisphere but the calendar months are not based on seasons. It's winter in Australia, but it is still July 5th. You naturally associate July with warm weather because you live in the Northern hemisphere where that is and always has been the norm. Someone who lives in Sydney will naturally associate July with winter because that's what they are used to. They don't celebrate Christmas on July 25th.. they celebrate it on December 25th the same as you do.
  5. Bonkster

    Is This For Real?

    Check the date for tomorrow.... then you'll have your answer! B)
  6. Bonkster

    What's to Come in 2014

    Milviz King Air - Both Collins PL21 & Steam MIlviz F-15C Milviz T-38C Carenado - Phenom 100 Carenado - Beech 1900
  7. Bonkster

    Carenado aircraft wish list

    Saab 340 please! :-)
  8. Bonkster

    YBCG Gold Coast Airport Released

    George from FlyTampa is working on YSSY...
  9. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    Mark...Do you have FSDT sceneries? PMDG add-ons? Orbx scenery? Airsimmer? Their software probes your registry just the same as Aerosoft's does.... there's no difference!I don't know any way that you could be convinced to trust that this is not some evil tool that's piping info back to Aerosoft about your system and what's on it.It's simply a helpful tool that looks for Aerosoft products on your system and catalogs them so that it can help you keep track of what needs updating and what doesn't.I just feel you're being way too sensitive about this to realize the advantage it brings...Would showing you screenshots of the interface do anything to put your mind at ease?
  10. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    Mark...Here's the easiest way to allay your fears....Just don't buy any Aerosoft products... then you don't have to worry about it.Simple! :-)
  11. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    Mark,What it does is it looks for sceneries you've installed (both for FS9 and FSX) and then it lists them all in a menu. When you click on an item in the list, it shows whether the product is registered or not and what the version number is. It also tells whether or not there is an update available.For older products, it lists them in a category of "unknown", but it still tells whether it is activated, and gives the version number. There are categories for Scenery, aircraft, train add-ons, etc... every Aerosoft product gets categorized.Since all of my products are downloaded, I don't know how it handles CD-installed products, but my guess is that it treats them the same.As for the problems that kiwiflyer is having, I have to say that those are rare and not the norm. I've never had a problem with the Launcher and it works great for me! I have every FSDT product and it has never interfered with those. It's never affected any of my other sceneries either. I have literally hundreds of payware sceneries installed in both FS9 and FSX and none of them have been affected by the launcher. Again, the only problem I've ever had is when I installed an older product and the Launcher was replaced by an older version. But.. I downloaded and installed the standalone Launcher and all was well again. From now on, if I install an older scenery, I'll just choose not to install the Launcher (since I'm using the most current version) and there won't be any problems, since it accounts for everything from the current moment backwards.There's always the aerosoft forums that can be turned to for problems...but again, I've never experienced anything like Kiwiflyer has, so I can't speak to his problems.Hope that helps!
  12. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    Mark,While I understand your well-based contention about companies maipulating your system for their own motives (i.e. planting tracking cookies, ad-ware, spyware, etc...) none of that really applies to the point at hand, which is the Aerosoft Launcher.Where this tool is concerned, Aerosoft is not secretly installing the software on your system. You are given the option of installing it during the set-up process for a downloaded scenery file. If you choose not to install it, then it won't install. The consequence of that, however. is that you cannot properly activate your scenery. But choosing to install it, though, DOESN'T mean that Aerosoft is delving into your system and extracting personal information to use for marketing purposes.If you DO install it, it is no different than any other MANUALLY launched program (i.e., FS9, FSX, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc...) It will only run when YOU choose to run it. It doesn't secretly work in the background, manipulating anything or causing random mayhem with your system. Aerosoft isn't gathering data about you, your preferences, your shopping habits, or anything like that. All they are doing is making sure that the copy of their software that you are installing is genuine and has an associated serial key to prove that. That is the only purpose. And it is their right to ask you to verify that you have, indeed, paid for the software that you are about to install. If you were a developer who spent hours, weeks, or months creating something and were trying to sell it online, wouldn't you want to protect your investment in it by implementing some sort of measure to curb piracy? I know I would. But I also wouldn't take it to the extreme (as companies like Ariane do, with a multi-level security system so complex that getting through it is an exercise in sheer patience.)You have every right to object to some company secretly placing files on your system that, unknown to you, monitor and analyze your system. But that's not what the Aerosoft Launcher is doing. This is a simple piece of software that ONLY installs with your permission... and runs ONLY at your command. Everything that it does, it does with YOUR permission. Nothing could be LESS intrusive than this.Again, I understand your frustration with companies who want to use your computer habits for their own gain, but seriously... Aerosoft isn't doing that here. All they are doing is validating an installed scenery and nothing more.I mean.. seriously... did you object to having to INSTALL Microsoft FS9 when you purchased it? Did you object to having to enter a license key for it? How about Windows? Did you object to having to transmit a license key to Microsoft for verification? Did you object to having to submit to the "Authentic Windows Software" verification process? Microsoft gathers more information