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  1. Hello, When I try to start the Ops Centre, with Run as Administrator, I get the following error message: The code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Any suggestions please...
  2. Hi Andreas, Yes it is the PMDG 737, and your advice has worked - mapping a button to a keyboard key press. Thanks for your help. Cheers...
  3. Hi, I'm getting a number of messages appear on the FSX startup flashscreen which when I click 'Close' will disappear. How can I prevent these from showing up? See screen shot below: Many thanks....
  4. I'm trying to set up some FSUIPC bindings with my Saitek throttle quadrants using a couple of the switches under the levers. What I would like to do is have the engine CUTOFF / IDLE levers under the 737 throttle levers bound via FSUIPC to switches but I can't seem to find the right description to select in the drop down menu in the 'Control sent when button pressed' section of FSUIPC. Has anyone done this? Many thanks in advance.
  5. Ryan, For comparison, would you be so kind as to PM your FSX.cfg settings to me please. I have recently got a new system with i7-4790K @ 4.0GHz CPU, GeForce Nvidia GTX970 4GB graphics, 16GB 1600MHz RAM. What are the recommended settings for Anti-aliasing and Filtering (anisotropic/trilinear)? Also, what is the difference between DX9 and DX10? How do I know what my system is using? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Greetings, Is there some where I can see the pro's and con's between the three pilot clients for VATSIM. At the moment, from what I've read/seen: - FSInn is the most comprehensive/detailed but also needs FSCopilot to operate, also the most complex to install - Squawkbox has a less capable interface, is easier to install compared to FSInn, but seems to be having quite a few problems with the server at the moment - vPilot, the new boy on the block, easy to install, very limited interface Can anyone provide comments about the system they use please? Just trying to make the decision making process a little easier as I start my VATSIM journey. Thanks.
  7. Will we ever get to see Type Rating Course #5 for the 747-400? At the end of TRC 4, it makes mention about TRC 5 for Approaches.The previous TRCs were well put together and extremely beneficial - TRC 5 would round out the collection nicely.Regards,Guy
  8. Will we ever see a Type Rating Lesson 5 for the 747-400? It was indicated at the end of TRL 4 that a lesson (5) on approaches would be produced.Regards,Guy:-hmmm
  9. Hi,Looking for the Emirates routes between Perth(YPPH)-Dubai andDubai-Paris. Can anyone help?Thanks,Guy
  10. Justin,Cheers. PM sent with details.Thanks,Guy
  11. Terry,Sorry for slow reply...Many thanks for the link; just what I was after.Kind regards,Guy
  12. Hi,Looking for the Emirates routes between Perth-Dubai and Dubai-Paris. Can anyone help?Thanks,Guy
  13. Could someone please point me towards a website that shows the procedures (SIDs/STARs) and airfield diagrams for Hong Kong International. I've tried the link that's given in the NAVData Charts website/page, but it ends up redirecting to another page and I can't seem to find the required AIP charts.Thanks,Guy
  14. Looking for any carriers routes between Heathrow and San Francisco, and return if possible.Thanks,Guy
  15. Hi all,Does anyone happen to have a copy of the Jeppesen Australia High Altitude Enroute Charts (AU(HI)9 / AU(HI)10) that is more recent than 24 Nov 05 that they can let me have? If so, please send a personal message to me and I'll give you postal details.I'm also after any low altitude charts for Australia, particularly West Australia.Or if you know where I can get hold of such charts, please advise.Thanks,Guy
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