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  1. Here's the plugin I use: http://www.xpluginsdk.org/goflight.htm Good luck! Greg
  2. I tried it, windy but clouds were only scattered and visibility 20 miles at KRSW. I also flew with P3D5.3 and Active Sky and MSFS. The latter was easily the most dramatic and accurate.
  3. So true, so true...and so opposite of many other's 'ideas' about our origins. 'Nuff said.
  4. You nailed it Spilok. The latest version has me launching P3D over and over while that other thing idles. I'll give that other thing the scenery trophy, but it ends there...whoops that might might instigate a flame war. Don't care though. 5.3: best ever. It's realistic/pretend flying at its finest! lol
  5. Hope this makes some sense: The ISG.cfg file is located in your P3D root directory/ISG folder. Within that is the /Aircraft directory that will contain the 'aircraft.cfg" files. These are made by the user (I use notepad) and can be titled as one wishes. The aircraft.cfg files can be used to apply a multitude of gauge settings for a specific aircraft. The isg.cfg file can be used in the exact same way, but will be applied to all aircraft that are configured with the isg gauges. The aircraft.cfg will override the isg.cfg settings if duplicated. Important: read through the first 9-10 pages of the "ISG settings.pdf" file, which provides all the commands/settings that the user can choose to copy to the .cfg file of his/her choice. There are a lot of them to read through, many of which I have no clue about so I only select what I understand and want. Example: So let's say I want to put in some parameters for an Airbus A320: here are my settings from my file which I've named " A320.cfg " (no quotes). You can use any prefix you want like B737-7, CRJ, etc. ;A320 synchfplanwithfsgps=1 ClimbTas=300 ClimbRate=2000 DescentTas=300 DescentRate=2000 FPA=3.5 MaxCruise=33000 MaxVnavDescRate=3500 MaxVnavClimbRate=3000 MinVnavIas=135 MinVNavRadioAlt=500 ParkingFile=isg_Parking.txt MFDTextAntiAlias=0 A320EADISkyColorRed=6 A320EADISkyColorGreen=117 A320EADIPFDSkyColorBlue=210 A320EADIGrndColorRed=119 A320EADIGrndColorGreen=71 A320EADIGrndColorBlue=0 A320EADITapeColorRed=16 A320EADITapeColorGreen=17 A320EADITapeColorBlue=68 The settings.pdf explains each parameter, albeit briefly. The lower section above are color settings for the EADI. These will change the display colors from the defaults and require experimenting a bit to get the look you desire. OK, now the in the panel.cfg file of the aircraft you are using isg gauges with, an additional parameter must be added to point to the aircraft.cfg file you wish to use. Below is from a Boeing 777 panel I use: [Window00] file_1024 = ../panel/737-800_panel_background.bmp file_1024_night = ../panel/737-800_panel_background_night.bmp size_mm = 1024 position = 7 visible = 1 ident = MAIN_PANEL gauge00 = B737_800!pfd_screen, 189,548,218,219 gauge01 = isg1!B777_PFD_NB, 210,567,179,179,B757 The 5th parameter (B757) points to a folder named 'B757' which contains an aircraft.cfg file. Thus whatever I have entered will display on the 'isg1.B777_PFD_NB' gauge. This is how it works for all aircraft, just be sure the 5th parameter corresponds to the folder you wish to use. Currently I have about 20 different aircraft folders (within the ISG folder) for specific airplanes in my hangar. Try reading through the documents carefully as the instructions are all there...and let me know if this is clear enough to help you!
  6. Stay with me Skip. I just started looking at my settings and will attempt to explain what I've done...had some personal things to tend to. I'll try to post tomorrow. Greg PS what is missing? Perhaps that'll make it easier to help you.
  7. Hey Skip, Sorry I was slow at replying...everything is slow these days it seems as I approach my 70's, lol. Anyway, I'll have a look tomorrow and get back to you. I know what the files do but I'm certain any explanation right now won't be very clear (its 2:30am). I do recall how cryptic it all was at first but eventually I came to an understanding. cheers, Greg
  8. Well that's curious...I am using them with no trouble at all. I can't remember doing anything different other than installing the correct package from the ISG site. I think it's "isg.185.exe" ? cheers, Greg
  9. Nice post. I try to often pick up one of many Carl Sagan books (Pale Blue Dot is one) I have and immerse my brain into his writings. Sigh...if only there were more of these types of humans...lots more. Cheers, Greg
  10. Cats are so weird, which is exactly why I love 'em. The strange places my 2 cats can put themselves just crack me up. Bags, boxes, doll carriages, behind curtains, closets, you name it...and yea, all my winter wear (hats, gloves, etc) are smothered in cat hair. And I'm allergic to the little imps! They entertain me so much I don't care. 😁
  11. You flew over my house! Great pics there Ryan.
  12. I attended two schools after high school, tuition free, from 1970-1973 in Connecticut. One was a community college (in my home town) and another a state technical school. It gave me all the education I needed to enter the work force, provide for family, and motivate me towards further education. I'm forever grateful for those FREE opportunities. No doubt MANY people would benefit if these types of options were still available everywhere.
  13. Here in southern Vermont it's mostly OK, with the occasional foaming-at-the-mouth driver that rides your rear at 55mph even though you're already 5-10mph over the limit. The majority of folks are respectful of others. Also I drive through Mass and Connecticut a few times a year and it's ultra stressful on the freeways there. Once upon a time I didn't think twice about jumping in my auto and heading out. These days I do all I can to avoid travel outside the state. Side note: I recognize freight truck drivers as a necessity though and rarely do I encounter aggressive or self-centered situations with them.
  14. "all I get is a page called 'Gaming Services' " And there is a pretty reliable fix for this if you search it out. I had this same irritating problem and deleted a couple of 'Gaming Services' entries in the registry as instructed. Rebooted the PC and the sim launched and has been fine since. Apologies for not having a link, but it should be easy to track down.
  15. I had this issue a few days ago, first time ever having a problem starting msfs. I used regedit to remove the two folder entries as displayed in the above video. Everything worked again perfectly after rebooting. Simple and quick, hope it works for you too. cheers, Greg
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