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  1. Hello all, Froogle, from the FroogleSim YouTube channel, made a video about some confusion regarding the purchase of Orbx products. It seems that when Orbx said that you required some region or another product they actually said that said product was recommended, not required. See the video on Froogle's channel for more details. The Orbx Confusion
  2. Finally, after much fidling, found out what was the problem. It was VRS TackPack settings, turning itself on everytime P3D was up, that was interfering with the realism settings. Turned off TackPack to not work everytime P3D is up, and now everything works as it should be. Issue can be closed and considered solved.
  3. Well, it did crash once. After that, the sim is quitting properly. But, well, did happen before.
  4. Folks, I'm having a problem with realism settings in P3D v4.3. Everytime I try to set the settings to "Detect crashes and Damage", the systems does not keep them, and go back to "Ignore crashes and damage". I've tried to change my Prepared.cfg to no avail, also I deleted the P3D client and reinstalled it, but the problem remains. This is happening with A2A aircraft, as well with others. I don't know if A2A own settins are messing with it.
  5. MauB, I just've posted it in the A2A Simulation forums. The same thing has happened to me. All of suddenly, it is gone. What I did differently was to install all of my A2A aircraft for P3D v3. I had given up using v4.3 because it was unplayable, and decided to use v3 that is still installed in my computer. I don't know if it is a problem of a missing redistributable or something, but after installing A2A's products that I own, v4.3 started to wqork properly. Go figure it out. Like you said, computers.
  6. MauB, I'm having the same problenm with v4.3. You went several steps beyond what I've tried, and I see you have the same problem. I've tried and changed to the latest FSUIPC and still have the same problems. Frustating at this time, but it is always like this with new versions.
  7. I solved this problem by uninstalling FSUIPC 5.123c and reinstalling version 5.121. It works now.
  8. I was having the same problem. It took me awhile to find out that it was the Norton anti-virus that was impeding the download of the file from PMDG's servers. Had to put it on an exclusion list. Now it has worked fine.
  9. UPDATE: Well, it still remains. Eithers FSUIPC 5 "b" or "c" updates didn't solve the problem. Everytime I use the right mouse button to flip a switch, the sim freezes, processes some application outside the sim, and then the sim accepts the given command and works normally. I disbaled mouse yoke and mouse look, and no success, the bug still remains. I believe it is something related to P3D v4.1 itself, not FSUIPC.
  10. Jim, Thanks. Problem solved. I updated to FSUIPC5 version 5.121b, and now it is working perfectly. Thank you for the tip. P.S.: Never thought that FSUIPC would have anything to do with it. Flight Simulators: living and learning!
  11. I tried deleting the config file. Didn't work. Now when I give a command with the mouse, like changing the mixture or throttle, the sim stops, freezes, and then 20 seconds later it responds. Really unplayable. I do habe FSUIPC 5 installed, I'll look to see if it is interfering with something.
  12. Well, regarding add-ons... I have PMDG 737, A2A's Connie, C172and C182 and ORBX Global with Vector. Too much add-ons, maybe they are not ready for 4.1 (although A2A released an update on the 10th).
  13. Hello all! I'm having a strange problem in Prepar3D v 4.1: everytime I use right mouse click to turn a knob or flick a switch, the simulator stops and freezes for a few seconds. Then the screen flickers, the switch or knob changes position and the right mouse button menu opens. It started after upgrading to 4.1. I'm using 60 Hz refresh rate, unlimited frames and vertical sync. Video card is NVidia 1070 GTX.
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