about you and your system than ANYONE and they can easily disable your entire operating system if there is anything that is not 100% valid or authentic about it. And that is their right. They developed the software and they have a right to protect it. And they can "reposess it" if you don't pay for it.. just like the bank can repo your home if you don't pay the mortgage.Unfortunately, today's climate of distrust has been created by "pirates" in all shapes and forms. Everyone these days wants "something for nothing!" It's always "Gimme gimme gimme... i deserve this or that for free!" They expect unlimited free updates for a $30 piece of software... no matter whether or not it costs the developer ten times that amount (in terms of man hours) to update it. The argument is always the same too... "I PAID for this software... I am your CUSTOMER... in order to keep me as a customer, you MUST give me things for FREE!! If you DON'T, then I will go to your COMPETITOR who WILL give me something for FREE!" Where did this sense of "entitlement" come from that is so pervasive in today's society?? It seems the more you GIVE, the more that is EXPECTED! Where does it stop???I was raised with very simple values.. If you want something that someone is selling, you pay for it. If you can't afford it, you do without it! Why is that such a difficult concept for so many people to grasp? (and I'm not directing this at YOU, Mark.. just a society in general...)Aerosoft is a business that sells a product to consumers who want that product. They expect that those who want it will pay for it.. because in order to cover the costs that they incurred to make it (i.e. programmer/designer salaries, marketing costs, storage space, packaging, technical support, etc...) they must sell a certain number of units. And.. they have to make some sort of a profit on it. That's the whole principle of business. If you don't make some sort of profit, then what is the point of having a business? So.. in order to make sure that the fruits of their labor are being used legally and have been paid for properly, all they ask is that you use their simple tool to transmit a simple code to them that verifies that you have paid for their software. That is their attempt to protect their investment.. just like a brick & mortar store that protects their premises and merchandise with video cameras. They have the right to ask you to do that (and the key word here is ASK.. they are not forcing you to do it). If people don't want to respect that right, then they should not do business with that merchant. if it was YOUR business, wouldn't you want to protect your investment? If it were your business, wouldn't you want to somehow market your products more effectively in order to generate more sales and make a profit? Put yourself in their shoes just for a moment..In return, their little tool will offer you the convenience of informing you when an update is available for that software and the ease of downloading and installing that update! That's what they are GIVING you.. convenience! Now, In my book, that's Aerosoft going above and beyond the deal that i entered into with them when I purchased the software.And, more importantly, the Launcher tool doesn't force their products down my throat.. it only works when i CHOOSE for it to work. If I don't ever run it again, then I (or my system) are no worse off for it. They are using "PERMISSION marketing"... which means they only market to you if you LET them. And the other thing is that even if you run the software later on, it doesn't automatically check for updates or automaically download them.. you have to TELL it to check for updates and you have to TELL it to download them. That hardly seems like something nefarious going on... I mean.. how much LESS intrusive could it be?Ok... I'm going to get off the soap box now...Look, Mark... I truly respect your stance on "Big Brother"... my stance is very much the same! But in this particular case, I think that the concern is a little overblown where the Aerosoft Launcher is concerned. Aerosoft isn't using the "anit-piracy" angle as an attempt to sell you more stuff... they are simply trying to protect their investment. I support that. And if I didn't, I wouldn't buy their scenery or consent to use their tool. I have a choice.. and I choose to use the launcher.You have the choice too....Cheers! :-)
  13. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    I'm still not sure why you're resistant to using the launcher... it's not doing anything in the background and it is not remotely manipulating anything. It doesn't even run unless you run it. All you have to do is start the app, activate your scenery, and then quit the app. End of story. Its not running in the background and eating resources. But simply put, if you are that resistant to using it, then you can pretty much forget about ever buying any Aerosoft sceneries. They won't work unless you activate them through the launcher.
  14. Bonkster

    Aerosoft Anchorage for FS9 Released!

    No.. it's a "one and done" thing... you have to activate the scenery within the Launcher (its a standalone program) - just enter your e-mail address and serial key and it adds it to your registry. Then you close the launcher and that's it. If you declined to install the Launcher after the scenery installed, then the scenery will not be visible in the sim. It's Aerosoft's way of both fighting piracy and alerting users to new updates. When you run the launcher and there is an update, it will download and install the update for you. You can just run the Launcher periodically to check for updates. It will list every Aerosoft scenery you have installed and it will check for updates for those sceneries.. it also alerts you to new scenery releases as well.It doesn't run in the background.. it only runs when you choose to run it. It's not like the FSDT bglman.dll which runs in the background. But you HAVE to activate your scenery with it after the initial installation, otherwise the scenery won't be visible in the sim.You should re-install the scenery and then when it asks if you want to install the Launcher, click yes, let that install and then it will run automatically when it is installed... then you just select the scenery name (in this case Anchorage for FS2004) from the list of installed Aerosoft products and then enter the required info. It'll take about 30 sec - 1min to activate.. once it's activated, then you can close the Launcher and forget about it.