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  1. Chocorua

    New ads?

    Yep, every time a click a forum link from the home page. Not good...
  2. Yep, or simply anything 'canine' (but for fox which typically do not leave claw marks). But we are speaking of 'typical' tracks and there are always exceptions. The rounder look of the overall impression is more cat-like but I've seen malamutes, sled dogs, etc resemble that. So who knows? A clearer, closer photo of the heel pad might reveal more.
  3. Great question. I have the RSG GTN 750 bezel just sitting idle during MFS sessions and it's one of two hardware devices I miss using. GoFLight modules (8), FIPs, Brunner yoke, and VF TQ6+ all function well with the new sim. The absence of the GTN is notable and hopefully RXP will get what they need...I wants it now! 😉 cheers,
  4. Noel: how sad to hear this, I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. I wish you the best during your time of grief. No debate has ever altered reality. Greg
  5. FWIW, I posted some time ago what has been working flawlessly...for me and a friend of mine: I have a shortcut on the desktop to the file 'GFDevFSXSE.exe' from the GoFlight folder. I just double click after initializing MFS and all of the modules function. MCP PRO, LGT, 3 PBs, 1 switch, and GF46 . Others I know of have tried this and get an error of some sort <shrug> but it's worth a try. I have no explanation for it other than its been working ever since I thought to try it, lol. Good luck, Greg
  6. Nothing but 5 stars from over here. I've owned the GNS530 and used it with RXP's software. I sold that and moved to the GTN750 touch screen which I love...and miss it right now unless I fire up P3D. Realsimgear has provided me with excellent/fast support when I had a question. The products have functioned flawlessly...highly recommended! Can't wait for RXP to make their products MFS compatible...but yea, that will be a while. Cheers, Greg
  7. Yep, I wonder the same thing. Not too helpful I'm sure, but I have a flying buddy and we use our phones to communicate. Like so many other areas, multi-player is quite imperfect and frustrating at times. At others it's easy and works wonderfully. I imagine someone will chime in and provide info on better ways to communicate that don't require giving out personal phone numbers.
  8. What a bummer. Sorry to have raised some excitement about this. This trick has worked in the past for many others (in other sims) while waiting for GoFlight updates. Anyway, both of us purchased MFS2020 from the MS store. Still working OK here. I found this, fyi, but I imagine most of you have already searched the error: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/windows-10-error-the-application-has-failed-to/5c6a015e-4162-491d-b7d9-f3b13612e304?page=17 Greg G
  9. The updated version (I dont' recall the numbers) DJJose: Both of us have P3DV5 still installed and it's already configured for that. Actually I just allow all sims to use the same configuration. Question: do any of you have any other sims installed? I have P3D5 still...
  10. Hmmmm, Well here we go. I've used this method several times through P3D versions 3/4/5 and now MFS and its never failed. Same with my flying bud in Florida. Yes, using the latest software I got via the email notice that it supports MFS. Anyone have success with it?
  11. Easy way to make GoFlight work: Navigate to your C:\\Program Files (x86)\GoFlight\ folder (if that's where it is) and make a shortcut on your desktop to the "GFDevFSXSE.exe" in there. 2) Then after launching MSFS, run it and your hardware should light up! Working here and a friend of mine has it working also. Cheers! Greg
  12. Yes, I had the same thing happen. I had to go through the ridiculous multi-step process of mucking around with permissions/sharing and all that nonsense. I'm not at the sim PC and probably could not explain how I did it anyway.
  13. I have a radio panel and two FIPS functioning using Lorbi's AxisAndOhs program. I think it will bring the other Saitek panels to life as well.
  14. FRAPS screenshots come out black here too, have not tried recording.
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