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  1. I've built a few of these, using the info in the link below to get started. I use a panel mounted GPS screen w/buttons/dual rotary encoder equipped (not quite finished) using Arduino Pro Micro and coding from others. Mine is not an exact replica, more or less a simplification of the real one. I'd be happy to share the coding I used if you choose the Pro Micro controller. https://forums.simviation.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=176266 This video displays the unit I built, FYI. I was explaining it for curious friends that are somewhat unfamiliar with filght simming or in some cases, aviation. Thus the rather basic explanations of things.
  2. Great looking shots there! I fly in/out of BID all the time (simming of course these days) but it once was my favorite destination in RL, out of HFD. I'd like to see the new Zee bridge too and don't know of anyone that has done it. What cloud textures are those? Greg G
  3. I see it, but can't wrap my brain around the skill, patience, and commitment required to create something like this. I'm off to get the floor jack to put my jaw back into position! Greg G
  4. I did the same and have done it time and again whenever P3D moved to a new version. It took some time, but I moved most add-ons over to V5 and when it felt 'safe' to do so, uninstalled 4.5. No regrets. Greg
  5. I was able to have one of my purchases moved over to Carenado's store. Contact them and provide your order number from where you purchased and make a request. Worked for me. As far as the see through cockpit, yea, even though I've seen 'they made everything V5 compatible', they have not. cheers, Greg
  6. Nice to see a positive post! I'm having a similar experience with it and took the same steps prior to installation...most of them anyway. My first flight was KGPI-KMSO in the Alabeo Titan. ORBX Northern Rockies and a very old but functional FSRealWX Lite injecting weather gave me jaw dropping views all the way. Still seeing a few too many poles here and there and certainly it's not perfect...but a smooth 30fps with VSynch, TB, unlimited frames. P3DV5 HF will have its way with me, meaning 4.5 will be removed very soon. 🙂 cheers, Greg
  7. My update to B6 not so good: instant CTD during flight loading. I was able to back-track several levels to 11.41 ( I think) but too bad, the B4 ran like a champion. Even removed my plugins and light tweaks I'd made...AND I tried B6 in OpenGL but the same outcome. FYI
  8. It is an oddity, but as I stated after a few PC reboots and sim restarts it functions normally and no more manually starting the GoFlight exe. This happened last week after installing V5 and I saw this a couple of months ago on my secondary Win10 system, only with P3D2.5. (I was setting it up for testing some button boxes I built). 🤷‍♂️
  9. Yes, the GF software does work in V5. A work around: Make a shortcut on your desktop to the "GFDevP3Dv4.exe" file located in the main GoFlight folder. Then you can manually execute it after launching the sim and your GF modules should function. It worked for me....and it took several sim start ups and PC reboots before the dll.xml and exe.xml entries started working. Strange but true! Greg G
  10. There is a thread over at the LM forums about this. A temporary fix is to remove the 'hazards.bgl' located in ...(your P3DV5)\Scenery\Global\Scenery directory which I've done and can confirm it rids the sim of those annoying towers and poles. Supposedly the HF next week addresses this.
  11. Thank you Benz: I was hoping to blame ORBX too! 🙂
  12. These poles and variations on that theme are what I have. I was approaching ORD yesterday and literally there were hundreds of them all over the greater Chicago area, red, red and white, plain, and of various sizes. So you think a reinstall might fix this? Thanks
  13. Yep, I have seen those poles/posts, they appear orange or red and white I think? Certain places are simply over-loaded with them. Greg G
  14. Sure hope so, as that's what I'm planning. Seriously, yes, they will. V5 is totally separate from any other P3D version. Cheers, Greg
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