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ENB ini help

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Once I found out about the ENBSeries mod and that you could use it for FSX I could barely live without it. I have since found various suggested settings for the ini file however I would like to be able to tweak each individual setting to suit my personal taste. The real problem I am running into is figuring out what exactly each setting does and how it effects FSX. To my knowledge, the only settings that affect FSX that are worth messing with are the BLOOM and COLORCORRECTION settings.I have gone to the enbdev website and read through the descriptions for each setting however I am not totally satisfied with my attempt to interpret them. Many descriptions are not very clear to me being that the developer is not a native English speaker. I have attached my personal interpretation of the bloom settings description. I still don't fully understand what BloomPower, BloomConstant, and BloomScreenlevel do. If anyone out there has figured out how each setting affects FSX, could you please write up a short guide explaining what each setting does? With that said, I have a couple questions: BloomPowerDay and BloomConstantDay seem to have the same effect. They both seem to increase the bloom in the same way. What is the difference? Regarding BloomMaxLimit, I understand that it limits the bloom brightness/intensity. Is this really necessary? In other words, couldn't you just set a lower value for BloomPowerDay or BloomConstantDay instead of having this parameter limit the overall bloom? I would appreciate any help that people could give. Thank you.

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