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  1. Chocorua

    QualityWings 146 Released for V4

    $20 USD? I was going to let this one slide by, but for that to the store with me!
  2. Chocorua

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    I'm not 100% clear about your issue here, but...have you changed any of the default P3D Nav-aid data files, as in updating VORs, ILSs, WPTs, etc? I did this once and it messed with IFR options in the ATC menu. Essentially I had no IFR approaches available anywhere in the USA. I returned the default files and all worked as it should. Just a thought...
  3. Chocorua

    P3d replicates my life! Wonderful!

    Great post. I do this fact just finished a leg my wife is on, SFO/DEN and arrived at about the same time she did. Lots of fun and keeps me from having to think up my own flights, lol. That gets me.
  4. Quite content with 4.3 for the most part...not perfect of course, but certainly it serves up the most 'complete' flight sim experience. However I'll be moving along to 4.4 when it comes...and other versions that follow.
  5. Chocorua

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Thanks for that David, very helpful. Cheers, Greg
  6. Great looking shots there Dr. Ryan! Greg G
  7. Chocorua

    RealSim Gear 530/430 & Reality XP 530/430

    Yes exactly. The bezel can be disabled of course and it then fits (after dragging the undocked window) perfectly into the RealSImGear screen.
  8. Looks like California, SW of Sequoia National Park, west of the National Forest.
  9. I just received word from RealSimGear they have released software for P3D. A simple install and indeed it works with their GNS530 unit. Using a Carenado GPS with it at the moment. Now to get the 2D bezel removed...somehow. Anyway, just an FYI. cheers, Greg
  10. I agree with what Ray said: Try plugging into another PC, install the GF software and see if there is abnormal behaviour while configuring things, if possible.
  11. Chocorua

    RTX 2080Ti

    True for sure, but some people have it and are not afraid to let it go. Others have it and hold it tightly. Someone once said "money is like manure: if we pile it all up it stinks, but if we spread it around, it makes things grow." 😀
  12. Great. I've been using the FLT2 for some time now for GPS inputs as well as some engine functions. No issues at all.
  13. ? Cheers, Greg
  14. Best laugh I've had all day.
  15. I just completed a 45 mintue flight and had no issues. It was fine in 4.2 and now 4.3. Greg G